12 Ways & Tactics to Seduce a Capricorn (male or female)

12 Ways & Tactics to Seduce a Capricorn (male or female)


Capricorns are humans too. They have desires and wants, much like all humans. Then why is it so hard to seduce them? Astrology tells us that this is the most ambitious of all zodiac signs. They do not let themselves get distracted by anything that doesn’t fulfill their goals. Now you are probably thinking of the flirtatious Capricorn girl that you know. Or the Capricorn man who is a well-known playboy. Well, I’m not saying that they have renounced love. But try and analyze the people that these Capricorns date. All of them add some value to their goals or life. So, how do you attract a Capricorn man or woman and conquer his or her heart?

Here are 12 ways and tactics to seduce a Capricorn male or female!

1. Subtlety is the key in seduction

Capricorns are extremely sophisticated and expect the same from the people around them. If you throw yourself at him, he is certain to ignore all your advances. You need to make your interest known in a very sophisticated manner. Think of it as a Victorian romance. And add a modern flavor to it. I know it is a tough act to juggle but you will have to find the balance. If you want to attract the people of this zodiac, you will have to learn a lot of things. Better start with this one.

2. Flirting is important, and the toughest act to crack

I know I told you to be sophisticated, and I still stand by that. that advice doesn’t change. But I also talked about a juggling act. Capricorn men and women are not the best at picking up signals. So, you need to make sure that you are directing them to where you want them to be. One thing that you must keep in mind is to not flirt when you are with a group of people. Catch them off guard, and when the two of you are alone. You will definitely need to be a really good flirt to be able to pull this off. And if you are not, then I suggest you start practicing.

3. Show care and affection

The men and women born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign don’t play for the short-run. When they reach a point in life where they need companionship, they look for long-term relationships only. The key phrase here being “reach a point in life where they need companionship". Then, you must display the basic qualities that are quintessential for him. Affection and care. You don't have to engage in big, flashy gestures. He will never believe those anyway. Show your love and care in small gestures. Like, call them to ask after their health when they aren't well. get her a coffee when you leave to get one for yourself.

4. Appreciate their talent and qualities

Capricorns aren’t very different from Leos or Cancers when it comes to their need to be appreciated. However, it won’t be very difficult to find things to appreciate. Capricorns are extremely talented and successful anyway. The problem is that people seldom care enough to give appreciation where it is due. You will certainly stand out from the crowd if you know how to appeal to their ego.

5. Your own ambitions should excite him

Capricorns don’t engage with people who don’t have any purpose in their own life. Your ambitions don’t have to align with theirs. But having ambitions shows that you take life seriously. You don’t want to waste your life doing nothing or anything. This also ensures them that you are an independent person with a life of your own. However, make sure the ambitions you share are true. Eventually, they will see through any pretensions you made. Talk only of ambitions you are passionate about and work hard for.

6. Bond over shared ideals

I’m not saying that Capricorn natives are not tolerant. But they prefer the company of like-minded people. You might have ideological differences with them. They can live with that. But what they won’t adjust with are differences in values and principles. You will find yourself in several situations where you will get to talk about these things with them. Capricorns love having deep, intellectual feelings. Bond over topics of ideals.

7. Engage in intellectually stimulating conversations

Capricorns can become a part of any conversation that is happening around them. You can never say that they didn't enjoy the level of quality of a conversation. But they only enjoy things that add some value to their lives. And they always seek the company of people who can talk about the deeper aspects of life. The philosophical intricacies. Or the issues that plague the world. Learn more about their interests. And talk to them about it. They are sure to get back to you for follow-ups.

8. They find strong and independent people extremely sexy

Capricorns love to assert their dominance. But they aren't people who like to control every action of the people around them. In fact, they get turned on by people who are independent-minded and have the strength to speak against them. A Capricorn will never fall for a pushover. The Capricorn natives with extremely high ego drives might keep suck-ups around. But they will never date someone like that. They don't fall for damsels in distress either.

9. They don’t feel threatened by strong people

Many men feel threatened by a woman who knows her mind. A woman who knows what she wants and has the strength to ask for it. The reason why they give strength of character this importance is because it reflects in all aspects of life. A strong person will stick by their side through thick and thin. These are people with whom one can plan a long-term relationship or a happy life. They know that this person will never let them stagnate.

10. Make them see how you can add value to their life

It might be hard to see, but for Capricorns most relationships are transactional. Unless you are related to them, you should provide them with some benefit. They will never be with someone who is a hindrance to their ambitions. If you make them see how you can be a catalyst in their life, they will be interested. No, I'm not asking you to develop a superficial relationship with them. But by doing things that support their ambitions will be extremely helpful for you.

11. Dress to impress

Looks are not very important to the people of this zodiac sign. However, they do appreciate it when people put the effort into their looks. What they don't like it when people take their appearance casually. Make sure that you wear the right dress for the right occasion. And wear what suits you. A sure-fire way to nailing a look is to ask your Capricorn guy or girl for advice.

12. Always be in control of your emotions

The quickest way to lose a Capricorn man or a Capricorn woman is to throw an emotional tantrum. They are very collected and too sophisticated to express any unnecessary emotions. There will be times when you will be frustrated. Or when your feelings might overcome your better senses. But do not let the Capricorn see you like that. The fastest way to lose them is to give them insight into emotional turmoil. Especially when you haven't sealed the deal.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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