Are Scorpios and Virgos Compatible in Love?

Are Scorpios and Virgos Compatible in Love?


The water sign Scorpio and earth sign Virgo have a good compatibility score. The intelligent Virgo and the fiesty Scorpio combine their energies beautifully to make a lasting relationship. Do Scorpio and Virgo get along well? Why is Virgo attracted to the Scorpio? What makes them sexually compatible? Ultimately, can they marry and be happy in love?

If you have these questions in mind, here is everything you need to know about the love compatibility between the Virgo and the Scorpio!

Are Scorpio and Virgo a good love match?

Scorpio men and women are mysterious, captivating and highly sensual, while “all work and no play” best encapsulates the humble and grounded Virgo native. The men and women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign are responsible and will ensure they fulfill all responsibilities and duties diligently so that the relationship runs smoothly. They make each other feel secure, fulfill obligations and take care of those dependent on them. They connect seamlessly on an intellectual level for the Virgo is able to critically enquire and the Scorpio is endowed with sound reasoning capacities.

The intensity of the Scorpio may however be hard for the Virgo to handle. Virgos may face challenges in communicating their true feelings in the fear of letting down their Scorpio partner whose expectations may skyrocket as the relationship progresses. Both have a deep desire to be understood and loved which grows as they prove and reassure each other of their undying commitment.

While the Scorpion is all about transformation, the Virgo’s may resist sudden changes. The standoffish attitude of the Virgo might sour their bond with a suspicious Scorpio struggling to understand and the Virgo failing to explain their real expectations. Depending on their past experiences, they are prone to bottling up their emotions unless they really consider someone worthy of their trust.

What could possibly trouble the relationship between the Scorpio and the Virgo is the latter’s cynicism. Their lifelong commitment to perfectionism could easily trigger the Scorpio native who is sensitive to criticism and unsolicited advice.

Scorpio and Virgo sexuality

Are the Scorpio and the Virgo compatible in bed? To the Scorpio male or female, sexual expression is fundamental for a successful relationship while the Virgo engages intimately, often being unable to reciprocate emotions to the extent the Scorpio desires.

If a Virgo man or woman is able to loosen up and surrender without inhibitions during the act of love making, the relationship could be fun both inside and outside the bedroom. Technical perfections could be forgotten and experience of giving and receiving pleasure needs attention for a satisfying sex life. They would however be excited and willing to try new techniques of satisfying and exploring their sexuality.

The Virgo partner being equally lusty will try to please his or her partner, while the Scorpio man or woman loves to dominate the body of the partner which it sees as its territory. The ultimate struggle to satisfy each other makes for an explosive union of the two sexes. Virgos are selective about their partners but once they find a compatible mate in the physically indulgent Scorpio, sex will definitely be blissful for these zodiac signs. Sex to them is much like a secret temptation that they would find it hard to resist. However, with the Virgo being cautious and reserved in its approach, it may not find great joy in being outrageous and aggressive like the Scorpio in bed.

Scorpio and Virgo relationship problems

The Scorpio woman is confident and self-reliant. The Mars' influence of a warrior is evident in all her endeavors. She is quite prone to mood swings and may lash out without a warning when she is upset. She could often get self-consumed, lost and contemplating of all that exists beyond the physical realm. This disconnects her from the reality which is hard for the Virgo partner to fathom.

The Virgo man may relatively consume himself more with the subjects of the mind rather than the heart. His emotional distance might end up being ruinous for the relationship as it is easily misunderstood as his indifference, detachment and lack of interest.

They could also hide their needs or frustrations for a long time to avoid bitter confrontations, only to realise that it drew them apart even before they realised it. A crude display of vengeance and manipulation by the Scorpio when they are hurt can scare away the shy Virgo.

Scorpio and Virgo marriage

This is a power couple that can do wonders in solving each other’s problems through their unique methods of inquiry. When the Virgo is incapable of handling the emotional intensity of the relationship, he withdraws into his cocoon. The undercurrents of a Scorpio’s passions reflect in the overall appearance which the Virgo finds attractive. They represent a beautiful balance of the heart and the mind which keeps the relationship going with concerted actions. Once the relationship takes off, they will stay loyal and their sexual chemistry may never die.

They'll crave for each other’s company and seek comfort in a quiet environment, away from distractions. Scorpio finds the Virgo focused and more practical in life and hence better suited to being their life partner. They appreciate each other and once they are dedicated to a common goal as a couple, the results will be impactful. The adaptability of the Virgo partner helps them adjust or compromise with the most turbulent emotions of the Scorpio male or female, thereby maintaining peace and harmony in the relationship.

Do Scorpio and Virgo get along as friends?

The Scorpio and Virgo natives become good friends almost instantly, although they may have their guards up high to protect their secrets unless trust is established. Scorpio admires Virgo’s hard work and dedication while Virgo is allured by the Scorpio’s charm, intensity and intuition. The cornerstone of their friendship lies in the ability to stay dependable and loyal when times get tough. Their friendship is more than likely to last a lifetime given their common values of passion, conservatism and dedication to family and work.

They are able to supplement the shortcomings of each other and also complement their strengths. While the Scorpio emerges as emotional, the Virgo Zodiac sign depicts strength of personality which gets them going as great team mates. The detail-oriented character of the Virgo will immediately draw the Scorpio’s attention and the latter’s intuition delivers unflinching support and mutual respect.

Scorpios are possessive of their friends as much as they are of someone they love. Virgos are able to assure them of their perennial support. They would always prefer each other’s company, share similar fun activities and also hit the most happening places in town together rather than abandoning each other to seek adventure elsewhere.


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