10 Signs a Gemini Woman Secretly Likes You

10 Signs a Gemini Woman Secretly Likes You


Does a Gemini woman secretly have a crush on you? How does she act and behave when she is in love with a guy? This air sign in the Zodiac, symbolised by the Twins, is a split personality. Witty, intellectual and always on the move mentally or physically, this woman is a breath of fresh air in a man’s life. So, how do you know if she is harbouring feelings for you?

Here are 10 obvious and more subtle signs that will tell you if a Gemini woman is interested in you and secretly likes you.

1. A Gemini woman who is interested will engage in lengthy conversations

She is free not just in her physical movements but also her thoughts and the words that she utters. If she likes you, you will be spending the longest nights of your life leapfrogging from one topic to the other because this woman will never run out of words to express. A Gemini woman’s intelligence will never cease to amaze you because she is the true definition of a visionary who sees clearer and far ahead of her times. With her gift of the gab, she doesn't have any difficulty communicating what’s in her heart, her choice of words beautifully structured to sway you in her charm.

2. She will show you different perspectives

Trust her ability to always show you two sides of the coin. This mutable sign is so fluid that she can blend into any situation, idea or character. If you are the kind who plans well, then you should think through her invaluable advice or guidance and take the task in hand forward as the executioner. So, trust her ideas but be the one handling the nitty gritties for she is not the one to sit around, dissecting the details. Her verbal skills are hard to compete with. So, if your intelligence does not generate enough spark, consider her gone in nanoseconds. A Gemini female is a busy woman with a million different thoughts bombarding her mind at all times, so when she invests her time in you, she is too interested in you.

3. You will explore so much with her

Plan the randomest trips with her, she is game for it. She loves spontaneity and abhors monotony to the core. It is always a bumpy ride with this moody female. Never tired for an exciting adventure or escaping to unknown territories, you will enjoy her liveliness and light hearted character. A Gemini woman functions on the extremities. She will take you on an emotional roller coaster if she has feelings for you. You will want to strangle her to death at one moment and then shower all your affection the next because it is so easy to find her smoothly blending into someone you want her to be. That changing behavior is a typical physical sign of interest in the women born under the Gemini Zodiac sign.

4. She is flirty with the man she has a crush on

A Sapiosexual, she can captivate the opposite sex in seconds. Playing with words comes naturally to her, and once smitten, she will pour her whole self in engaging your heart and mind with the exact words that you wish to hear. It is fun talking to a Gemini woman about anything and everything because you will find yourself breaking out into fit of laughter during your conversations (if she is in a happy mood!). She doesn’t really need your physical presence to give you all the feels, her wordplay is enough to make you travel into her world of sexy fantasies.

5. Sex with her is dramatic

When a Gemini woman is interested in you, she will floor you with her confidence during sex. The Drama queen, a brilliant actress of sorts; trust her in switching one role to the other effortlessly. She is kinky and can arouse you with her presence. Any moment of her existence is a stage and she finds it imperative to make the most of it. Up for role play? She will blow you mind with her skills. Dirty talking? You will find her having a hard time holding herself back from communicating like a sexy goddess during the act. She can play the dominant and the submissive, wild and the tamed. Ask for anything, she will give you exactly the woman you want in bed.

6. She has a generous personality with the man she likes

A Gemini woman is never attached to the material pleasures of life. She is on the constant lookout for the next big thing that sparks her curiosity. Hence, you will find her easily being able to part away with anything that she held close once upon a time. Just like herself, the objects she possesses will be never stay fixated. If you are in need of anything she might already have, she will have no problem giving that to you if that makes you happy.

7. She will be appreciative

It is difficult to win the heart of a Gemini woman if you lack substance. If you cannot keep up with her inquisitive nature and passionately independent character, this woman would never prioritise you in her life. When you let her do exactly what she loves and are accepting of her distracted mind, you surely set apart from the majority that finds her impulsiveness a flaw. She is at the receiving end of the flak more often and will be far more appreciative of all that you do to have her in your life.

8. She loves her independence

Her loyalty is in her independence. Try forcing her to conform or tying her down anywhere, she will fly away like a free bird you cannot confine anywhere. Her movement is swift, enough to keep you stunned forever. Just when you believe you have understood her, she will amaze you with her chameleon like qualities, often to the point of confusion. That being told, she is not irresponsible. In fact, the world needs Geminis who can show you what being a true soul is like, far from the shackles of societal expectations. She knows how to say ‘No’ to anything that curbs her power to choose. Leave her just the way she is, you will find her reciprocating to your affection in her own way.

9. She challenges you to be the best

Her demeanor is child like. She sees the positive and the achievable no matter what confronts her. Her thirst for learning is never satiated. A Gemini partner is so good at foreseeing what’s coming next that she always knows the best way to deal with situations she is in charge of. This ever hungry persona will drive you to remain on your toes, never settling for just the ordinary. It is encouraging to be around this woman for everything gets a new twist each time revisited. Far from a process oriented style, Gemini women are imaginative and want to break established codes or norms.

10. A Gemini woman in love will stand by you

She is passionate about the man she loves. She loves challenges so you can count on a Gemini girl to never chicken out when she confronts something bitter. There is no mincing of words when she is irritated or annoyed. She is unapologetically herself at all times. So, whether you like it or not, she will be exactly who she wants to be at any given moment. Because the Gemini female operates on the extremes, trust that she will be there with you through thick and thin once she commits to being your muse.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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