10 Signs a Cancer Man Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs a Cancer Man Secretly Likes You!


I’ll be honest with you. It isn’t difficult to tell when a Cancer man has a crush on you. But if you are dealing with the flirty-type of Cancer, then it can be difficult. One day it feels like he has a thing for you. The next day, you’ll see him with a different woman. So, how do you differentiate the truth from the falsehood? How to know if a Cancer man likes you? If Astrology has answers for all the other zodiac signs, it sure has some for the Cancer guy too. So, here are 10 signs that will tell you if a Cancer man has feelings for you.

1. A Cancer man in love gets shy and nervous

Very few men are shy around the women they have a crush on. He is one of them. Sometimes I think it's just because that is what they believe their natural reaction around the woman they like should be. Because around every other woman, these men are pretty confident and bold. But then again, I'm yet to meet a Cancer guy who did things that didn't come to him naturally. Yet, he won't be his confident self when he is around you when he has a crush on you.

2. He wants to spend time with you

I think that this should be a standard indication for every time a man has a crush on someone. But well, we have to mention it or else it would be an injustice to the Cancer man. You will see him just looking for ways to spend some time with you. Even if it is a fleeting conversation in the hallway. Yet unlike the three zodiac signs before him, he isn't trying to make you get used to the idea of having him around. He just can't spend any time apart. Does he show up at your desk every chance he gets? Well, that could be the beginning of something.

3. He always lends you a hand with whatever you are doing

The Cancer male tends to be a mama’s boy. So, he knows that women appreciate it when someone helps them out with their chores. Even when you are doing something that doesn't require a second person's help, he'll offer it. No, he is not trying to show you that he can do things better. Or that you need a man's help in getting things done. He's just trying to share your burden so that you can relax. A lot of the time, the stronger feminists would see his ways as sexist. But rather than judging him, educate him about what you feel is wrong. He has a good heart and the right intentions.

4. His care for you is boundless

I've already mentioned how he will always be there to help you. But it doesn't end there. He is the kind of man who would look after you when you are sick. At the expense of catching a cold himself. He will help you out with shopping. Keep a track of things for you if you are good at forgetting things like me. One of my closest friends is a Cancer male. He learnt how to drive so that the woman he was interested in didn't have to use public transport to go to college. He will just go all out for you. Which brings me to a humanitarian request from you. Please don't use him if you don't feel the same way about him. It will shatter him if you do.

5. He’ll call you when he wants to talk or write e-mails

As time is moving forward, even talking on the phone is becoming primitive. How often do you call your friends when you want to talk? But the Cancer guy sees talking on the phone as an act of showing that the other person is important to him. He doesn’t want to make you feel like you aren’t important by sending you big blocks of texts. He will call whenever he wants to talk. Sometimes he will call twice a day and those will be long conversations. If he can’t call, he will send emails to you. And those would be some pretty long reads too. If he’s investing so much time in trying to stay connected, it does show that he’s into you.

6. He’s protective about you

No, he isn’t jealous and possessive. He just is worried about your safety. He doesn’t want anything bad happening to you. So, he’ll always offer to drive you home. Or check to see if you are at a safe place when you are out of town. He might even ask you to stay away from the men he feels are not worth having around. But this is also about the small things. The Cancer male is the guy who would offer you his jacket on a cold winter's day. He will be the one to make sure you have your seatbelt on even if you are going 2 miles in a car. He will take care of the small things too.

7. He flirts with you. A lot.

He can be flirty even if he’s shy. You don’t think that can happen? You have never seen a Cancer guy in love before. He is good at the whole romance thing. Better than most men, really. That’s because it comes to him naturally. He will court you in the most gentleman-like and romantic way possible. And flirting with you is a part of that. He will make you feel special. Like you are the only woman in this world who can ever get a man to feel what he feels. And boy would that be an experience.

8. He expresses himself freely

The Cancer male isn’t bad at expressing emotions. But he has learnt not to show them over the course of his life. But when he finds the woman he wants; he will let her in on everything. He'll tell you about things he has never told anyone before. Usually, when he talks about his feelings, he only talks about things that would help the other person feel better. But with you, he will even talk about his deepest and darkest feelings. Not everyone gets a look into that part of his life. Believe me! I have 3 Cancer friends who I am very close with. None of them talks about the feelings they have buried inside.

9. You’ll be a part of his future plans if he has feelings for you

Do you often find him talking about how the two of you should take a trip to Europe? Or that you will buy a villa together when you have enough money? He will always make plans with the woman he’s in love with. That’s because right now, he hasn’t considered the side where you are not with him. If you convey your interest in building a relationship with him, it will only make his plans more concrete. He wouldn’t make any plans where you are not involved. Even the more achievable plans in the near future. Like a trip to Goa, let's say.

10. He’ll ask for your advice on matters

If he wants you to be a part of his life, he means all of his life. So, he will make you a part of all major and minor decision. Whether it is the furniture he’s planning to buy. Or about shifting to a new job. He will let you in on things and ask you to weigh in. And while he may not follow the path you suggested; he will give your opinion importance. It just didn’t fit right with him, if he didn’t follow your advice.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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