10 Signs an Aquarius Man Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs an Aquarius Man Secretly Likes You!


What kind of man makes the person he has a crush on feel miserable? The Aquarius Man. Well, he wouldn't make you miserable, exactly. But he will pretend as if he wants nothing to do with you. And that can be just as heart breaking if you like him. It does get as messed up as it sounds. But don't lose heart. Astrology has figured this man out. At least as much as he can be figured out. The rest of his personality will forever remain a mystery.

So, how to know if an Aquarius man likes you more than a friend? How does he behave when in love?

Follow the tips I'm going to share with you, and discover the 10 signs that will tell you if an Aquarius man has feelings for you!

1. An Aquarius man is caring with the woman he likes

Aquarius men are good people. but they are not the best at expressing their feelings and their affections. Often time when trying to do that they convey the opposite. However, one thing they don't need to fake is genuine care for the one they love. If he is extraordinarily nice to you, that can be a sign your Aquarius man is interested in you. Usually, Aquarius men don't put in so much effort to make those around them feel good. But if he is knowingly or unknowingly directing his energies in your direction, you might have a chance with this man.

2. He likes to show that he’s responsible

The Aquarius guy is not the most responsible man you will ever meet. And they know that this is a problem. But they can’t let it get in the way of love. So, he will act all mature and grown up when you are around. Talking about finances and responsibilities. He might even engage in some philosophical discussions with you. He’ll drive safely. Follow all the guidelines. It’s just that he wants you to know he is mature enough for a relationship. Not a wreck that everyone believes him to be.

3. He gives up his free time to be with you

The Aquarius male loves his time. They would hate nothing more than to do something they didn’t plan to do in their free time. But that doesn’t hold if he has a crush on you. Did he agree to go watch a movie with you on a holiday? Or promise to pick you up from the airport after your vacation? Well, you must be really special to him if he makes sacrifices like these. But don’t overdo it. He takes away privileges faster than he gives them. It isn’t difficult for an Aquarius man to move over a crush.

4. An Aquarius man in love has a different behavior

Aquarius men are not chatty Cathys. But they are pretty active and outspoken in public. So, why does he fall silent when you are around? I honestly can't tell you why they do this. Like so many other things about them, this too is a mystery. But when an Aquarius guy is around a woman he likes, he becomes uncharacteristically quiet. He will be listening to the conversation. Especially for what you have to say. But he won't give a lot of input. And even when he is spoken too, he is unusually reserve or shy to talk.

5. He’ll pretend like he doesn’t care about you

The Aquarius man is cheerful around everyone. Even the people he dislikes. But in the initial stages of a love relationship, he tries his best to hide it. So, how an aquarius man acts when he likes you? He simply acts like he doesn’t care about you at all. He’ll talk to everyone but you. He’ll give you a very casual attitude when you talk to him. He’ll try to act all chill when you are around, which will get weird. As you can imagine. But don’t react to this. Just stay normal. That's typical of the behavior of an Aquarius man in love. Soon as he gains confidence about your feelings, he’ll be back to how he always is.

6. He gets more confident when he is falling for a woman

It always starts small with him. He’ll probably talk about how his day went. Or how he feels about someone. That’s when the Aquarius man is in his initial phases of love. But then he moves on to bigger things. Like his personal life and what’s going on with that. He’ll tell you about his past girlfriends and even how the relationships ended. He might even let you in on some secrets. He’ll talk about his family and tell you everything about them. When it gets to that, start talking to him about personal matters too. But only what you feel most comfortable sharing. However, if he’s opening up to you, it means he definitely has a crush on you. That's his way of expressing love!

7. He wants to know more and more

The men born under this Zodiac sign aren’t ones for details. They can barely get past reading. And gossip is their kryptonite. But if he’s asking you about yourself, he definitely has feelings for you. The Aquarius male is so absorbed by the world around him that he can’t focus on a single person. That is until he finds a woman he wants. He wants to know everything there is to know about you and he’ll not be shy about that. He’ll ask random trivial questions in between conversations. And he’ll end stories about himself with a “What about you?”. if you are interested in him, then answer as much as you can. Or else he might feel like you are not attracted to him.

8. There will be romantic moments too

An Aquarius man in love is a delight. Sure, he finds it difficult to talk to you at the beginning. But as he gets more and more comfortable, you’ll start seeing the romantic side of him. It will start with him getting you a drink when you haven’t asked for it. Then he’ll flirt with you. Try to seduce you. Send cute little texts to you throughout the day. Every time you go out with him, there will be a surprise waiting for you. These initial dates will be so refreshing and romantic. When an Aquarius man has a crush on you or even falling for you, he will have many little attentions for you. No man courts a woman like the Aquarius male. Treasure it!

9. He’ll be your new best friend

In the Aquarius male, you wouldn’t just find a lover, you will find a friend. A best friend. He will be there for all your best friend needs. To give you a shoulder to cry on. To go shopping with you. Or watch series while eating ice cream. Things are going to be amazing when he’s around. He’ll always be up for a plan. He’ll take care of you when you fall sick. And cover for you at work. You probably never had a friend as awesome as the Aquarius male.

10. He’ll introduce you to his family

Well, this is a big step for the Aquarius man. He doesn't really introduce women he is interested in to his family. So, if he takes you home, he must be falling in love with you. Of course, he will only get this far if he is sure that you reciprocate his feelings. But this is a sure-fire sign of his affections towards you. Now, it is important that you get along with his family. Especially if you want to go a long way with this man. It might not seem like it but he is really close to his family. If they have a bad image of you, it will affect his response to your love.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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