10 Signs an Aries Woman Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs an Aries Woman Secretly Likes You!


Crossed paths with an Aries woman and eager to know if she likes you? If she is really interested in you? How to understand the true feelings of an Aries female? How does she behave shen she is in love? The hottest of the fire signs in the Zodiac, the Aries symbolised by the Ram loves to fiercely love. Astrology can give us precious advice and reveals a few personality traits of an Aries woman who is falling for someone. Here are the top 10 signs that an Aries woman secretly likes you.

1. An Aries woman who is interested will seek your attention

Her aura is blinding. She needs attention all the time so when the Aries woman is into you, there is no forgiving divided attention. It will always be about her. She knows what she brings to the table and is too proud of it. She is egoistic, talented and will never take it easy if you take her for granted even for a second. Her confidence can blow away the roof top and that’s why it’s so difficult to take your eyes off an Aries woman. If she is affectionate towards you, she will demand all your mental and emotional focus 24/7. No excuses accepted whatsoever!

2. She is enthusiastic and playful

An Aries woman is always excited about everything. She is an enthusiast in the most trivial of activities. Never the person settling with a boring plan or idea, she takes up all tasks in full swing. Her wild nature is not for the faint hearted. She is the life of the party. Her energy is contagious. She will easily inspire you to drop your cold plans and get out in the open, immersing yourself in the best of things life has to offer. It is always fun having an Aries woman around because of her playfulness and joyous character. Her youthfulness keeps her active not just mentally but physically as well. So, when an Aries woman has a crush on you, she will not fail to infect you with her liveliness.

3. She is blunt

She won’t need anyone’s acceptance. She is not scared. This woman will not shy away from calling a spade a spade. That’s how raw the woman born under the zodiac sign of Aries is. She is exactly what the element of her sun sign is, Fire! Good or bad, her vibe shifts depending on how she is feeling. She is not the one to be what suits you. She can throw tantrums like it’s nobody’s business. A extremely honest individual, she is the person you could count on for the most genuine advice. There is no confusion whatsoever when she decides to spearhead.

4. She is a true equalist

An Aries female is not the one taking inconsistency in behaviours. She detests disrespect so any misogynistic statements will not be tolerated at any cost. You can have blind faith in her sense of justice. She knows what she deserves, she knows her rights. So, she will not take a backseat in taking or resuming control over what’s rightfully hers. When she shows her feelings for you, it comes from a deep seated love and respect for you and the way you make her feel cared for without biases.

5. Sex is buring hot

A highly physical human, she is the woman who will burn you with her passion. Your union with her will be hot enough, capable of lighting up even dead, put off flames. Yes, sex is always super hot with an Aries woman! Her aggressiveness during the act might tire you in case your stamina needs work. She will keep you up with her playfulness and undying energy, never wanting a break on all the fun as long as she has you around. Love a woman dominating you in bed? Try her!

6. She is encouraging

A Leader in the truest sense of the term. Believe her when she gives you an advice. She is the big picture person who leads the crowd with her vitality and knowledge. Often dubbed a bossy character, she cannot help but say things outright and ask for whatever she needs whenever. Thus, there is no sugar coating when she has to be assertive anywhere. If you have an Aries female on your side, she will cheer you up and inspire you to try even the most unconventional jobs that others discourage you from.

7. She projects her leadership everywhere

It is difficult for an Aries woman to not be able to garner attention wherever she walks into. She needs no introduction for her vibe is strong enough to attract anyone in the room. She burns too bright, hypnotising anyone who places their gaze on her. She leads on all fronts. Ever ready to take charge of any project, she will show up no matter how the weather is on a particular day. There are no excuses for this female if she has to deliver. Any job stimulating enough to keep her hooked, she will work harder than anyone else to bring it to fruition. So, when this Aries woman is in a relationship with you, consider her moving mountains for you!

8. She will fight for you

Whether an unfiltered statement or one wrapped in sarcasm and double entendres, she will say whatever she pleases. An Aries girl will take the bullets for you and save your face in the worst of fights. She is a hard one to compete with. Physically or verbally, she knows her ways of tearing someone up. Verbally, it is difficult for her to restrain herself from destroying the people who give her a bad time. Her level of patience is far too short, so, your enemies shouldn’t be surprised if she loses it too quick and burns them to ashes right away. No matter what lemons life throws at you, she will stick with you through thick and thin.

9. An Aries woman in love will commit to you

She is all in when she commits. Her liking towards you will never be a hush hush affair. She is proud of the choices she makes in life and will not hold herself back in taking pride in you. It is an intense feeling with this woman whose love knows no bounds. She will burn you with her passion, make you feel so special like you never did. Her loyalty is unquestionable and there is no flaw in it. But if you give her enough reaons to get bored, she might run out of love far too quickly! That said and done, her commitment is solid and runs deep.

10. She only does what she loves

You cannot make an Aries woman do anything by force. Even in a relationship, don’t expect her to succumb to pressure and give in to your irrational whims. She is independent and needs her space at all times. So, if she is given the room to do as she pleases, her love for you flourishes. There are no second thoughts lingering on her mind when she decides to give her heart to you. She is all in right from the beginning and expects the same. She will put up the best fight for you like a real warrior on the ground, never accepting defeat easily. Thus, with Aries women, the emotions are in full display and there is no circling around back and forth to decipher her actions or words.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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