10 Signs a Cancer Woman Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs a Cancer Woman Secretly Likes You!


It is not always easy to know a Cancer woman's feelings or to properly interpret her actions and words. How do you know if a Cancer woman has feelings for you? Or if she has already been fallen in love with you? This Zodiac sign in astrology is ruled by the moon, which has a major impact on the emotions of the Cancer woman, having direct correlations with the waxing and waning of the moon. To know how a Cancer woman expresses her love, acts and behaves in that case, it is important to understand the basic traits of her personality.

Here are the 10 signs that will tell you if a Cancer woman likes you more than a friend.

1. She is sensitive

She is a needy person. Emotional unavailability is intolerable to a Cancer female. She feels too much. Highly emotional, she will be a companion for life once you win over her. While things might appear moving pretty slow with her, you can be assured that she will open up once your actions justify your words and she can put all her faith in you. What you share with her is sacred and she will not be the slightest bit casual about her feelings for you. Make sure you are careful with you words while in conversation with a Cancer female because anything beyond a permissible limit might hurt her.

2. She is very caring with the man she likes

An extremely caring sign of the Zodiac, she will give you the comfort none other can. Though the most guarded under a thick exterior, she has an overflowing cup of love and affection for the ones she is concerned the most about. It is a matter of pure devotion for a Cancer woman once she lets her walls down for the man she likes. It’s only you and none else who will reside in her heart. She will notice the things that you forget. You can count on her for making sure you never have to undergo any trouble all alone. She is in it with you forever.

3. She will support you

When a Cancer woman opens her heart out to someone, she wants to help that person grow and prosper. When things get hard, she will stand by you till eternity. She is innately giving and would rather suffer than have you go through hardships. A Cancerian female knows no bounds of companionship when she gives in her whole self to the man she is fond of. She is your cheerleader for life. Your well-being is primary to her. Anything that fuels your growth is her mission in the relationship.

4. She is too romantic

The woman born under the Cancer Zodiac sign is a die hard romantic. She is up for romance any time of the day and all night long. She would love making you feel special. She values the bond that you have created together and will give it her heart and soul. That’s how passionate a Cancer female can be when she likes you. She is a healer. She will make your imperfections look perfect. You will feel complete with her know matter how challenging your individual issues are. To her, you are home. A mutual exchange of emotions is the best way to bring out the most of her oceanic expanse of affection.

5. A Cancer woman in love is possessive

It is difficult to earn the trust and love of a Cancer female. The care that she harbours for the man she crushes over has a tendency of overstepping its limits. This is much to a threshold of over possessiveness. She means no harm. She is a territorial person who wants to nurture what she has because she has put in her complete self after letting down a watertight exterior. It takes her time to like someone. So, when a Cancer woman has you guarded all the time and seems to be making a few enemies here and there just to keep you all to herself, you could imagine the extent of her fondness for you. That is typical of the behavior of the Cancer woman in love.

6. She puts you first

Truly affectionate, she is the one who will give everything away just to see you happy. Her compassionate character and sympathetic nature is heart warming. Whatever be the situation like, she would make sure you are heard. She would put herself in your shoes a multiple times before she draws a conclusion. Often you will notice how much she is capable of withstanding at the cost of her pain. That is the kind of sacrifice a Cancer woman will be willing to make for you at any point and time.

7. Sex is an emotional affair

It is an emotional turbulence 24/7 for a Cancer female. This also gets carried forward in her close embrace. Her emotions are not a sign of her weakness. In fact, sex is more fun with this female if you are equally invested in her. She will mark your whole body with her claws, whether visible or not. That’s how she means to show to everyone else that she is solely yours and vice versa. Experimentation in pleasure does not scare her. She is game for anything that pleasures the man she fantasises about everyday.

8. She will not give up soon

A true fighter who knows what she wants is this woman. A Cancer girl would go to the wildest extents for the sake of her man. You will see her picking up all the loose ends that you missed. Those days when you give up, she will stand strong withstanding the tides to save the relationship she spent so long nurturing. However, if the trust breaks and she feels used and cheated on, she will be gone in the blink of an eye no matter how invested she was previously.

9. She is verbal about what she feels

Usually, you will find a Cancer woman shy and coiled up. While the others might prefer the lights and the camera, she will be tucked in a corner trying to make herself comfortable with her closest confidante. Because of her emotional character, she has far too much held inside her. So, you may find her venting her heart out to you when she is trying hard to show you all that she loves about you. Even when she chooses to talk less, you can see her seeking a refuge in your presence when the fondness is strong. Otherwise, a Cancer woman is indifferent and quite evidently the least interested.

10. She seeks your company

Unlike a socialite character, a Cancer woman is more comfortable in the confines of the territory that feels safe to her. You will rarely see her taking chances with her security and that of those she cares about. If you find a Cancer woman asking you for your company often, you have hit the jackpot in winning her. Your presence comforts her and puts her qualms to rest. The necessity to stay in touch with you is evident in her efforts to text or call often. She is not talkative, rather she loves being in the loop about even the most trivial details of your life.


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