7 Signs a Scorpio Man is Using You

7 Signs a Scorpio Man is Using You


No one deserves a man who doesn't value them. And anyone who is just using you is not worth your time and attention. It is easy to fall in the trap of someone who likes to use people. After all, they are skilled predators and no good human being would recognize the tactics of a sadist. But you always have the weapon of good sense. Armed with the knowledge of the signs of a man who is using you, you can nip his plans in the bud. How to tell if a Scorpio man is using you? If he is just playing? If he is not serious about you and the relationship? The best is to get that information from the study of the Zodiac signs. Astrology reveals so many secret personality traits that a thorough study feels like an anatomy of the person.

If you are with a Scorpio man, here are 7 signs that will tell you if a Scorpio man is using you!

1. His romance revolves around sex only

Scorpio is a passionate Zodiac sign with a virile nature. Both Scorpio men and women find it difficult to separate emotional feelings towards their partner from sexual desire. But for a Scorpio man who is using you, sex is his biggest desire. Whenever he flirts with you, it will always be sexual. He passes double meaning comments. Eludes to sex a lot. And doesn’t seem to care about any other aspect of romance. This kind of man will jump straight to sex whenever you meet. He doesn’t care about what’s going on in your life. Or if the two of you should do something else for a change. If you do raise this with him, he will pretend to care for a little while. But then things will go back to the way they were. He is always asking for nudes or sending naughty texts. As I said, this man is all about sex. Even his texts are on no other subject. He is not one of those guys who will text to check in on you. He will text to see if you can help him with his arousal.
You are not someone’s sex toy!

2. He rarely wants to spend quality time with you

He does not believe in spending some time to know you better. According to him, he knows you all too well. But ask yourself, does he really know you? Because if he did, he would know that you like sweet little texts in the morning. You like to watch movies on the weekend. You like to explore new restaurants whenever you have the time. He will avoid casual hangouts at all costs. He will postpone them. Tell you that he can do all that after so and so happens. Or that he doesn’t have the time. If you force him into going out, he will leave as soon as he can.

3. He will only give you as much as will keep you around

We women have this self-destructive habit of rationalizing bad behavior towards us. Especially when it comes to the men, we have feelings for. We always try to find some reason to avoid the harsh reality that we are being mistreated. The Scorpio guy is smart enough to exploit this weakness. He knows that he only needs to manipulate you and get what he wants. Every once a while he would do something or say something that will make you feel that he really loves you. And all the other times when he will hurt your feelings, you will use that memory to convince yourself otherwise. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Sure, he is extremely busy to give you the time that you want. But a man in love always makes up for lost time and opportunities. If you see no such effort at his end, it’s time to dump the loser.

4. He does not want to meet your friends or family

This is the biggest red alert with all men. If he isn’t interested in getting to know the people who are important to you, he’s a fake. When it comes to the Scorpio man, the reasons go deep. He does not want to make any investment in you and your life. Look at it this way. No boyfriend meets his girlfriend’s loved ones because he wants to expand his network. The point of this exercise is to know more about each other. And to be a bigger part of each other’s life. A man who doesn’t want to do this has no interest in associating with you long term. A Scorpio man in love would seize this opportunity the first chance he gets. He would want to make a good impression on the people who are important to you. He knows it will make your relationship stronger. A bff or fuckboi couldn’t care less.

5. You don’t know a lot about him either

Scorpio males are known for their mysterious personalities. But if this mystery feels like the best-kept secret in America, that should raise an alarm. Ask yourself this, how much do you know about his life before you met him? At the off chance that you do know a lot because you have known him for a long time, here’s something else. Does he ever try to tell you more than you know? A man who is using you will have the 'less is more' attitude. Think about it this way. Don't you try to make the effort of sharing more about yourself? Because you want him to understand you better. He doesn’t want you to know the kind of person he is, so he doesn’t share. Or else, you will know he’s a fuckboi. And don’t believe his lie that he shares more with you than anyone else. That’s only a manipulation tactic to keep you guessing. Or under a false sense of security.

6. You are not a part of his friend circle either

Scorpio men are not image-conscious. But Scorpio guys who are using a woman, do not want others to know about it. After all, if his friends know you, how will he flirt around with other women in their presence? He doesn't want to take that freedom away from himself. So, not only will he not meet your friends and family, but he wouldn't introduce you to his loved ones. A good indicator of the character of a human is the company he keeps. If you do know his friends, and they know you too, think about the kind of people they are. Are they like a bunch of frat boys whose only goal in life is to have fun and fuck girls? Chances are, your Scorpio man is like that too. Or else he wouldn’t surround himself exclusively with people of this kind.

7. He has commitment issues

If you are someone who appreciates commitment, run away as soon as you hear, “I don’t like labels!”. This is a classic sign of a man who is not serious about you. Scorpios only get into relationships that they are serious about. That way this is one of the best Zodiac signs. So, if your Scorpio man has the attitude of not believing in relationships, he is just using you. He’s lying when he says he’s with you because you are special. He just wants to have sex and be on his way. You will not see this man commit to you. Things like “relationships and overrated” and “we connect on a much higher level”, are Scorpio code words for “I’m only in it for the sex”. If he were a Sagittarius man, I would have believed him. But Scorpio is not that Zodiac sign.

Run as fast as you can, sister! The man of your dreams is elsewhere!


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


Astrologer for 15 years, I have been writing about Zodiac signs, their personalities, their psychology, their relationships, their passionate loves and their compatibility in love.