12 Signs a Gemini Man Secretly Likes You!

12 Signs a Gemini Man Secretly Likes You!


Talkative, friendly and a daredevil: that’s how the Gemini man behaves when he is trying to get someone to fall in love with him. How does a Gemini man express his love? What attracts him? What does he look for in a woman? How does he behave when he is in love and trying to impress? How to recognize a Gemini man in love!

Let me reveal you 12 subtle signs a Gemini man likes you more than a friend and is falling in love with you!

1. A Gemini man becomes chatty around the girl he has a crush on

The Gemini male is mercurial. He loves to communicate. When he is trying to woo someone, he may seem extra talkative. His expanse of knowledge is wide and as someone who seeks intellectual stimulation, he’ll talk about a wide variety of topics. He’ll converse about everything under the sun and you’ll be impressed by his know how. As an intelligent guy, he would want a woman who can understand his wit and sense of humor. So, he’ll make a good effort to leave a mark of his wisdom.

2. He wants to know about you

The Gemini man will text you often when he is trying to understand you better. He is comfortable calling you and knowing about your day. He would learn about your likes and dislikes, your moods, and also your inner world if you are open to letting him in. He’ll listen to you. He will charm you like a pro as he is so adept at gathering information and acting upon his knowledge when he is bent on proving his love for someone.

3. He’ll engage in fun activities with you

He is playful and funny. He wants to live and laugh and also make people around him happy and joyous. When the Gemini man secretly likes a woman, he’ll want to get actively engaged in a hobby, a sport, movies, shopping or even hopping around the favorite corners of the city to make memories with you. He loves change. He wants to do a variety of things with you so that monotony never creeps into your bond.

4. He’ll introduce the woman he likes to his circle of friends

The Gemini guy is very social. He is forever making new contacts wherever he goes. If you are around him for long, you’ll notice that his circle of friends is a crowd you can never seem to keep a track of. When a Gemini man is serious about a woman and his relationship with her, he would want to introduce her to his closed ones. He is picky in his choices so when he acts upon his interest and makes you a part of his people whom he trusts and has the best intentions for, he may be thinking of a serious commitment with you.

5. He motivates you

A certain optimism with a light heart is the strength of the Gemini man. His curiosity makes him a very experienced man especially in relationships. If he truly cares about you, he would ensure that he shares your burdens and makes you look at the brighter side of life when you are struggling with challenges. He’ll nudge you to appreciate the little joys of life that you miss. So, when he is investing his time in you and inspiring you to think big, you are special to him.

6. A Gemini man in love is there for you

He never leaves your side. Whether you ask or not, he would immediately jump in, offer you his help and also work towards keeping all harm at bay. It almost feels like he makes your problems his own. He is usually caught up in a number of engagements. So, when the Gemini guy frees his time to be there during your times of need, it's a clear sign in his behavior he has feelings for you.

7. He tells you about his life goals

The mind of the man born under the Gemini Zodiac sign runs at a speed that is difficult to comprehend. He has a million ideas playing in his head even when he seems to be chilling or lazing around. While he isn’t the type to plan for a future, if he tells you about his ambitions and goals, he pictures you in it. He seeks your inputs and feedback and also wants to know if you support his stand. When the Gemini male is engrossed with you meaningfully in this manner, he is kind of smitten by you.

8. If he values your opinions, it's a clear sign he has feelings for you

The Gemini guy on the negative side can come off as arrogant and boastful when he wants to prove a point. However, when he is respectful of your opinion and allows you room to put forward what you think without judgements, he thinks highly of you. Whether or not he accepts what you tell him, he’ll want to patiently hear you out so that you don’t feel left out or disregarded.

9. He is responsible around you

When the Gemini man is trying to behave responsibly and performs his duties diligently, he is serious about you. He wants to prove his stability so that you feel secure and trust him with your heart. He is infamous for being too flighty and detached from his work and people. This means that trying to curtail his independence and expecting him to be at a place for long may not be a great idea. But if he is making slight amends and win over you with his dependability, he may be thinking of dating you.

10. He appreciates your personality

You would notice the admiration in the way he looks at you. Gemini men are great at effectively communicating what they feel. They are blunt and articulate their emotions when they have fallen in love. So, if you have made a noteworthy contribution in his life or he is trying to win over you, you’ll be amazed at the way he expresses his devotion towards you. He is usually distracted by temptations but if there is a strong sense of commitment to keep you in his life, he has strong emotions for you.

11. He'll try to seduce you

Gemini men have a unique expertise in seductive tactics. If he has been explicit about his interest towards you, his incredible charm will be irresistible. He’ll have his eyes for you, making excuses to come close to you and touch you. He flirts with you and tells you about his fantasies. He is bold and his charm is sexy. So, the way his body language showcases a distinct chemistry to attract you towards himself will draw you closer towards him.

12. He makes you feel exclusive

You are special to him. There is nothing else that makes his heart sing the way you do. He wants to show you off and he wants to do everything with you. He believes in you and often compliments you for all that you do for him and those around you. He makes you feel powerful and focuses all his energy on you when you are with him. He keeps reminding you of what you mean to him and treats you differently than he does with other people he knows.


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