12 Signs a Taurus Man is Falling in Love with You!

12 Signs a Taurus Man is Falling in Love with You!


The Venus ruled Taurus truly cares for the woman he has a crush on and will make her feel special. When the Taurus native sets his eyes on a woman, he will try with all his might to hit the bull's eye. Is a Taurus man a desperate attention seeker when he likes someone? How do you know when a Taurus man is attracted by you and likes you more than a friend? How does he act and behave when in love? Ultimately, how do you know if a Taurus man is falling for you?

Here is what astrology can reveal us about the personality and psychology of the man born under the Taurus Zodiac sign. Here are 12 signs that will tell you when a Taurus man is falling in love with you!

1. You're special to him

That is probably the most obvious sign he likes you when he treats you differently than anyone else. He has emotions for you that he may not have expressed openly. All he is confident about doing is proving it in his actions that you mean so much to him. He pays attention to you and remembers your littlest details. He is aware of everything that makes you happy or sad and takes extra care of never consciously offending you. Even during those times when you fail to see your worth, he reminds you of it because he wants to see you win.

2. He is a bit touchy around you

The Taurus men love physical contact. Whether or not you have had any form of physical intimacy established yet, you will notice his interest in you through his body language. He pulls himself closer to you, lightly touches your shoulders, and if you have been equally reciprocative, he holds your hands too. Depending on your comfort around him and mutual consent, the Taurus man is prone to showing his interest in you with his close proximity. The physical distance is almost minimal when the Taurus man secretly loves you.

3. He showers the girl he has a crush on with gifts

The bull is a materialistic Zodiac sign. He is majorly sorted monetarily. He loves to indulge in the luxuries of life as he words hard to earn his pleasures. When you are around him, you might notice his proactiveness in making you feel comfortable. He organizes for surprise lunches or dinners, takes you to high-end places and also showers you with expensive gifts. His love language is unique and unless he is able to take care of your material needs (no matter how indulgent it seems), he won’t feel the satisfaction of having done enough.

4. He stands by you

In your best and the darkest times, he has proved to be your pillar. He has supported you throughout. He has earned your respect with enterprising nature. He ensures that your challenges are minimized and your life is built on a stable ground that characterizes his true personality. He provides you with a firm foundation to build you life upon. When a Taurus man makes such aggressive efforts for someone, he definitely has a crush on that person.

5. He is able to control his temper

When a Taurus man gets angry, his enemies must run for their life. The bull has to work through his temper in his relationships. He flares up quite easily especially if he hasn’t tamed his anger. When you are with him, even the littlest things about you that might appear irritable do not press his red buttons. He is tolerant of your opinions and beliefs and is quite accommodative of your divergent interests.

6. He is stubbornly committed

There is no one else whom he prioritizes over you. Barring his family and friends, you take precedence over other female friends of his. Once a Taurus male makes a plan, it is hard to divert him away from his goal. He has proven his commitment and dependability to you time and again. He doesn’t have lingering doubts about who you are to him. He doesn’t appear dicey or make false promises that he fails to keep.

7. He expresses his deepest thoughts

The man born under the Taurus Zodiac sign can sometimes appear a bit detached and uninterested if he has had a bad past. He may not want to get in touch with his sensitive emotions which he wishes to protect from harm. If he likes you and has feelings for you, he will speak about his fears and weaknesses. He wants you to show you his vulnerable side because he trusts you enough to open up his heart. That's his way to express love.

8. He loves to take your responsibility

He is aware of your independent character. He is also impressed by your smartness and intelligence. The Taurus guy does not belong to the kind of men that are easily floored. Even though you are worthy in your individual capacity, he feels happy when he gives you a shoulder to depend upon. He is in charge of his life and if you are a special person in his life, he will always provide you with a sense of security against all uncertainties.

9. His jealousy is evident

Taurus men are possessive, jealous and territorial. They like to guard what’s theirs with all dedication and sincerity. If you have noticed him feeling insecure when you are around other men, it means he feels threatened. He projects his disappointment when you casually flirt with other men. While he does value your individuality and freedom, someone else’s active interest in you disturbs him. He seeks your attention and wants you all to himself. Jealousy is a clear sign of his interest.

10. He is enamored by you

You have charmed him completely. You feel shy when he praises or compliments you. You also feel the sincerity in his expressions. While he may not woo you with flowery speeches and cheesiness, you notice the desirability in his eyes. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to adore the unique qualities that you possess and also glorifies your achievements.

11. He is patient with you

He doesn’t make impulsive decisions. He has the ability to stay calm when things don’t go as planned. He is ready to wait for you. He doesn’t wish to rush anything in the fear that it might spoil the connection. He takes the time to think before he decides on a plan with you. His ultimate goal is to ensure that you remain happy. He wants to avoid making mistakes in haste that might jeopardize your interest in him.

12. He wants to spend time with you

He makes excuses to see you. He plans surprise visits at the most unexpected hours. Taurus males are homebodies. They like the comfort of their known spaces. Treat him to the best food and the coziness with his lover, he is the most content. While he is a hard worker, he also knows the value of quality time with the person he adores. If your Taurus man truly loves you, he would love to have you tag along in most places he drags himself to.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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