10 Signs an Aquarius Man is Using You

10 Signs an Aquarius Man is Using You


If an Aquarius man is truly in love with you, he'll creatively express his feelings for you. Though he loves his independence, he will build a solid foundation with you.

However, if he is only casual, you'll notice certain red flags in his actions.

So, do you doubt that you Aquarius man is manipulating you or just playing with your feelings? How to tell if an Aquarius man is using you and <span class=""_GApu"> just wants to hook up? How do you know if your Aquarius guy is just using you for sex?

Let's see what astrology can reveal us. Here are 10 clear, obvious signs that an Aquarius man is just playing you and is not serious about you and the relationship:

1. He isn't interested in quality time

Aquarius men are intelligent. They could either make remarkably great changes in the lives of people or use their gift of intellect to manipulate someone for their own interest.

They are naturally curious. So, if the Aquarius man you have a crush on doesn't show a minimum level of interest in knowing about you, your likes and dislikes or expectations in a relationship; it is easy to conclude that he is using you for short-term gains.

He is responsive only at ungodly hours when he needs your for sex or other favors.

Since he is a man of logic, he may not think on emotional lines or show no care in understanding the depth of his partner's concerns.

2. He keeps you at a distance

His communication with you is cold.

Most of the time, he leaves you guessing about his life and the patterns of everyday conduct.

You find him dodging all topics that will give you a clearer picture of his lifestyle. He'll only tell you what he feels you should know, otherwise there is a lack of complete transparency.

Every interaction with him leaves you dissatisfied. You have a strong gut feeling that something's not right.

Whatever he does, you may only discover it on chance and finally, you never feel quite convinced about the stories he tells to you about.

3. You aren't a part of his circle

He doesn't invite you home.

You have never attended a social gathering with his friends or acquaintances around.

While he may come up with a variety of excuses to keep you away from them, he actually sees no point in making you an important part of his life.

You have no idea about anyone who is close to him.

You are clueless about who his friends are or what his family background is like.

He has kept you in the dark about his upbringing.

In fact, he may have specifically asked you not to bother yourself talking about his personal life.

Whenever you have brought up the matter in the past, he has ignored you.

If that sounds familiar to you, it's a clear sign your Aquarius man is not interested in a serious relationship with you.

4. He snaps at you

He is pretty much inconsiderate about your feelings.

He is rude whenever you want something happening your way. Your interests and needs are the least bit of his concern.

He uses sarcasm to mock you.

Basically, he understands your weakness towards him and is kind of sure that he could get away with his insensitivity.

When an Aquarius man is using you or just playing you, you'll notice how fowl his language is when he is angered or when you deny him what he desires from you.

So, if your Aquarius friend is systematically taking advantage of your niceness and making a fool of you, it's a sign he is not serious about you.

5. He ghosts you

He is often out of your reach without any explanation of his whereabouts.

The men born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign are freedom lovers. They are never answerable to anyone for the choices they make.

There is a high dose of unusual characteristic traits in the Aquarius guy but when he acts irresponsibly towards you, there is something amiss about the whole deal.

When he comes back, he has a list of favors to ask. It feels like a purely one-sided affair when you keep giving endlessly while he feels entitled to seek benefits.

6. It's his way or the highway

Aquarius males are stubborn.

You'll have a hard time trying to make them understand your point of view if they treat you as a sidekick. There is no compromise at all.

Do you feel like a puppet only executing what he asks you to?

He will fight with you just so that he could stand out even if his explanation doesn't satisfy your concerns.

You are in an ego battle with him all the time.

You don't feel cared and there is nothing special about the way he treats you.

So, when actions don't justify his talks, it means that your Aquarius man is not interested in you.

7. Sex with him is impersonal

He barely has any time for romance.

There is absolutely no warmth in the way he touches you.

It is all about his pleasure in the bed and once he is done, he is quick to leave.

You don't feel his emotions when he makes love to you. He is not concerned about your comfort and desires.

Communication is almost non existent so all intimacy is simply casual with no room for passion and equal satisfaction.

He is selfish and in fact, he doesn't want to waste any time in building any meaningful long-term relationship with you.

8. He is indifferent about your comfort

You are the one making adjustments to his plans.

You are voiceless and your opinion has no value.

He operates on the extremes and his presence comes at a price which is your respect. He couldn't care less about what makes your life easier.

He is rather hell bent on making sure that his priorities are met.

He treats you like a trophy he has won. There are times when he makes you uncomfortable with his touch, whether in public or private.

And even if you have communicated that to him, it has fallen on deaf ears.

This is indeed a sign that your Aquarius man is not really in love with you.

9. It's all about his convenience

It has always been about his life, his needs, his aims and his comfort.

He treats you like a doormat whose only task seems to be to please him and validate him.

He tried to woo you initially, making you feel like the most important person there could exist in his life.

However, as his desires get fulfilled and he could extract all favors from you, he is now dangerously distracted towards other things.

He is also perhaps going around with other women behind your back or has told you that he needs other people to fulfill his sexual desires.

He may not necessarily be using you for material favors but if you only exist to make him happy while he is too busy for you, it means your Aquarius man does not care about you.

10. He isn't ready for a commitment

Aquarius men can have trouble committing to someone for a long time. But when they are really in love, they are ready for a commitment.

He tells you he is not ready to commit or that he does not believe in relationships and marriage.

He has been clearly ignoring all your efforts to build a stable relationship.

He says he needs more time but the matter is that he is not sure about you.

If he is running away from involving himself seriously with you and if he never initiates any conversation about a promising future with you, it's unfortunately a sign he doesn't love you as you deserve.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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