12 Signs a Libra Man Secretly Likes You!

12 Signs a Libra Man Secretly Likes You!


The men born under the Libra Zodiac sign have a great ability to socialise. You feel like they are interested and like you but is that real or is it just my fantasies? How to know when a Libra man likes you more than a friend? What are the signs that a Libra man has a crush on you? How does a Libra man express his feelings, act and behave when he is in love? Luckily, astrology can tell us a lot about the Libra man's personality traits and characteristics, and reveal us a few secrets about his heart! After that, you'll understand much more about his psychology.

Here are 12 obvious, and more subtle signs that a Libra man secretly likes you!

1. He puts his best foot forward to impress you

The men born under the Libra Zodiac sign have a remarkable ability to socialise and network. If your Libra male is serious about you, he would want to display his best self. This man is blunt and honest with his feelings when he has made a decision. He prefers being open about his emotions. He wants to make sure that he treats you the best. He will be at the top of his game when he is around you. Everything to a Libra man is about balance. He is a charmer who is always on the lookout for a harmonious relationship. If you notice him making clear efforts with his behavio in your company, it's an obvious sign he is into you!

2. He can’t take his eyes off the woman he has a crush on

Ruled by the planet of beauty Venus, he admires appearances and aesthetics. He wants to mark his territory by claiming to the whole world about your exclusivity with him. You might find him staring at you, noticing your littlest moves with a fixed gaze. He is just floored by how well you present yourself and the effort you put in to look so good. The Libra man usually falls for immaculately dressed females. If you catch him stealing a glance now and then, he secretly harbours feelings for you.

3. A Libra man in love seems unusually happy

The Libra man is indecisive with everything in his life. More often he comes across as shallow and commitment phobic. However, when he deeply falls in love with a girl, there is no looking back, for her happiness is his happiness. He is quite a happy-go-lucky, flexible guy who knows how to blend in the most awkward situations. He could be silly around you, often using his “big-picture” mindset to take off the gloom off your face. Once he has found his partner in you, he will be livelier than he usually is.

4. He is a one woman man

Infamous for never being in a single place for a long time, it could be hard for them to choose someone they would like to settle down with. When uncommitted, he is a flirtatious character, seamlessly flowing wherever beauty guides him and easily attracted by any new woman. When you find the Libra guy in your life shifting his attention from multiple women to you only, it means he really has a crush on you and may be willing to commit to you soon. If he has chosen you, you are one of a kind. He would leave no stone unturned to prove his loyalty to you.

5. You have met his family and friends

When a Libra man is really interested in you, he has already started tagging you along with him to family gatherings, invites you for dinner with his closest pals. This is a very clear sign of his interest in a serious relationship! He is far from being a loner; entertaining, bringing the whole room together even when the situation is a bit tensed. Similarly, you would want to introduce him to your family and friends as this is an important step for him in a relationship. And it means to him that you are also serious in the relationship. That way, you will make him commit more.

6. He stands by you

The Libra male is one of the most optimistic among the Zodiac signs, searching for a silver lining amidst worst life challenges. He is a dream come true when he has decided to keep you safe and be there for you. Even when he suffers from an internal turmoil, he would prioritize you. Never leaving your side, protecting your honor and favoring a truly equal partnership are the ways in which he proves his responsibility towards you.

7. He speaks about a future with you

It is not usual for a Libra guy to open up to someone who he fears could read his flaws. He has done enough inner work to understand the imbalance that is so inherent in him, though he is trying to put everything on a balance in the exterior world. Speaking of lofty ideals and the castles he builds in the air is a natural gift but he is careful of sharing that with only the one he trusts blindly. He is a visionary and if he takes his guards off to be the most vulnerable before you, he shares a solid bond with you.

8. He is expressive with the woman he likes

This man loves to talk. He could be tiring for those who are impatient with chatterboxes. Gifted with a silver tongue, he will weave the best sentences to express what he truly wants to put forward. He will compliment you and admire you like he has never seen someone as good as you. He fluency will make you blush. It is a mistake to doubt his passion for you when he is so eloquent in his emotional expressions.

9. He spends without thinking

The Libra man has a hard time saving money. That's his little weakness. He is a man who values luxury. He loves to spend extravagantly on what attracts his eyes. He will accompany you on your shopping sprees, travel with you, bring you chocolates and flowers, is inclusive of your individuality and beliefs, and is adept at accommodating himself even when it is uncomfortable for him. He is always thinking of making your life stress-free.

10. He makes time for you

The Libra man stays rarely at home. He is a social butterfly who loves to be around people, merry making or discussing serious business plans for his ambitions are lofty. That is an important part of his character. You should consider his interest in you when he makes the effort to have your presence around him. He will keep you engaged in whatever he does and even if you guys aren’t necessarily doing something together, he wants you to be present.

11. He is more comfortable in your presence

Libra men are scared of being left out. He fears that he might forever be lonely and hence, he makes every bit of effort to be around people who keep him distracted. While he also feels the need to look perfect and conducts himself with grace and style when he is out in the public eye, his behavior is quite different around you. He is perfectly relaxed when you are around. He doesn’t fear being judged and can show his true nature, which means he could blindly trust you with all his heart. And trust is one of the most important things in love and long-term relationship, isn't it?

12. He wants to keep you safe

He wants to offer you a safe haven. He might be thinking of a solution to your problem and drops it when you least expect it. He is a multi-tasker and can juggle too many things at the same time. So, even when work occupies most part of his day, he is still keeping a check on you. He would hold you the closest to himself like he would never let you go. He would find it hard to stay calm if you are being taken advantage of, bullied or manipulated anywhere. His sense of justice and fair-play is at an all-time high and hence, anything that imbalances the scales in your life would tick him off.


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