10 Signs an Aries Man is Not Into You

10 Signs an Aries Man is Not Into You


When the Aries man is in love, he'll make it known to the whole wide world. His love is one of a kind and if your relationship remains a secret or if he expresses no warmth, it is a clear signal that he does not like you. What are the signs an Aries man has lost interest and is not in love anymore? How do you know if an Aries man is over you or wants a break up? Why is he acting distant, disinterested or even ignoring you?

Here are the 10 clear, alarming signs an Aries man is not into you or is not interested anymore in the relationship.

1. He avoids talking to you

Aries men love confident, smart women who know what they want. He'll be drawn to the boldness and initiative taking capacities of a lady he would wish to court. If you are a charming, presentable and smart communicator, the Aries man would be obsessed with you. He'll also reciprocate to your moves and make it known to you that he is into you. Aries men are daring and never shy. So, if he withdraws or shows no interest in opening up his heart to you, he does not care or does not not want you.

2. He does not come close to you

It is difficult to ignore the sensual energy of the Aries man when he is attracted to someone. Simply irresistible is how you would describe his aura when he is trying to chase a mate. He'll build a strong chemistry with you and put in all his emotions in showing you how passionate you make him feel. He'll immerse himself in an exciting act making sure you are satisfied. Sex with an Aries man is crazy wild for his sexual stamina is worth all the praise in the world. In case, your Aries guy does not desire to touch you, shows no admiration for your body or expresses no interest to have sex with you, he is definitely not interested in you.

3. He may be aggressive

As a Mars ruled zodiac sign, Aries men find it hard to contain their energy. They could get hyper active once they commit themselves to certain goals and set targets. They seek fulfillment in their relationships by an action-oriented approach towards expressing their feelings. In case you notice the Aries man being rude or displaying insensitivity towards you, he is either acting pricey or does not feel for you. If you have hurt him or cheated on him, he'll be vengeful. He'll leave you out in the cold and lash out at you with unkind words.

4. He wants to dominate you

He'll want things to happen as per his plans. He would desperately seek to control your actions just to make you sad. When angry, the Aries man spares none his hostility. As a lover who operates in extremes, he would do anything to make his partner happy. He'll fight for her and defend her. When you notice your Aries male disregarding your desires or showing no consideration for your inputs in his decisions, he is not serious about you.

5. He is unusually busier

The men born under the Aries Zodiac sign are vivacious. They are goal-oriented. They could never sit still without a job in hand, always taking up tasks to keep themselves occupied. He is not driven to have a relationship with you if you are not his priority. When he wants to have you in his life, he'll work and make genuine efforts to build trust in the relationship. He'll be unavailable and out of sight, avoiding any confrontation with you if you don't excite him. As a sign with high testosterone, Aries individuals face challenges for a heart-to-heart conversation. So, when he is too busy to see you, he is trying to push you away.

6. He flirts with other women

Aries men would move mountains to keep people closest to them happy and secure. He'll be loyal to you and never play with your feelings. As a solo fighter, he is often lonely and therefore he understands the value of the company of those he cares about. When the Aries man has eyes for other women or openly flirts with others in front of you, it's a clear sign that he does not wish to pursue you. He is on the lookout for someone worthy and hence, he is trying to woo potential partners.

7. He does not stand by you

He'll be your pillar and shoulder all responsibilities to make your life stress-free if he feels for you. He'll remain stubborn and wage a war just to prove himself right. He is quick-tempered and it will agitate him when someone tries to hurt you or cause you sadness. He'll call you his family when he admires and adores you. If the Aries man keeps you at a distance and is not inclined to display his love by showing his possessive tendencies towards you, he is not in love with you.

8. He does not discuss a future together

You'll struggle holding his attention for long in case you do not excite him at all. The Aries man is impatient and he would quickly move on to something better if you keep pace with his energy. If he dreams of a stable future with you, he'll bluntly speak about it. He'll be firm in his decisions and make strides to realize his wishes. He'll share his thoughts about the kind of house he wants to have, his finances and no wonder kids too. When the Aries man is turned off, he'll burn bridges and never make you a part of his private life.

9. He stops paying attention to your needs

A passionate and caring lover, the Aries man is a force to reckon with. All is fair in love and war: this is a motto that he lives by. If he is thrilled by your presence in his life, he'll travel far and wide to make your dreams come true. He'll spoil you with his romantic gestures and take you on an adventure-filled ride. He'll bring the best for you because he is extremely responsible with those who depend on him. Once the Aries man stops taking note of your expectations or does not support your endeavors, you have either lost him or he was never yours in the first place.

10. He does not plan fun activities with you

You'll love the way the Aries man engages you in all shared activities is he is mesmerized by you. He'll want to shop with you, watch movies with you, travel with you and perhaps even try his hand at cooking too! It's never a dull moment with the hyperactive Aries guy. If you are not compatible with the Aries man, you'll either have to force or drag him to do something fun. He'll make an excuse to bail out of moments with you to avoid being in your company.


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