10 Signs a Leo Man is Not Into You

10 Signs a Leo Man is Not Into You


Dating a Leo man is like a dream come true. There is a 70% chance that he is the most sought-after bachelor in your circle. He is the hottest, the most fun, and every woman's desire. So, who would walk away from an opportunity to date him, right? Well, the Leo guy isn't always the most eligible bachelor. Sometimes they hide ulterior motives behind those charming smiles. I have seen many a woman falls into the trap of a Leo man who is with them just for sex or to make their ex jealous or some other horrid reason. And it can be really difficult to see through their game. They are masters of romantic deception. So, how to know if a Leo man is playing you?

Here are 10 signs a Leo man is not into you or just using you and not interested in a serious relationship with you!

1. There are seldom any dates

Leo men love spending time with the women they love. Combined with their taste for the finer pleasures of life results in exceptional dating life. All of this happens when a Leo man is serious about the woman in his life. And none of it would happen if he's just playing you. He just never seems to have the time to go out on dates. And if by some stroke of luck, he does take you out, he will spend all of his time looking at his phone.

2. He never makes any romantic gestures

Well, maybe he is genuinely busy most of the time. A lot of people have highly demanding jobs. And the ambitious Leo guys never back down from challenges at work. But Leo boys in love always make up for the time lost. They make sweet romantic gestures like sending cards or gifts. A Leo friend of mine flew to his girlfriend's city to make up for not being able to give her enough time. if your Leo man doesn't even acknowledge his lack of trying, then you've got a serious problem.

3. He is only interested in talking about himself

It would be a lie to say that there is not even an ounce of self-obsession in Leos. The degree to which this self-obsession goes varies with individuals. But there is definitely a little bit of narcissism in all of them. However, it would also be unfair not to acknowledge the fact that Leos keep their self-obsession in check when they are around loved ones. That is the only reason why they can have healthy relationships. And if they are playing someone, then they have no reason to keep any narcissism under control. So, as long as your Leo man has the opportunity to talk about himself, he will be deeply engrossed in the conversation. But the moment that he has to talk to you about something other than himself, his mind wanders off.

4. You know a Leo man is using you if he is arrogant

Arrogance is another trait that compliments narcissism. The Leo arrogance manifests itself in many forms. Someone who has a Leo for an enemy will tell you all of them. But the people who love them will only be able to name a few. This is because around their loved ones, Leos keep most of their tendencies in check. Around people they don't care for, like someone whom they are just using in a relationship, a lot of their arrogance begins to surface. He will never pay you a compliment but will be quick to criticize. He will always make you feel like you are beneath him. Your successes will only elicit indifference.

5. A Leo man is not interested if he never pays any attention to you

In a relationship, you go beyond the regular requirements of human interaction in your care and affection. If relationships were only about sex, then most of us would be in a friend with benefits arrangement. After all, we all have friends and family who care for us. So, if your Leo guy does not pay any attention to your needs and wants, it's a red flag on his commitment to the relationship. He's least bothered if you fall sick. He might feign some concern over a call but wouldn't bother doing anything to make you comfortable. Neither will he ever pay any attention to you when you are sad or having a bad day. It would feel like you are all alone.

6. He is different when no one is around

Usually, men who are just using a woman do it for many reasons. Sometimes it's for sex, other times it is to make themselves look good. Or they are trying to make someone else jealous. Regardless, most of them have the realization that what they are doing is frowned upon by a civilized, humane society. So, when they are in public, they pretend to be the most chivalrous men on the planet. Sound like your Leo male? But the situation is quite different behind closed doors. When it's just you and him, the same guy who would pull out a chair for you at a restaurant, won't even get you a glass of water. You could be sitting right in front of him and he would act like you don't even exist.

7. A Leo man who is playing you will be stingy with his money

Leos are not known to be misers. They might not spend without care. But they are very generous with their money. When they have it, they love to spend it on the people they love. But only on the people they love. So, he might not pick up the bill at the restaurant. Or buy you gifts. And when the topic of spending arises, he will always say that he's going through a rough patch. But you can see the new Rolex on his wrist. Wasn't it yesterday when he was hanging out with his friends at that expensive bar? Wasn't he planning to spend a week with his friends in Hawaii?

8. He only gives you the bare minimum affection

No one can treat someone like shit and expect to be in their good graces. If your Leo man was all that bad, you would have left him long ago, right? So, maybe as you are reading through this blog you realize that you Leo guy shows most of these traits. But he's also sweet. You are probably thinking of all the good times that the two of you have had together. Despite the good times, if you have seen all these characteristics in your Leo man, then he is just using you. Those good times that you are thinking about is just the bare minimum affection that he gave you to keep you on the hook. Because he knows that if he doesn't even give you that much, his true intentions will become transparent. Don't fall for the lies!

9. You are the only one who tries to make the relationship work

You can feel that your relationship isn't perfect. And of course, you want to fix things. You see your friends doing all the thing that you want to do with your man. So, you make an effort to get that happiness that you deserve. You sync your schedule with him to find a time that is available for both of you. You initiate romantic gestures. Give him the love and affection that you expect. And yet, it seems that you are the only one who is doing all the work. He is only taking all that you have to give and returning nothing.

10. He's never there when you need him

I would have cut your guy some slack if despite everything he was always there when you needed him. If he stood up for you even when you were wrong. If he knew how to cheer you up when you were having a bad day. Because a man who loves you knows you. And even if he might not fulfill all the other criteria of an ideal boyfriend, he would always be by your side when you need him the most. If that's another thing that your Leo man does not do right, then you need to sever all ties with this man and move on with your life.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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