10 Signs a Pisces Woman Secretly Likes You

10 Signs a Pisces Woman Secretly Likes You


Often living a delusional life, a Pisces woman is a true mystical human existing amongst us. Her inner world is magical, one that the practical characters can never comprehend. Crossed paths with a Pisces woman and she stole your heart away? Or are you curious to know if a Pisces woman secretly likes you? How do you learn the true ways in which a Pisces female shows her feelings for you?

Here are 10 signs that tell you if a Pisces Woman is attracted to you or has already fallen in love with you.

1. She takes you on a journey to her inner world

Never present in the real world, she lives in a fantasy land that she likes escaping into. Facing the real world and the hardships that follow are not her best suit. Her psychic and intuitive abilities are too strong and she is someone interested in the occult sciences. Her belief system is hard to shake and she often uses her knowledge of the metaphysical world in her real life. When a Pisces woman likes you, she would love to take you on a ride in the magical world of hers, one that she might keep from the rest who show no faith in her impractical ways of life.

2. She is a giver

She is empathic and feels too much for almost everyone. Her kind and extremely compassionate nature beats for those underrepresented and the downtrodden. A Pisces woman will make sure she understands your part always. She is a selfless woman who will put your needs and comfort first. Often, she gives away more than she ever receives but she doesn't expect much from anyone. If you find this Pisces woman you like being zealously giving to make your life easy, you enjoy a special place in her heart.

3. She is gentle

She is never loud. Extremely gentle and peace loving, the woman born under this zodiac sign will never make a dirty show of her anger in public. Often criticized for being dishonest in trying times, she is skeptical of anyone ever understanding the dual life that she leads. Hence, she will disappear if someone yells at her or throws fits that she will never be able to handle. She is too fragile to fight back and hurt others even if she might get hurt deeper than the perpetrator.

4. A Pisces Woman in love is a romantic

A die hard romantic she is. He will sing to you, write letters and make even a platonic love experience seem real or tangible. Romantic adventures with her will know no bounds if she expresses her affection for you. You could count on her to show you a different side to love and life, one that you won’t experience ever with anyone else. She will lose her whole self to you. Her outlook towards love is a combination of tenderness with the wild. Extremely hopeful of a beautiful world that others don’t see, a Pisces female will affirm you that there is gold in the trash. Romance is an expression of her creative bent of mind, something sort of a getaway that she would find herself immersed in from time to time.

5. She gives you the ultimate pleasure

She will pleasure you all night long in the most unpredictable ways. Sex is a spiritual experience with her, one that gives you an eternal high. A creative to the core, intimate moments are never boring when she chooses to bare her body and soul to you. She will always be ready to experiment, so there is no vanilla sex ever with this mystical female. You will transcend into an unreal world of hers when you unite. Ever experienced soul sex? You will reach the closest to it with a Pisces female if she chooses you with all her heart. No surprises if you end up in a sexy encounter almost always in the bathtub with her for any place that holds water is her abode.

6. She behaves like a child

She is almost otherworldly, a stubborn believer in everything good. Her childlike persona is so apparent when she is around any person she likes. That's a typical behavior of a Pisces woman in love. Always inquisitive about a make-believe world, she is forever on the lookout for something better than the existing, even though that practically seems far from or beyond her reach. Each emotion drifts smoothly into a dreamland. Everything is always too much of a fairy tale for her.

7. She would plan dates with you if she is interested in you

A Pisces girl not just loves hard but loves being loved the hardest. Her creativity makes the dates she plans with you the most unconventional. She has a heart so pure and compassionate that she won’t ever bargain on anything that gives you joy. She loves having fun. Her heart is like a swollen river that is dying to empty its goodness in the sea, whether rough or smooth. She is infamous for indulging much to often in pleasures that the rational world will ask you to avoid. So, if wild escapes are your thing, and she hearts you, your dates with a Pisces woman will be an experience that you should remember for life.

8. She idolises you

A Pisces lady can see through you. She will value your inner qualities. She loves her father, much to the point of blindly worshipping him. Or, she has never had one to fall back upon. She will look for a father like figure in you. She would want your security and the comfort of your presence. Her heart wins over her mind so she will make more emotionally charged decisions than the ones based on facts. A Pisces woman will place you on a higher pedestal when she is attracted to you because she loves to believe that you are the knight in the shining armour for her.

9. She dreams of a home with you

Very sensitive, Pisces women have a vivid imagination. Even before she met you, she has dreamt of a family, the one that’s her own. While it takes time for her to settle because she is always looking for someone who truly understands her core, this woman will take you on a tour of an ideal family life with you. But while her body can be still, her mind is difficult to cage. She knows what love in its ideal form is. Her generosity makes her a perfect life partner and a great mother. She flows effortlessly, is symbolised by the fish. So, during your highest and lowest she will stick by you, adjusting to whatever the direction of the currents in your life without any fear.

10. She will heal you

She listens and observes more than she speaks. She will hear even those words that you do not utter. When a Pisces woman gets closer to you, she will nurture your broken heart. She will heal you with her words and touch. She would be so kind to you that all your pain will mysteriously vanish when she is around. More often she is attracted to broken people, the one she can emotionally cure because of her amazing ability to relate quickly. Being the last in the 12 signs of the Zodiac, she has learnt from the mistakes of the other signs as well as her own and hence, you will find her wearing many hats at the same time.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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