10 Signs a Scorpio Man is Not Into You

10 Signs a Scorpio Man is Not Into You


Scorpios are mysterious. It is a big part of their charm. But there are some things about which they are very clear. Among these is their clear-cut communication to people they don't like about their true feelings. Scorpios are usually very upfront about their feelings of dislike. Even among their family and friends, the people they don't like know about their sentiments. And the same carries in their relationships as well. There is a very small window between the Scorpio realizing that they are not into you and them saying it to your face. So, how do you tell is a Scorpio man is not interested in you?

Here are 10 clear signs a Scorpio man is not into you!

1. He is cold and distant

For starters, he will always stay away from you. In a group of friends, he will never come near you. if by chance he finds himself near you, he will walk away. And god forbid if he finds himself alone with you. He walks out the first chance he gets. If you try talking to him, he will always respond in monosyllables and shrugs. You will find it difficult to get two words out of his mouth. It will feel as if he doesn't even know who you are. And this behavior extends to communication over texts as well. He will never even se your messages, let alone respond to them.

2. A Scorpio man who is not interested can be extremely rude

Not all Scorpios are straight-forward to a fault. Most of them do pretty well with hiding their true feelings. Even when they dislike you. But that too has its limits. Usually, when a Scorpio man is not into you, he can be rude towards you too. This is especially true if he is annoyed by your interest in you and you don't seem to be getting the idea. Not only will he be rude to you when you talk to him, but he will also humiliate you when you are talking to others too. He will leave no opportunity for making you feel inferior. Or pointing out your faults in front of everyone.

3. He will opt out of plans that involve you

Here's where things get extremely serious. You know a Scorpio guy doesn't hold you in high regard when he doesn't talk to you. You know that he is actively trying to be away from you when he walks out of plans that include you. It could be a trip that all of your friends are going on. Or a concert. You might walk up to him with tickets to his favorite game and he still wouldn't go out with you. He just doesn't want you around.

4. He couldn't care less about your troubles

Common human decency dictates that you show sympathy to a fellow human being going through a rough patch. This rule doesn't include a Scorpio man who isn't interested in a woman. And wants her to know this. You could be talking about having cancer and he wouldn't offer his condolences. That last bit is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. He just doesn't want to get sucked into your life in any manner or form. He would never offer you his help. Or say even a kind word to you when you are down. And you'll know that that is not how he is because he's extremely helpful when it comes to his friends.

5. He will talk about other women when you are around

Here's another technique that Scorpio men use to convey to women that they are not into them. If he deigns to talk to you. Or when he knows that you are listening. He will talk about the women he has or has had a crush on. And he will make sure that these are women with characteristics that you don't possess. If he thinks that he needs to drill the point into your brain, he will talk about his ideal woman. And notice that everything about his ideal woman is a polar opposite to who you are.

6. He will make it a point to flirt with other women around you

Where words fail, actions prevail. Scorpios are not serial flirts, but they don't shy away from the opportunity. Especially when they've got something to prove. This could be proving to their friends that they can get anyone to fall for them. Or prove to you that he just isn't interested in you. This is his way of avoiding you too. If he's with someone else, you will probably get the idea that he isn't into you.

7. He points out all the things that are wrong with you

The men born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign can get really cruel when it comes to making someone know of their dislike. Honestly, I feel that it is beyond their control somehow. They just can't help themselves. A proof of this is in the manner in which he conducts himself when you are around. You wouldn't expect someone who doesn't talk to you much anyway to be condescending, right? You haven't talked to a Scorpio man yet. He wouldn't make a big deal out of it like a mean girl. But through subtle references, he will point your faults out. He will make you feel inadequate and unworthy of his standards. And that's some bullshit that you don't need to put up with.

8. He badmouths you when you aren't around

As if saying bad things to you face wasn't enough. You will hear common friends tell you about all the unpleasant things they heard him say about you. Now, you can ignore it when one person tells you about it. But when you hear the same things from different and unrelated people, you might want to look into it. Scorpios hate people who talk behind their backs. But they rarely realize their own habit of doing so. And if he's not into you, he will say some stuff about you, behind your back.

9. You have heard from common friends that he has a crush on someone else

Another interesting fact about him that would reach you through the grapevine would be about the women he is interested in. Scorpio males are very bold about their crushes and affairs. They aren't the type of people who would hide their romantic life unless they have a very specific reason to do so. If he was hiding the secrets of his heart earlier, he would make it a point to make them known now. Especially since he wants to discourage you from seeing any possibility of a future with him.

10. He will straight up tell you to not waste your time on him

And if all else fails, or if he doesn't have enough time to waste on indirect communication, he will be direct with you. If you take the leap of asking him out, he will still make himself very clear. He isn't a man who would entertain your feelings just to be a gentleman. If he doesn't like you, he would refuse to go out with you. And if you don't ask him out, but your feelings are still very clear to him, he will try to nip your expectations in the bud. And that's a good thing too. You can focus your energies on better things and better people.


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