12 Signs an Aries Man Secretly Likes You!

12 Signs an Aries Man Secretly Likes You!


When an Aries man is in love, he will treat you like his worst enemy and best ally. He is driven, determined and charismatic. ​How to know if an Aries man has feelings for you? What are the signs that an Aries man has a crush on you and is into you? How does he behave when in love? How do Aries men act when they like someone?

Here are 12 signs an Aries man likes you more than a friend and is falling in love with you!

1. An Aries man would kill to protect his crush

The Martian Aries zodiac perceives love in extremes. To him, it's a war zone. The person he adores is his belonging and he would do everything in his capacity to make sure she is taken care of. Daring, bold and dangerously aggressive, his audacity will scare anyone who tries coming close to you. It's almost like he is keeping a close watch over you and protecting you from anyone he thinks would take undue advantage. He loves to be the hero, the only one to rescue his damsel in distress.

2. He is ready to take risks for you

He will try with all his might to ensure you are safe. He will face challenges on your behalf even when you haven’t asked for his intervention. If an Aries man is secretly into you, he would happily consider your problems as his own and defend your honor till death. He is fine-tuned to be charged up to help those he loves. He operates on the extremes, that's part of his behavior and personality when he is in love. Playing it cool and safe is not his style.

3. He makes the woman he likes feel extra special

When the Aries man starts feeling strongly for someone, he’ll shower that person with the best money can buy. He knows the value of a woman who reciprocates or respects his individuality. He could be a bit extra for the faint-hearted. So, when he finds his perfect match, he’ll try to show her off, project her as the queen of his life without hesitation. He likes to flaunt his accomplishments and if he harbors feelings for you, you are in for an exclusive treat.

4. You feel an intense sexual energy around him

Aries men have an incredibly high sexual energy. The passion and surge of emotions for you will be difficult for them to contain. So, when you are around him, he’ll draw himself closer to you, and puts up a bit of a show of his body and in his gestures. He is proud of himself and his values. He’ll have real difficulty keeping his hands off you. He is quite an exhibitionist despite several flaws in-built. Even if you try and avoid it, his seductive aura and blinding optimism will hypnotically pull you in like a magnet.

5. He makes excuses to be in your company

If you notice the Aries male desperately trying to be around you, it's a clear sign he has a crush on you. He isn’t the kind of man to respect norms and rules when he is chasing someone. He loves the thrill of doing the unexpected and accomplishing tasks where others fail. He does exactly what he pleases so he may turn a bit of a stalker if he has been obsessing over you and trying to make his presence felt in your life.

6. He is an open-book before you

He’ll shamelessly open up before you. He doesn’t feel the need to be secretive around the woman he is trying to impress. While he may seem over-confident, if he has been telling you about his past, present and future goals, he trusts you. He makes you a part of his inner-circle and you’ll notice the distance between you guys closing sooner than expected.

7. An Aries man in love gets jealous and possessive

The man born under the Aries Zodiac sign is hot-headed. He has a hard time handling his temper when things don’t move as per his plans. He shows his disappointment when you are around other guys. He seems to be picking fights with them without a reason. It’s apparent to those around you that you mean so much to him. He is possessive and he has never shied away from telling you about it. His dedication towards you is intense and you feel like a territory he has marked carefully for others to avoid.

8. If he supports you, it's a clear sign of his interest

You’ll find a fan in him. He will be appreciative of all your flaws too. He defends you like a soldier and keeps you sheltered. He’ll be supportive, ensuring you do well in life. You are in for a royal treatment when this fire sign is head over heels in love with you. He is so warm and friendly that he’ll convince you of his irreplaceability in no time.

9. He seems to know a lot about you

He works amazingly well in learning about someone when there is an intrinsic passion or fire involved. He will have made sure he knows all your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, your fears and strengths including details about your family and beyond. His undivided attention is astonishing. So, if the Aries man is serious about you, he will dive deep into your world.

10. He will seek validity if the relationship is important to him

His hyper-masculinity loves gratification. He will put his best foot forward. He loves to tell people about his initiatives. He seeks validity. He’ll expect you to be there for him. He wants to be admired, appreciated and trusted with his endeavors. When he confides in you, he wants you to speak good of him, motivate him and be his driving force. This one may be a subtle sign but it really means he is falling for you.

11. He will text or call more often

He'll hate being away from you. With heavy passions brewing for you, he’ll want to keep a tab on you. He’ll drop texts or call asking you about your day and if you reciprocate romantically, he’ll even draw subtle hints at initiating sexting too. You might also notice his impatience and frustration when you respond late or seem detached. He’ll keep the virtual communication short and simple, paying due respect to your comfort and consent.

12. He has asked you out

Usually, there is no suspense when the Aries man likes you. Once he is satisfied that you are ‘the one’, he won’t waste time throwing subtle hints towards you. He would ask you out straight. He would want to know right away if you are on the roller coaster ride or not. If you act too pricey, he’ll definitely give it a pass. He does love the chase but not being played a fool with. He’ll make sure the date is fun, he’ll laugh and dance with you. The date will seem surreal, almost like a dream and your belly might hurt thinking about the great time you have shared with him. He is an amazing lover and if you are his muse, he’ll guarantee you his loyalty for life.


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