Scorpio Woman Sexuality: 10 Traits you should know!

Scorpio Woman Sexuality: 10 Traits you should know!


Every aspect of Scorpio's personality is intimidating. It takes a very brave soul to stick around a Scorpio woman. When courage is essential in standing in her presence, it is for sure a necessity in bed. The Scorpio zodiac sign is known for their passion and virility. Mars was the ruling planet of this zodiac, so, they obviously take all of its strength and rigor. It isn't easy to resist the sexuality of a Scorpio female. And it is as complex and mysterious as the rest of her personality. If you are interested in understanding the Scorpio woman's sexuality and behavior in bed, you have come to the right place. But let me warn you, you might find something that you were never expecting.

Here are 10 Scorpio woman sexuality traits you should know!

1. She’s a bit of a tomboy

The focus in this sentence is on ‘a bit’. Never for a second should you question her femininity. She is as feminine as any other woman on this planet. But she isn’t your typical damsel. And she is certainly not in distress. So, if you are someone who is expecting a soft, gentle, and submissive girl, you will not find her in a Scorpio female. She won't let you be in control. Or give up control over your demand. You will get nothing if you demand it. But you will get everything if you request it.

2. Her passion is infectious and intimidating

Everything that a Scorpio woman does in her life, she does it with great passion. Be it a project at work, or her pleasing her man in bed. Scorpios are known for their strong sexual energies. I have seen many men who get scared or intimidated by a woman who is so unapologetic about her sexual desires. She chases her needs and doesn't settle for anything less. The stronger males who find themselves in the company of Scorpio women are attracted to this energy. Such is her power, that once a man has slept with a Scorpio woman, he will rarely find the same pleasure elsewhere.

3. She does not let inhibitions hold her back

There’s nothing that is going to hold her back in bed. She doesn’t let societal expectations stop her from getting what she wants. So, don’t expect her to behave the same way as other women. She is not like them and you should know that. No, she’s not barbaric in bed. But don’t expect her to keep quiet if she isn’t getting as much out of sex as you are. She will try new things. She will ask you to try stuff that she saw in erotic movies. Or be the first one to bring toys to bed. She believes that sex is for both parties to enjoy and not just one.

4. Her feelings towards you dictate how much for herself she will reveal

Just because she likes to chase her desires doesn’t mean she engages with everyone equally. The Scorpio woman never let’s go of the mysterious nature of hers. After all, she still remains that Scorpion who is scared of getting hurt. The experience with a one-night stand will be very different from the love of her life. With the former, everything will be restricted only to physical pleasure. With the latter, she will open up spiritually. The union that a woman born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign has with her lover is heavenly. It is the most divine experience for both her and her man. This is why not every man comes away as impressed as a man she truly loves. She doesn’t engage in a soulful experience with a man she doesn’t care much about.

5. Revenge follows her to the bed

You would think that when she is pursuing pleasure, she would not think of revenge. Think again! Revenge might be more satisfying to her than sex. She would much rather masturbate than get in bed with someone who has done her wrong. And she will make you pay too. not having sex isn’t the only tool in her belt. Scorpio women are excellent at perceiving what their partners like and hate. She will not give you what you want. And torture you with what you hate. If you are not able to please her in bed, she will make sure you don’t leave satisfied either.

6. She wants to dominate but not enslave

Scorpio is a fixed sign. This means that they have an inherent desire to lead. Never to follow. So, naturally, she likes to lead in bed. She likes to be the one calling the shots. Many people confuse this with her wanting to enslave her lover. This is far from the truth. The Scorpio female loves men who put up a fight. Nothing is sweeter than conquering a man who is strong and not afraid of her. The weak ones she uses only as toys. The strong ones she makes love to. And if you play your cards right, she might even let you lead. Especially when she feels that’s the way for her to get the most pleasure.

7. If you are looking for a sensitive lover, look elsewhere

The Scorpio way of lovemaking is raw and wild. It is not a therapy session for people to always be mindful of each other’s feelings. It’s a rodeo where you forget everything in the world and focus only on enjoying. If you cannot keep up with that, she is not the woman you are looking for. The Scorpio girl will never have sex with a man who cannot match her wild desire.

8. Appreciation and gratitude are essential

Her and your ideas of what makes the perfect sexual experience will differ. She is good at what she does, but it might not be absolutely perfect for her. But you have to learn the right way of taking her where you want her to be. Complaining about her lovemaking will only affect you adversely. She is not someone who appreciates men who don’t value her art in bed. Because that is what it is to her, an art.

9. Sex for her is an art

Sex is like art for the Scorpio woman. Sometimes you doodle it on the back of a paper napkin. But when you really put your soul into it, it becomes sacred. She might engage in sex for recreation. You will find many Scorpio females who have one-night stands on a daily basis. But you will rarely find a Scorpio woman who takes sex with her lover lightly. Her life and relationship reflect in her sexual experience. Anyone who doesn’t show the same commitment to the experience will not hear from her again.

10. She can do one-night stands, but not friends with benefits

It is easy for her to have sex with a stranger and forget. Or experiment with a friend they might be physically attracted to. But if you want anything long-term with the Scorpio woman, there will be feelings involved. This is why she does not believe in the concept of friends with benefits. if she sleeps with you enough number of times she will fall in love. Because she is someone who loves to talk. Someone who likes to get to know the person she is in bed with. If she likes you, she will keep coming back. And that will inevitably lead to the development of feelings.


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Maria Alifa


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