10 Signs a Taurus Woman Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs a Taurus Woman Secretly Likes You!


Symbolised by the bull, this sun sign in the Zodiac is a force to reckon with. How does a Taurus woman show her interest in a man? How does she act and behave when she is in love? Will you be able to keep up with the stubborn determination that the Taurus woman exhibits in everything that she sets her ambition to? Astrology has answers to all of this.

Here are 10 signs that will tell you if a Taurus woman has feelings for you or is already falling in love with you.

1. She is highly trustworthy

There is stability in her emotions. Whatever a Taurus woman does, she does it with all her heart or not at all. Change does not belong to her comfort zone. Routine does not bore her. So, she is far from having multiple interests at the same time. The signs are a bit too obvious when a Taurus woman likes you. A bit too rigid to adjust to quick changes in choices, she prefers someone who is equally worthy of her trust. She will remain for an eternity even if that means life gets monotonous or repetitive.

2. She is patient

True to her earth element, she loves balance in her life. There is serenity in her appearance and conduct. She will be patient with your whims and fancies. She knows that her hard work will bear fruits when the right time arrives. Hence, she is consistent in her approach. But under the veil, she has a furious temper that is not always out on an explicit show. Press the wrong buttons, she will raze you to the ground, if required.

3. Deeply sexual being

A Taurus woman loves the pleasures of life. Her sensuality is quite appealing because her aura is peaceful, much different than that of those who are always on the go, rushing around. Sexual intensity with her builds up over time for she engages the longest in foreplays and slow seductive moves. Be prepared for long hours of intimate moments with a Taurean female as she will take her own sweet time to climax. Physical contact is important for this female. Her touches are warm which keeps you feeling desirable for as long as she is around. So, your physical presence is expected with this female is there a display of affection or closeness from her end.

4. She makes you comfortable at all times

She is graceful and her persona is tender. There is a sense of comfort wherever she is. Expect her home to make you feel warm, well rested and calm. A Taurus woman will give you the experience of a serene and often richly tasteful ambience because she always feels the need to be rooted in nature, around earthy colors and textures. Hence, even when she is hardworking and burns midnight oils to achieve her committed targets, she needs her space to unwind and recharge. Hence, you will always find a perfect balance in her life between work life and play, something that will slowly transcend into your life when you are together, Netflix and chill on the weekends? She will be you go-to person!

5. A Taurus woman in love will stubbornly pursue you

If she hints at her liking towards you, she is in it for a long haul. A Taurus female will rarely get swayed by emotions or false rumours. Once the sparks start flying, she will be there even after the initial attraction wanes away. She doesn't mind what comes her away in her pursuits, her aim is sharp and there is no stopping until she has achieved the desired outcome.

6. She pulls you out of troubles

Taurus women know how to protect their loved ones. The woman born under this zodiac sign has a resilient mind that always reflects her strength of character. You won't find a Taurus woman beating her own drums but a silent worker, she knows how to pull the right chords if she has to keep you away from danger. All her dealings are in good faith towards you. However, she might often be blinded by her rationality, refusing to give in if your logic does not fit her bill. She plans her finances well, and won't put her security at risk at the cost of unnecessary expenditures, So, in need, she will help you with the money that she had tucked in somewhere for hard times.

7. She will pamper you

She will shower you with tasteful gifts. She is quite the materialistic kinds but not a frivolous spender. A woman with an expensive taste, she values quality over quantity any day. If her finances allows at any point and time, she will shower you with gifts like antiques or objects that feel closest to earth in vision, taste, sound, texture and aroma. She loves and values money, more so because she has perhaps given it her all to get what she has today. And she does it not just for herself but the ones nearest and dearest to her heart.

8. She is logical

Her logic is irrefutable. The Taurus woman loves being right always. When she argues, know that she has done her homework well. So, it's worth your time and patience to listen to what she has to say, more so because it will teach you a thing or two about things that you are ignorant of. If you are the emotional kinds, you will be awe inspired by her ability to be headstrong and unmoved in the face of the greatest threats to her existence or that of her bosom pals.

9. She will ignore confrontations if she really likes you

Not the kinds to go looking for adventurous in unknown lands, risking her peace of mind. She will often shrug off facts that might lead to bitter confrontations with the ones around her. She prefers a cordial relationship with everyone. Though she is hot tempered underneath that calm demeanour, anger is slow to reach its threshold. But she won’t hold herself back from a full display of her true fury if it means protecting her loved one. Either complete ignorance or a passive aggression is her way of handling bitter situations in hand.

10. She is action oriented

She is aware she will reap the benefits when her time is due. Self assured, she gets any job done without a hitch. Trust in her abilities because she is always well armed with physical and intellectual might. You might find a Taurus woman trying to convince you to join her to her dance, Yoga, Gym or Pilates classes, for anything that is physical involving is a thing of joy to her. Even in romance, you will constantly find her trying to show her attraction towards you in her actions than mere words.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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