10 Signs a Pisces Man Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs a Pisces Man Secretly Likes You!


The Pisces man lives in two worlds, the reality and his imagination. It is safe to say that he lives in the latter for longer than in the former. Which is why you might not be able to understand how he feels. All of his emotions are expressed in the fantasy inside him. It does make it difficult for those outsides to know what's in his heart or his head. And this is true for all people born under this zodiac sign. So, how to know if a Pisces man likes you?

Giving up is not an option. Resorting to the wisdom of Astrology is. So, here for your help, are 10 signs that tell you a Pisces man has feelings for you.

1. Your wish is his command

A Pisces man in love can stop the world for his lady. You just have to say what you want and he will do all in his power to get it for you. He will be the first to jump on the boat if you plan a cruise. The first one to buy the tickets to the movie you have been waiting to see. He’ll run to the ice-cream stand when you feel too hot. The Pisces man is the dream lover every woman wants. Which is why his loving nature is so often taken advantage of. So be a darling and let him know if you are not interested in him.

2. He let’s you in on his fantasy world

Does he often talk to you about his dreams? How does he wish the world should be? What he really wants to do? The kind of people he would much rather surround himself with. Even his shattered realities. Like how people he trusted turned out to be the complete opposite of what he saw in them. Well, that's him opening up to you. Letting you have a peek inside the world of his imagination. This is because he wants you to understand him. It's because he has a crush on you.

3. He’s interested in learning about your ideas and philosophies

The Pisces male is an intellectual man. you can be sure that he has an opinion about a lot of things. And it is important for him to know where you stand on those issues. No, he won't judge you badly if you disagree with him. Or if you don't have an opinion about those things at all. He just needs to know where you stand to be able to better adjust with you. Unless of course, you support cannibalism, in which case he may back down. But even if you don't have an opinion, he will help educate you about the issue. Once he knows where you stand, there are sure to be a lot of conversations. Just remember to always keep an open mind with him.

4. He might get way ahead of you

The Pisces guy suffers from what I like to call the "Romeo Syndrome". Just as Romeo fall unconditionally in love with Juliet in just one night, the Pisces man falls in love too soon and too hard. He might just start acting like your boyfriend even when you haven't put a label on it. Which can scare anyone easily! In my first year of college, a Pisces classmate fell in love too hard and too soon. And I ran away with my life. To this date, I haven't been able to talk to him again. That's how traumatizing the experience was for me. But if you are really interested in this man, ask him to calm down and take one step at a time. One of the reasons for disloyalty among the men of this zodiac sign is that they fall in love very fast.

5. He’s the man you can depend on and trust

The Pisces zodiac sign is made of people on the two extremes of things. The extremely loyal ones and the extremely treacherous ones. If you find the former, you are in good luck. A Pisces man will never betray the woman he has a crush on. You can always depend on him to have your back even when you are wrong. He might take you aside and tell you that you are going wrong. But will never do this to you in public. And you will be able to trust him with anything. He wouldn’t so much as look at another woman when he’s in love with you. And no matter what you tell him, he wouldn’t breathe a word of it to another soul.

6. He becomes a flirt

The Pisces men are not natural flirts, unlike the Virgo or Libra men. They have to have a target to be able to flirt around. So, if he’s into you, he will flirt with you. And a Pisces man flirting with his lady love is the cutest thing ever. Remember how he lives in a fantasy world? Well, in that world he knows all the right things to say and all the right scenarios to create. He then brings all of this knowledge out into the real world. You will never feel as special with another man as the Pisces guy will make you feel.

7. He shows his vulnerability to you

When the real world and the fantasy world collide, the explosion is catastrophic. And as you can guess, it happens often with the Pisces man. Whenever the world proves to him that it isn't as beautiful and amazing as he wants it to be, his heart is broken into a million pieces. But no one is ever allowed to see that pain. If the Pisces male wants you, he will open up to you about these things. He will share his pain and grief with you. If you share the same feelings, he has for you, comforts him in these moments. He will always remember how you were there when he needed a shoulder to cry on. This trust that he develops will seal your relationship with him.

8. He doesn’t play hard to get and is straight-forward

If the Pisces man is interested in you, he wouldn't play hard to get. He is too excited to officially take the next step with you. And if you give him the right heads up, he might just confess to you. But unlike the Aries man or the Leo man, he will never confess unless he is sure about how you feel. It's not because he will be humiliated by the rejection. But because of the dreams that a rejection would shatter. So, try to be as clear about how you feel is possible for you.

9. He tolerates even the things that annoy him about you

Pisces is generally a very mature and wise zodiac sign. Being the last one on the karmic cycle, they have seen life through all lens. But even then, there are things that tick him off. But when it comes to the woman he likes; he will tolerate anything. Even if he’s a stickler for punctuality, he would wait for you for hours. Even if he hates going to parties, he’ll put up with them if you ask him to go. Does he react to other people's behavior differently? That's just one of the ways to know a Pisces man likes you.

10. A Pisces man in love behaves differently

So here is the final question: How does a Pisces man in love behave? Well, if you know him well enough, you will be able to see slight changes in his behavior with you. He will pay more attention to what you say. He will try to remember what you like and dislike. He will smile at you while talking to you. Didn't you notice the little sparks in his eyes the last time he looked at you? There are subtle signs in his behavior that will tell you if he loves you. If you don't see them, just observe the way he behaves with other people, can you see the difference?


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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