12 Signs a Scorpio Man Secretly Likes You!

12 Signs a Scorpio Man Secretly Likes You!


Being a water sign, the Scorpio Zodiac sign carries within itself an ocean of emotions and secrets. Their gestures are implicit. Their mysterious nature, secret personalities and ever-changing moods make them difficult to crack. So how does a Scorpio man behave when he likes someone? How to tell if a Scorpio man is interested in you? How does he express his love or interest for a woman?

Here are 12 signs a Scorpio man likes you more than a friend and is falling in love with you!

1. A Scorpio man makes excuses to see you

Ruled by Mars, the men born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign have a pretty intense approach towards everything they set their eyes upon. They go all in to accomplish the things they like or win over the person they admire and adore. When a Scorpio man secretly harbors feelings for you, he will surely but subtly make the effort to meet you and to be closer to you. It is hard for him to withhold himself from you especially if his passions have grown stronger.

2. A Scorpio man is there for the girl he likes

Scorpios are protective. They want to be in charge of their lives as well as those they love. This gives a color of over-possessiveness but that’s how Scorpio men are built to react when in love. He nurtures you and ensures that you are protected from all harm. He almost acts as the ‘gate-keeper’ keeping away all negativity from harming his humble abode with you.

3. Sexual tension when he is around

The sensuality the Scorpio male oozes is hard to ignore. It is further amplified in the company of someone he finds irresistible. If a Scorpio man is into you, a sort of aggressive passion is easier to notice and feel in his behavior, gestures and body language. In fact, he will tactfully build the tension so that it is no longer possible to conceal true feelings. So, initially, this water element will try to build deep intimacy in order make the connection meaningful.

4. He shares his secrets with you

Count on a Scorpio man to keep secrets. They are extremely good at hiding the darkest truths they know of. Unless someone has won over them, they may not really bother sharing their joys and sorrows with them. They do have trust issues which spills onto those that come closer to them. However, as you prove yourself to him, and he feels a connection, there will be a liberal sharing of his vulnerable side which is otherwise so dearly concealed.

5. A Scorpio man is protective about his crush

He wants to guard you. He stands up for you and takes your side even when you expected the least from him. This protectiveness may be pretty much aggressive than anyone else. In fact, sometimes, it is this ‘bad boy’ trait which makes them so attractive. They are mysterious, never overtly expressive about their desires but will surely make their presence felt in your life with an amazing ability to support and motivate.

6. He wants you to grow

Their territoriality is not restricted to their selfish interests. In fact, they will productively use it to your advantage so that you are inspired to grow in life. This is a very positive sign that a Scorpio man secretly likes you. They won’t give up on you easily, they will make sure you win at all costs. Relationships with Scorpio men are hence unforgettable. They leave a mark very hard to shrug off.

7. A Scorpio man in love is jealous

They believe in the principle of “might is right”. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that your Scorpio guy may do everything he can to kill off competition. When you flirt with someone else, he might feel instantly provoked to crush that person. They will fight with all their soul to defend what they love, through manipulation or force.

8. He could be controlling

They love to be in charge. They dominate in the bedroom as well as in general life. Given their dark mysterious nature, it could be hard to gauge their moves or understand them completely. So, in this sense, Scorpio males are pretty much unpredictable. However, if scorned, their fury knows no bounds. It could be difficult to withdraw yourself from his controlling presence if the Scorpio man is attracted to you.

9. He is keenly observing you

Their observational skills are sharp. They will catch you off guard. If you think you could pull the wool over his eyes, you must rethink. They know exactly what they deserve and hence, need to be doubly sure of who they allow an important space in their life. While they keep you hooked on their charisma and sexiness, they make an opportune move doing a background check on you or noticing all about you under a microscope.

10. His behavior is different when he is in love

It is hard to impress a Scorpio man. This is because they are so suspicious of others. They will be obsessed with someone if the person manages to woo them with their charm and personality. When he speaks highly of your qualities and respects you, he is certainly bowled over. Scorpios tend to be selfish at times. So much so that they would only think of you at the cost of leaving out the rest.

11. He seeks undivided attention

When you attain a glorified position in a Scorpio male’s life, he needs you all to himself. His sensuality would be hard to contain and if you agree, secret getaways will become a part and parcel of life. He makes exclusive plans with you. They are stubborn, they would use all tact to woo you. Their attachment is strong and so is their desire for the pleasures of life. So, when they are emotionally invested, you should know that the Scorpio man has a crush on you.

12. If he wants to impress you, it's a clear sign of his interest

The Scorpio man will try and test you in numerous ways. Once you are successful in winning over them, rest assured they would give you more than you ask for. If your Scorpio man splurges over you, he surely treats you as someone special. When he shows an interest, he is convinced of your ability to patiently deal with his mood swings and keep him away from his dark tendencies. Hence, he will do whatever it takes to chase you and express his emotions for you.


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