10 Signs an Aquarius Man is Not Into You

10 Signs an Aquarius Man is Not Into You


A person who can figure out the Aquarius heart is a winner. They have achieved a unique feat that no one else has. 99% of the world population cannot fathom the workings of an Aquarius mind. So, it might be difficult to understand whether the Aquarius man is still into you or if you are losing him. Especially since he gives really mixed signals. But you cannot bear not knowing what's on his mind. After all, if you let him continue with his existing thought process, you might end up without him. So, what can one do in such a situation? You look for indicators that tell you how he might be feeling.

To help you with that, here are 10 signs an Aquarius man is not into you!

1. If he's losing interest in you, he will start to ignore you

This is the first move in the Aquarius rule book on breaking up.

He will stop all attempts at making conversation with you. There will be no calls, no texts, no emails. Nothing. Even when you make an attempt it will be met with the bare minimum. If it's an urgent text, he'll respond with the information needed. But when you try to make small talk, that will be the end of the conversation.

This was a man who loved having long conversations about everything under the sun. The two of you would spend hours on the phone or in person, talking about the most random things. And now, there seems to be nothing to talk about at all.

2. Whenever you need him, his schedule will be packed

Aquarius men are not known to sacrifice their own interests for someone else's benefit.

But, when it comes to his loved ones, he is always there to help. Even if he does so somewhat unwillingly. You will see a drastic change in that too. Anytime you need help at home. Or need to be picked up from the airport, his schedule will be packed.

The men born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign act kindly when they like someone. However, that kindness and care go out of the window if he has fallen out of love. He will only come to help you if you are dying. Or if he knows no one else can help.

3. If he's not interested in you, your actions won't affect him

Maybe in the past, whenever you wanted his attention, you made him jealous. Or an impassioned speech about your hurt or your love for him did the job. Maybe you ignored him over text and that made him come to you like a lovesick puppy.

But lately, none of these things seems to have the desired effect.

He either ignores these actions or just doesn't care anymore. He doesn't even notice that you are doing something out the ordinary. Worst still, when you know he has noticed, he just doesn't seem to care.

All of your old tricks will be met with indifference. They might even be met with disgust at times. The fierier Aquarius male has been known to do that.

4. He would be very clear about his feelings for you

This one is probably the best indicator of an Aquarius man's feelings.

He is a man of intellect and analysis. He rarely makes a major decision without analyzing its pros and cons. Which means that he is either sure about how he feels towards you, or he's still trying to figure it out.

The former can be a blessing, the latter definitely is. If he has analyzed and decided that he's not into you anymore, he will be surer of how he feels. His words will be clearer and his thoughts more articulate.

But if he's still analyzing his feelings then he would be unclear in his words. In the former case, you won't be able to change his mind and things will be set in stone. But in the latter case, you can still change his mind to your benefit and get him back.

5. When you are with him, things would seem normal

Here's the weird thing about Aquarius guys.

They never show what they are truly feeling. They show the opposite of it.

While your Aquarius man will ignore you on calls and texts, when you meet him, things will feel normal. He's not a fan of confrontation. Which is why he will give you no reason to do so when you meet him. And that will instill in you a false sense of security. For a time. Only until the time you go back home and he goes back to ignoring you.

6. Your attempts at reconciliation will be met with a head in the clouds

Maybe you have decided that you've had enough. That you want to get things sorted now. Make it better.

Being someone who hates confrontation, he will agree to sit down and talk.

But when the conversation happens, you will be met with an uncanny absentmindedness. He will hear you but not really listen.

The Aquarius male will agree with all that you have to say. He might even add some excuses to make it seem like he is dedicated to resolving the matter. But he won't deliver on any promise. Or even listen to what you have to say. He just wants to get it over with. This is a sign the Aquarius man is over you.

7. He will become extremely boring all of a sudden

He used to be this interesting, adventurous guy who had so much to offer. You will not remember one boring evening with him. But that has changed now.

To the extent that you would much rather not spend any time with him at all.

Every time you are with him would be a snooze fest. He will never have the will or the energy to do anything interesting. And whatever he does want to do will be exciting to him alone. It will get to the point where you would want to end things with him. And that is exactly what he wants.

8. If the Aquarius man does not love you anymore, he would avoid meeting you in private

You will rarely be able to get any time with him. After all, there are not a lot of options to get in touch with him.

But when you do meet him eventually, he will always try to make it a public affair. He will invite you to things where a lot of his friends are too. A blatant attempt at not having to talk to you.

And if there's no party then he will meet you at a restaurant or some other place with a lot of people. Preferably a place that will keep both of you too busy to talk to one another.

9. He will start analyzing everything about the relationship

No longer will he engage you in intellectually stimulating conversations.

For starters, he won't engage you in any kind of conversation. But whenever you guys talk, it will eventually lead to an analysis of the relationship.

The Aquarius man will get your point of view on all the problems in the relationship. He will compare your relationship with that of others. He might not express displeasure with anything but he will certainly question a lot of things and that may be a clear sign he is not interested anymore in the relationship.

10. He will ghost you

And when he knows he doesn't have the same feelings for you anymore and it becomes too much for him to take, he will ghost you. An Aquarius male will break up a relationship only when he cannot just ghost the other person.

He hates confrontation, do you remember?

His actions in the past, ignoring your texts, your calls, were all a preparation for this. A permanent end to the relationship for good.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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