10 Signs a Leo Woman Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs a Leo Woman Secretly Likes You!


Is the Zodiac sign of the woman you like Leo? You are struggling to understand her feelings and intentions? You’d like to know if she likes you more than a friend? So, how does a Leo woman behave when she is in love? How to tell if she is interested in you? Like any other Zodiac sign in astrology, a Leo female has typical characteristics when in love. Ruled by the Sun, Leos are powerful, radiant forces that garner limelight almost anywhere they go. They are natural givers and this is especially true with the men they are attracted to. Let me reveal you 10 signs that will tell you for sure if a Leo woman has feelings for you.

1. A Leo woman in love will become extremely warm with you

A Leo girl has a big warm heart. They are givers when in partnership with anyone. They will shower you with their affection. Nurturing someone they are passionate about is typical of a Leo woman. They will be dignified around you even during their toughest times, walking with pride even when they are hurt inside. She is a naturally born queen who will hold her head high, commanding highest respect from her subjects, and in this case, the one she sets her eyes on.

2. She will give you clarity

A Leo woman rarely has the luxury of time to fool around, for she is charge of so much that she aspires to win over. She values her time. So, she will not waste it just for nothing. Her intelligence and charm is awe inspiring. At the same time, she is straightforward. Tongue sharp enough to cut open your wounds if you rub her the wrong way. She would prefer living in her cave than linger around with all and sundry without having anything concrete to do with them. So, when you are at the receiving end of all the generosity and grandeur of a Leo woman, you surely are at a sweet spot.

3. She is here to take charge

Seldom will you find a Leo woman taking the backseat. You will never need to worry about dealing with issues in your life because a Leo woman is responsible with herself and her closest people. She is a protector and will think of your greatest benefit and best interest. A Leo female has a tendency of always being on her toes for her highest sense of self respect and self- esteem. This may reach the level of suffocation for anyone who is equally struggling for power. There are higher chances of being overshadowed while basking in her radiant light. So, when a Leo woman likes you, her overarching control will be felt. If she doesn’t, she wouldn’t even care acknowledging anyone’s existence.

4. She is inspiring

When a Leo female is allowed to fully gain the spotlight, she is able to charm you with her grace and leadership qualities. She inspires you and brings out the greatest of your abilities. She is the leader of any team and will motivate you to achieve your highest potential. She will easily be able to put a finger on your strengths and weaknesses and teach you to become the best version of yourself. You will find her taking the bullets for you if she has fallen for you. She is a rockstar in the life of any man and would never fail him.

5. Leo women are devoted to the men they love

Once she makes up their mind to commit to someone, there is no moving from her decision. She trusts her instincts the most. The level of her devotion is on the highest pedestal. If you want to trust a woman with all your heart, it has to be a Leo female. She will treat you like family and to her, your pride and respect is of utmost concern. Just like they demand loyalty from the people they associate themselves with, Leo women also are able to demonstrate fierce loyalty towards them.

6. She will display her confidence in bed

If you are able to see the nakedness of her soul, rest assured, a Leo female will not hesitate to take her clothes off before you. There is a royal air about her. Be prepared to be treated like a King in the bed for a Queen always has the highest regards for her man’s satisfaction. Don’t be surprised if you notice her exerting her dominance in bed. She is someone who knows the difference between sex and love. Her affection towards you will be displayed through frequent physical touches. So, when a Leo woman displays her emotions during the act, she is all into you.

7. She is entertaining

Leo females are pretty fun loving. They have a playful nature. She will long for adventurous getaways with you if she enjoys your company thoroughly. Be prepared to stay amused around a Leo woman who likes you. She has the ability to marry fun with learning, if you have the ear for it. So, when she makes consistent efforts to give you a taste of her independent character, a Leo girl has feelings for you!

8. Her expectations will skyrocket

Because of her ability to give her best at everything she sets her heart to, she gets attached to her achievements and expects far too much in return. They take time weighing every option that’s presented to them. So, when a Leo woman considers your presence important in her life, she would not want to be taken for granted. She won’t mince her words when she has to say a ‘No’ to something that doesn’t match up to her standards. You will be so very involved in her life, that you might find yourself looking for a break because her ever lit personality is so consuming.

9. She will make grand plans with you

A leo woman has rich taste. Her knack for the best no matter the cost makes her a lover of everything exclusively crafted. If you are integral to her life, she will shower you with the best that money can buy. Because of a Leo’s fixed nature, it is difficult to make them settle for anything that doesn’t spark their attention. If you are worried about finances, fret not, she is sufficiently independent to fend for herself and fulfill her needs along with those she loves or admires. Her hospitality is a lifetime experience and if she likes you enough, you will enjoy the luxury.

10. She will pay attention

You will enjoy undivided attention from a Leo woman at all times. She treats everyone equally and to this effect, there is no discrimination. She knows how to garner respect. She understands that to be able to decide the best, she will have to be observant and knowledgeable. Never shall you find a Leo woman being ignorant to all that is around her. So, when you bring everything of value to the table, you will have her focused and placing value on what you do and say.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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