10 Signs a Capricorn Woman Secretly Likes You

10 Signs a Capricorn Woman Secretly Likes You


Doubtful if a Capricorn woman secretly likes you? How do you know if she is interested in you or even already falling in love with you? How does a Capricorn woman act and behave when she is in love? What are the signs that tell if a Capricorn woman has feelings for you? Let me reveal you a few secrets about Capricorn females and their most intimate desires. Here are 10 clear, obvious, but also more subtle signs a Capricorn woman secretly likes you.

1. A Capricorn woman in love is strictly loyal

There is no competition to a Capricorn woman’s loyalty once she has decided to give her heart to you. She will never toy with anyone’s emotions and never understands why someone would do so. They take time to commit, but when they do, there is no questioning it. Manipulation and deceit do not exist in her world and hence, once she chooses you, you can count on her to never play with your trust till her last breath.

2. She places your happiness before hers

A Capricorn female is very warm with the man she likes. To her, being inclined to someone is a serious affair and your happiness is her greatest concern. She has major plans of having a family in the future and hence, when you are an important part of her life, she will give it her all to make sure you are having a great time when she is around. If she already makes you feel like home, don't be fooled, she did make all the efforts consciously. Therefore, even when she has yet to express her feelings for you, you will clearly notice how much she cares about your comfort and contentment.

3. She looks for security in you

While a Capricorn woman is strong and stable on the outside, she is desperately seeking solace in the person she confides in. To the whole world, she is the classy, arrogant woman who spares none unworthy of her trust. But deep inside, she is craving for a soft hearted but equally strong man who is capable of taking responsibility of her deepest fears and insecurities. She has had it too hard in life trying to play the man for herself. If you are the one who has sparked her interest, a Capricorn woman will want your company, your loyalty and seek peace in your presence. It will be evident how confident she feels when you are around, as if she has conquered the world already.

4. She displays her compassion

A Capricorn girl has a strict demeanor, often misunderstood as being aloof and unattached. To someone who is always looking for fun, she is rigid and highly conservative, one who follows all rules and expects others to do so. On the inside, they are very sensitive and emotional people. This is a personality trait they don't want to show explicitly. She is kind and a giver. If a Capricorn girl likes you, she will open her heart out to you.

5. She trusts you wholeheartedly

Everything for a Capricorn female should follow a process, and proceeds after careful analysis and prudence. She has a hard time trusting someone especially if she has been previously hurt. Not the kinds who believes or falls in love at first sight, trust come through a long term association with her closest pals. Capricorns love money a bit too much and will achieve anything they decide to with sheer determination and hardwork. So, it is hard to deceive a Capricorn female in money matters and if she shares her investment plans and money issues with you, there is a stronger sense of liking towards you.

6. She will be your best confidante

She will be your best friend, occasionally lightening your mood with her sense of humour. If you are looking for the woman to trust and think something long term with, a Capricorn woman is the ideal partner. When you are searching for the right advice, you can ask her for advice. So, when she offers you an honest feedback, keeps your secrets buried in her heart and shows you the bigger picture or harsh reality of your reckless decisions; these are clear <span class=""_GApu">signs your Capricorn woman has a crush on you. You will be able to confide in her for all your frequent fallouts.

7. She makes you a priority

She will rarely settle for some very soon. To her, liking someone starts with extreme caution. When you find a way to impress her, the hard exterior melts. Because she is picky about the people in her life and treads carefully as she fears being let down she keeps her circle small. She will be there for you and will always make time for you. She will defend you with all her might. A Capricorn rarely indulges in the guilty pleasures of life. A Capricorn female will make sure that you are satisfied in the bed. You can count her to go on, as long you want! So, when you find her making time for fun activities, she is trying to engage with you and show how much she values the time spent with you.

8. She will mellow her bluntness

She can be so tough on the outside that to most people, she is a scary woman. Her no-nonsense personality is enough to keep any troublesome character at bay. But from time to time, she craves for someone who is able to give her bossy character some rest and take charge. She is witty and sarcastic, never sparing the one who rubs her the wrong way but if she likes you, she will be far more controlled in her choice of words.

9. She has expectations from you

A Capricorn female never expects much from her match. She is happy with the modest efforts. Frivolous spending habits don’t excite her so anything subtle and low key is a surefire way to win over her. So, when she bows down and settles for anything less than what she knows she deserves, she is way more into you. She is a woman who doesn't want much from a partner and won't even complain if you are a man of modest means. She is independent and capable of handling her whims on her own. When you find a Capricorn woman being comfortable taking favors from you or expecting something, you are the chosen one.

10. She shows her love in gestures

She is never too great in communicating what she feels. Often, she will come out with her side of any story much later. So <span class=""_GApu">how does a Capricorn woman act when in love? To her, the easiest way to make you feel her attraction towards you is through the smallest gestures. She believes in actions than shallow promises. While she is often dubbed as a careful spender, you might find her gifting you finer objects that also have utility. She is a thoughtful buyer. When she finally picks something for you, rest assured, she must have rummaged for the best at the most affordable price. She will take you out, be patient with you, cook your favourite meal and make sure you have a great time.


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