12 Signs a Capricorn Man Secretly Likes You!

12 Signs a Capricorn Man Secretly Likes You!


The Capricorn man symbolized by the sea goat is cautious in love. He is chivalrous and is not the kind of man who displays his emotions with grand pomp. This Saturn ruled zodiac sign is action-oriented when he likes someone. How do you know if a Capricorn man has real feelings for you and likes you more than a friend? How do Capricorn men act and behave when they are in love with a woman? Are you eager to learn what astrology has to reveal about the psychology and personality of the Capricorn male?

Here are 12 clear and more subtle signs that a Capricorn man is attracted to you, likes you and cares for you!

1. The Capricorn man works hard for the woman he has a crush on

The man born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign wants to take care of those he admires. He wants to be the breadwinner who relentlessly pursues his goals till he accomplishes them. To the Capricorn men, material success has a great value and hence, he would burn himself out to ensure that there is never a compromise in leading a satisfactory lifestyle. You would never have to worry about lack of monetary support for he is always willing to step up and help.

2. He satisfies you in bed

The reserved Capricorn men can blow your mind in bed. While he does appear conservative, he is lusty. He is moved by physical touch. A deep sensual longing resides within him. When a Capricorn man likes you and is into you, he will do anything to make sure you are sexually satisfied. He takes sex slow; and long foreplays to arouse you mark a great intimate connection with him. He prioritizes his partner’s desires while displaying his domination in bed. If he is keen to romance you, he will ensure he performs brilliantly to garner your appreciation and leave you immensely satisfied.

3. He stays in touch with the girl he likes

The busy Capricorn man does make time for you despite a tightly packed schedule. He doesn’t make excuses and leave you stranded. He values your time and much as his and hence, between other engagements, he wants to stay connected with you. The Capricorn male may not bombard your screen with cheesy texts but his messages will be thoughtful, just to ensure that you are doing well and communicate that he misses you. Such messages are a clear sign he is interested.

4. If a Capricon man listens to you patiently, he is into you

Capricorn men are known for their sense of calm. They handle any complex situation just by their sheer ability to stay composed even in the most heated circumstances. If he likes you secretly, it would be noticeable in his willingness to hear you out. He isn’t the kind of guy to offer unsolicited advice for he respects your space but he wants to be there for you. He will prove it to you that you could rely on him during your crises.

5. If he makes you a priority, it's a clear sign of his interest

You are important to him. Your happiness means a lot to him. He doesn’t care about the rest of the world when you are around. He wants to meet you more often. He makes excuses to be in your company. You are not an option and he won’t trade you with anyone else. You can notice in his behavior that he is serious about you and your relationship. Rather than selfishly pursuing temporary interests, he stuns you with his firmness of involvement. He is dedicated to protect you and fill your life with joy.

6. He doesn’t leave your side

When the Capricorn man cares for you and wants to pursue you, he defends you. He takes your side and comforts you with his strength. You can lean on him and expect unparalleled support. The interest of a Capricorn man is hard earned for his commitment to his life goals don’t allow him the room for distraction. However, when he likes you, he will make a compromise with everything else to be there when you need him.

7. The Capricorn man stays undoubtedly loyal when he is in love

He isn’t the person to fool around when he likes someone already. His devotion is solid and there is no question about your importance in his life. He won't make hasty decisions and fall prey to temptations. This earth sign is decisive and there is no room for complacency in his commitments. He is the kind of man who are serious about relationships. They want to nurture a solid partnership that has the potential for life-long companionship.

8. He offers you sound advice

With a Capricorn man, you need to rest assured that he won’t play with your trust. If he likes you sincerely and you really mean something to him, he would want the best for you. He is a learned man whose intellect doesn’t fail to amaze anyone. His ability to rationally find solutions to problems makes him a favourite among his friends. If you are dear to a Capricorn man, you must know that you have the best personal advisor that you could ask for.

9. He stays respectful

He is a gentleman who respects your individuality. He is kind and compassionate though he may not be able to articulate his emotions effectively. He honors your choices and treats you as an equal. He will stay put and never make a scene. The Capricorn man cares about keeping his personal life to himself. So, an obnoxious display of anger will never be his style of confronting anyone. If he likes you, he will take the path of compromise.

10. He introduces you to his people

The Capricorn male is protective of his space. Those who manage to be a part of his circle are the most revered. Unless a Capricorn man has proposed to make you meet his family or friends, he may not really be sure about you. He confides in his close ones and hence, would introduce you to them to assure you of your importance in his life. He values you enough and appreciates your efforts. He is a man of actions. Rather than making empty promises, he acts responsibly to level up on his commitment towards you.

11. He discusses his problems only with the woman he trusts

The Capricorn man acts alpha when he is in public. He would rarely show his vulnerabilities to anyone unless he trusts them enough. When he loves you or adores you, you might see the cracks that he carefully hides from the rest of the world. He wants to open up to you and seek comfort in your presence. He tells you about his darkest side and looks for your support. Unless he is really interested in you, this is a risk he would never take.

12. He supports your dreams

He wants you to shine. He is resolute in his intentions for you. He is your cheerleader. He wants to know about your aspirations rather than shadowing you in the limelight. The Capricorn man has familial instincts towards those he loves. He wants to provide them all the care that he can. This makes him a great father among the other signs of the zodiac. While his approach to life is traditional, he will be willing to accommodate to your dreams if he likes you enough.


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