What Happens When You Hurt a Scorpio Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt a Scorpio Woman?


I'm assuming you've come here because you have already fired the shots. I pity you, I sympathize with you. But you brought this upon yourself. No one, and I mean no one, hurts a Scorpio woman. Hurting a Scorpio woman is going to be more painful for you than her. The first thing to know about Scorpios is that they do not suffer a slight. These are people who perceive pranks as slights. How dare you actually hurt her? Well, what's done is done. All you can do now is learn how to do damage control. That's where knowledge of astrology helps. Understanding the zodiac signs reveals a lot about how a Scorpio reacts and behaves in such a case. Hopefully, that will help you navigate this dangerous situation that you have found yourself in. So, without further ado, here is what happens when you hurt a Scorpio woman!

How does a Scorpio woman act when she is hurt?

Let's start by answering the most basic question, “How do Scorpios act when hurt?”. She is not one of those people who don't let others see their hurt.

The Scorpio women will make sure that you know she is hurt or upset. She wants the whole world to suffer when she is having a bad day. And she will ensure that through her grumpy demeanor.

She will rain on everyone's parade. If you are having an amazing day, I would recommend that you stay away from a grumpy Scorpio woman. These girls don't know how to hide their emotions. They will ruin any party or occasion if they aren't as happy as those around them.

The mood swings will be legendary. And not in a good way. One minute she will seem alright. The other she will be bawling her eyes out. One moment you will feel that she has forgiven you. The next you will see her poisoning your tea. Ok, the last one is definitely an exaggeration. But you'll know why I went that far.

She will keep passing snide remarks and taunts at you. She will not rest until she makes you suffer just as much as you made her. that can either be achieved through words or actions.

She will badmouth you and make sure that you find out. Has the opinion of your peers about you changed recently? Have you been hearing a lot of rumors about yourself? Have you hurt Scorpio female recently? It might all be connected.

Do Scorpios hold grudges?

I don't want to beat around the bush on this one.

Yes, Scorpios do hold grudges. And they hold them for a really long time too. They will not rest until they exact revenge on the people who hurt them. And even then, they will not forgive you. The reason for this is simple, really:

They don't trust easily. Which is why they get offended at the smallest of hints of unfaithfulness. They like to be 10 steps ahead of everyone around them. If you did something that caught them by surprise, they will not take it lightly. Therefore, it is in your best interests to either avoid Scorpio women or be really careful around them.

How do you apologize to a Scorpio woman?

Apologizing to a Scorpio is not easy. They don't just fall for a genuine apology. Remember, they want you to feel just as bad as they did because of you. So, how do you get a Scorpio female to forgive you? Begin with the basics.

Deliver a genuine and profuse apology. Anything less will not suffice. If she senses even a hint of insincerity in your voice, that's it for you. Choose the right words and deliver them in the right tone.

Acknowledge what you did wrong. An apology for the sake of it won't lead you anywhere with her. You should show that you know what you are talking about. Only then will she believe that you can actually correct your wrongdoings. And you mean the words you are saying.

Show your regret in your actions too. Don't go back to being your normal self in an instant. Let her see that you regret what you did. A little sadness and some recluse will help convey this easily.

Offer to pay the price of your sins can help too. It wouldn't hurt if you go a little overboard with your attempt to get her to forgive you. Buy Her Gifts. Make Semi-Grand Gestures.

But don't do anything that might embarrass her. You might want to go over-overboard. Please don't humiliate her. That will only add to your pile of mistakes. And you do not need that.

Does Scorpio move on quickly?

This question isn't easy to answer. So, let me explain it in 2 parts.

When a Scorpio doesn't care enough about a person or a situation, it is easy for them to move on. They don't like to spend a lot of time on things that don't matter.

The only way a Scorpio woman would react in such a situation is if she has been humiliated. That is something she cannot move on from easily. The people born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign are full of pride. Their egos are massive and humiliation, even in pranks and jests, is insufferable. Revenge is certainly sought in such an instance.

Another instance of grave hurt is when someone close to them is involved. Like I said before, these women find it extremely difficult to trust. In such a case, if people who they care about do something unexpected, it gets to them. If you mix humiliation with this, then that gives you all the ingredients to make the Scorpio go mad in rage. Only god can save you after that.

How do you know when a Scorpio woman is over you and how does she break up?

Let's start with the second part of this question. The Scorpio woman doesn't put a lot of effort into breakups.

She will break up in a casual conversation without any room for doubt. She will not wait for the right time or the right moment or whatever. Of course, she won't break up when you are going through a bad time. But she won't take long.

If she feels that a clean break up isn't possible then she will enlist her friends. My Scorpio best friend got another one of our friends to talk to a guy she wants to break up with. She was there the whole time when that conversation was going on. But she knew if she did it herself, her ex would try to convince her not to break up. And that was energy which she couldn't spend. Either way, she will break up in clear terms. And usually, there is no going back from that point onward.

Let's go the first part of the question.

You will know that a Scorpio female is over you when she will act or behave as if you don't even exist. It would be clear that she isn't actively trying to avoid you. It will come naturally to her. She will pass through you if it were humanly possible.

Her revenge attempts will come to an end. You won't see her spreading hate about you. Or trying to create obstacles for you. She will just move on from that whole chapter.

You might end up being friends with her. If the break up wasn't bad, this will happen easily. But if the end of the relationship was bad, then friendship will be possible only if she has found someone better for you.


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