How to Make a Scorpio Woman Jealous?

How to Make a Scorpio Woman Jealous?


Let me just begin by asking: why do you want to stir the hornet's nest? Are you not happy with the peace and calm in life? Do you have a death wish? Why else would you want to make the Scorpio woman jealous? Yes, yes, she does get jealous. It might not be easy, but it is possible. And when that happens, even God cannot save you. So, unless you have an airtight salvation plan in place. You might want to take a minute to think again.


Still, want to go ahead with your plan? Well then, here is how to make a Scorpio woman jealous!

Are Scorpio women jealous and possessive?

The simple answer to this question is yes.

Scorpio women can get jealous and possessive. And it wouldn't have been a big deal if she didn't act on these feelings. Because when she does all hell breaks loose. If this doesn't sound like the Scorpio woman you know, allow me to elaborate.

The Scorpio female would never get jealous for someone she doesn't care about. Try as you might, if she doesn't feel strongly for you, she has no reason to feel jealous.

The only way in which she might feel jealous for someone she doesn't care about is when it hurts her ego. But whatever you were trying to achieve by making her jealous would not be effective. She will take the entire thing and make it her own. And when the dust settles, you won't even realize what happened to you.

If she cares for you, it would be very easy to make her jealous. But she would hate for you to know that she is jealous. So, initially, she will pretend like everything's fine. But slowly and steadily her anger will get the best of her and she'll begin lashing out on you.

What makes Scorpio woman jealous?

So, how can you make the Scorpio women jealous?

The easiest way to make her jealous is to ignore her. The Scorpio female is not an attention seeker. Unlike Leo and Aries women, she can live with not being the center of attention. But when it comes to her lovers, she will not suffer even a moment of ignorance. She has to be a priority.

If you spend more time with your female friends, your Scorpio girl is certain to feel jealous. Her biggest fear in a relationship is to get cheated on. Even the faintest hint of infidelity can rile her up. All you need to do is get a few pictures clicked with other women and she will hunt you down with the biggest gun she can find. I'm just kidding. She'll find other ways to sting you.

Fraternize with her enemies if you want to turn her jealousy up a notch. The impact of this will increase by more than just a notch though. It would be devastating. She cannot stand treason and this is what it would be. This will take her possessiveness to the extreme. Scorpio women expect their friends and loved ones to hate their enemies with the same intensity as they do. Anything less than that is cause for jealousy.

If you start dressing a little sexy, she will get possessive. Even if you are not trying to make her jealous. Improving your physical appearance will make her feel that you are just trying to up your game to find someone new. If you start exercising, she'll certainly wonder who you are doing it for.

Start praising the qualities in others that she lacks. The Scorpio woman won't see this as a motivation to improve. Instead, she will feel the need to compete. This desire to compete will make her jealous and drive her crazy.

How do you know when a Scorpio woman is jealous?

Like I said earlier, Scorpio woman will try her best to make it look like your actions don't affect her. She will fight her tooth and nail to control her impulses. So, how does the Scorpio woman show jealousy?

She will try to trespass on your privacy. It will be subtle at first. You'll find her looking over your shoulder to see who you are texting. Secretly, she will be stalking all your friends on Facebook to find the culprit. Finally, you will catch her snooping through your laptop and phone.

She will pick fights based on suspicions. Even the smallest provocations would be enough to set her off. You so much as mention another woman's name and she will blast. If you reach her house later than you said, you will come to a volcano about to burst.

She will ignore you. If you tried to make her jealous by ignoring her, she will give you a taste of your own medicine. But even otherwise, she would ignore you to make you feel her worth. Additionally, it helps to stay away from you. She knows how difficult it will be for her to control her vulnerability around you. So, she will ignore you instead.

She will break down in the middle of a fight. The Scorpio female doesn't cry easily. Not unless she feels that she will lose something or someone that she holds dear. Now, this won't happen always. It might not happen at all. But if it gets too much for her, she will start with a fight. And in the middle of it, her emotions were overcome her and she will break down.

She will seek her revenge from you. How dare you try to make her feel jealous? How dare you put her through all that suffering? When she realizes that jealousy has been consuming her heart, she will go all out to make the cause of it suffer.

Making a Scorpio woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

Making her jealous might get the Scorpio woman back after a breakup. But it would only be temporary. Jealousy would make her feel like you are something to be conquered. She has to prove to herself that she still matters to you. She enjoyed your suffering when you didn't have her around. But once she has you, she will leave you out to dry.

When it becomes clear to her that she can get you back, she will leave you again. So, no, making her jealous won't help you in getting her back.

Having a heart-to-heart conversation might improve your chances to get her back. She will never admit it, but the Scorpio woman is a sucker for love. It is difficult for her to find love. Not many men can keep up with her intense personality. So, a man who genuinely loves her will always be appreciated.

Show her that you can change. She must have broken up with you for some reason. You have to assure her that you respect her wishes. The best way to show that is to prove to her that you made changes to get her back.

Give her the space that she needs. A break up can be difficult for the Scorpio woman even if she is the one to break things off. So, she needs her time. If you keep pestering her, her anger will grow. Instead, show her that you respect her wishes and show your love in other ways.


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