10 Signs an Aries Woman is Cheating on You

10 Signs an Aries Woman is Cheating on You


Aries women are impulsive and easily angered. They are forever in search of the new which makes them pretty fond of unexplored things, places, and people.

How to know if an Aries woman is playing you? How to tell when an Aries woman is done with you or is she still has feelings for you? Are Aries faithful in relationships?

If you're wondering why Aries women are hard to trust and how to know if they are cheating on you, read on to discover what astrology has to reveal about this Zodiac sign.

1. She is distracted

The Aries woman is fired up when she is in love.

If your Aries woman doesn't seem to be invested in you, looks unhappy or is easily distracted in your company, she could be in love with someone else.

Or if your Aries woman is hurt, she will leave you in no time.

Aries women are pretty child-like in general and love their independence.

If they seem to assert it a bit too often in recent times and pay less attention to your needs or expectations, it's a sign they are not into you.

2. She is always on her phone

The Aries female is quite smart and can quickly move on without much difficulty.

If she seems to be busy with her phone, texting multiple people of the opposite gender, especially ones you don't know if, it's a warning sign!

She could have an illegitimate relationship behind your back.

The Aries woman is stubborn and she doesn't care about the impact of her actions on others.

3. She has started to keep secrets from you

If your Aries woman doesn't reveal much about herself off-late, she isn't in her real element.

It's unlike for an Aries woman to be too mysterious or keep things from her partner.

She is a go-getter, all charged up to pursue what she wants.

If your Aries woman is unwilling to part with her secrets or is lying to you quite often, she may be disinterested in you.

4. She doesn't have time for intimacy

The Aries woman is not is very passionate and has intense sexual needs.

It's unlike that an Aries woman refuses your romantic advances or make excuses to delay physical intimacy.

However, if your Aries woman never seems in the mood for sex, she may be attracted to someone else.

Your Aries woman may have started to fancy another man and have an active sexual life with him, which makes her repel you.

5. She is spending more time outside than with you

If she has begun to spend more time with other people, it could be a sign your Aries woman is being unfaithful to you.

She goes out more frequently than she did before and it's often to meet new friends.

She is hesitant to introduce them to you or asks you to stay away from her social circle.

She may have concealed some truths from you so she wants to keep you away from her network.

6. She picks fights with you frequently

The Aries woman is quite energetic and rough if she needs to be.

She wouldn't bat an eyelid before being rude to someone she has started to be indifferent towards.

If your Aries woman has begun arguing with you or blaming you for no real fault of yours, she may be irritated by you.

She could be looking out for a more meaningful relationship outside and chances are she has already found someone. Your Aries woman could be over you.

7. She wants to keep it casual with you

If your Aries woman has recently expressed her interest to keep it casual, she might not consider you a potential match anymore.

Your Aries woman could be considering other options, for she wants only the best for herself.

She is not willing to take the leap of faith with you because you don't excite her anymore and when things get boring, Aries women are notorious for giving up.

8. If your Aries woman is flirty with of other men, it means she is playing you

Aries women are usually flirtatious.

They like to be the center of attention and often do crazy things to be in the spotlight.

If your Aries woman is being sneaky, she will show these signs of trying to steal the attention of other men.

She might be trying to get closer to them or actively making males of the opposite gender.

This is a strong sign that your Aries woman is on the lookout for a better partnership or just some sidekicks.

9. She is using you and doesn't really care about you

The Aries woman is impulsive. She is hasty and a quick decision-maker.

If your Aries woman is unbothered or acts like you don't really matter to her, she may be disloyal to you.

It's a red flag when an Aries woman is investing her time and energy in other things but you.

Is she avoiding quality time with you or canceling plans with you?

Is she usually unavailable when you need her the most or bails out on you without notice?

These are real signs your Aries woman is over you.

10. She ghosts you and returns out of nowhere

If your Aries woman has been on and off into the relationship, she could be testing the waters elsewhere.

When things don't work out there, she comes back to you for you to welcome her with open arms.

It's a big sign that your Aries woman is using you and playing with your emotions or double timing.

If she is usually missing for days and gets back to you without stating a concrete reason why, it's a clear sign she is cheating on you.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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