10 Signs a Taurus Man is Not Into You

10 Signs a Taurus Man is Not Into You


Patient, kind, stable and ambitious, the Taurus man is a partner you could blindly trust in a relationship. If he has put his mind to you, he'll treat you like a queen. If the Taurus guy is uncaring or detached, he couldn't care less about the relationship. So, how do you know if a Taurus man is no longer interested? What does it mean when a Taurus man ignores or avoids you? Why is your Taurus man behaving hot and cold?

If you could relate to the following 10 signs, there are chances your Taurus man is not into you and is not serious about you and your relationship.

1. You know nothing about his friends and family

A Taurus male is leading you on when he has never given a thought to introducing you to his family and friends. Being able to meet your date's closest people is a royalty. With a Taurus man who values his family the most and expects his privacy to be treated with care and respect, if you have been kept away, he is not sure about your position in his life. He has never shared stories or given out any information about the people who matter in his life. In such a case, he wants to hold you at a distance from his sacred space.

2. He is playing games with you

A Taurus man will never involve himself into manipulating someone for his conveniences unless he has the wrong intentions for you. If his love comes with strings attached such as asking for favors and gifts, then he is definitely using you for his pleasures. Taurus men have an eye for sophisticated objects but they are also capable of taking care of their luxurious indulgences. If love bombing is a regular tact when he has a need for an expensive gift, he has never loved you.

3. He manipulates you sexually

The men born under the Taurus Zodiac sign are pleasure seekers. They are sexually active and love engaging in passionate encounters from time to time. If the Taurus man has been using his charm to lure you into giving in to sex with him at his whim, its a perfect example of using sex as a weapon of emotional blackmail. He only meets you for sex. He only compliments your body or beauty. He is too busy to be involved in any activity with you apart from satisfying his carnal desires. If he is using you as a sexual object, your relationship is far from healthy with the Taurus man.

4. He never spends money on you

It is unfair and a highly unequal scenario if you are made to pay for all the fun activities together with the Taurus man. If you are dating a Taurus guy and he is more concerned about saving up and never spending on you reasonably, he is up to no good. Taurus men would never take advantage of the woman they date if they are considering a serious relationship with them. When in love, a Taurus man would pamper his girlfriend. He does not necessarily have to spoil you but if he barely spends on dates, he values everything else but you.

5. He never values your opinions

If the Taurus guy snaps at you or cuts you off when you speak your mind, he may not really want to bother himself with you much. He is unsure of you or insecure and hence, considers your thoughts unworthy of his time or attention. A Taurus man is intelligent and loves strong women who are articulate and confident. If he repeatedly rejects what you say or never includes you in important decisions concerning his life, he is just not into you.

6. He is lost or unresponsive

The Taurus guy is responsible with the woman he loves. When your messages go unseen or your calls unattended without an explanation, the Taurus guy doesn't really like you. This ghosting technique will show up when he does not consider you a priority. He'll frequently demand for more space and expect you to maintain a distance for as long as he pleases and when he is back, he needs you desperately. Basically, he is ignoring you and keeping himself occupied with something or someone else when he is bored around you.

7. He isn't concerned about your life

He has never taken an interest in our dreams and aspirations. He never shows his inquisitiveness about you or how he could productively contribute to your life. It's important to bear in mind that Taurus men aren't into casual flings or hookups unless they are looking for a rebound to heal a broken relationship. When the Taurus man is pursuing someone, he would try to impress her with his pro-activeness and ability to nurture and shoulder his duties. If he is indifferent or only talks about himself, he does not feel for you.

8. He uses you to feed his ego

If you are the Taurus guy's trophy girlfriend, he flaunts you like his possession. He'll impose his will on you and expect you to be his puppet whenever he wants to show you off to boost his self-image. What matters to him is your beauty so that he could gain benefits in his public life. He is disrespecting you by using you as a sexual object subjecting you to the male gaze to enhance or improve his social standing.

9. He is secretive around you

While superficially your Taurus guy may seem to be affectionate, he holds himself back when discussing his life goals or plans. He is extra guarded or sensitive about his life. If you question him, he'll divert the conversation or become aggressive calling it an intrusion. There is something fishy about his behavior and a strong gut feeling strengthens the belief that he is up to no good, he may not wish to be with you. You find it difficult to trust him for his activities are suspicious and he makes you feel insecure.

10. He compares you with others

Taurus men are content with the little joys of life. While they are ambitious, they can also derive happiness in the simplest of joys. He is grounded and practical in love. If the Taurus guy is never content with your efforts and makes you feel less confident about who you are, he doesn't consider you deserving of his warm regard. If you Taurus guy was truly in love with you, he would adore you and have his eyes only for you. He would never make you feel less or worthy or not good enough.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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