12 Signs a Virgo Man Secretly Likes You!

12 Signs a Virgo Man Secretly Likes You!


You are struggling to understand him and his feeelings. To interpret his gestues and his behavior. What characteristics and personality traits does the Virgo male display when he is falling for someone? How does he act and behave when he is in love? What secrets can astrology reveal us about his heart and his psychology? How to know if this Virgo man is into you?

Here are 12 obvious and more subtle signs that will tell you if a Virgo man secretly likes you and has feelings for you!

1. Virgo men take things slow

A Virgo man is in no hurry to jump into a relationship. He is perfectly capable of being single and leading an independent life rather than being reckless about the person he wants to share a relationship with. He is actually scared to fall in love too quickly and have his heart broken. He needs to make sure that you are equally interested in him. That you are serious about the relationship. The fear of rejection looms large in his mind. No wonder he would carefully judge a potential mate before he makes his call.

2. He is full of admiration for the woman he has a crush on

He looks at you like you are the most perfect human that ever existed. This man has a tendency of analyzing everything to the point of being accused of cynicism. He is a person looking for a long-term, stable relationship. You should trust his eyes when he calls you perfect, for he may have already searched for a hundred ways to find your flaws. He doesn’t take you for granted when he has special feelings for you. Hence, he wouldn’t waste time in making you feel special if he had no serious feelings for you.

3. A Virgo man is shy at expressing his feelings but his behavior will reveal them

Virgo men have a hard time expressing their feelings and emotions effectively. They are the kind of men that struggle to find the right words to express what they feel. Action is where they win. You will notice physical signs of interest in his behavior if he really likes you. The Virgo male expects the girl he has a crush on to figure out his interest in the little gestures he makes. He would bring you flowers, spend more time with you, help you in your chores and take care of those finer details that anyone else would miss. If he is acting like that only with you, it's a clear sign he is interested in you.

4. He is protective

He spends time trying to understand your strengths and weaknesses. What scares you, what makes you unhappy or worried affects him too. He will make sure he is the knight in shining armor who saves you or keeps you away from whatever is trying to harm you. The Virgo guy will always have the best intentions for you, never leaving your side when you need him the most.

5. He wants to give his love interest the best

When a Virgo man starts to fall in love with a girl, he will look for the best that is available for her. He wants to be able to provide everything for you, making it a point to be your best friend. He is a perfectionist of sorts and nothing seems to satisfy him ever. He observes a bit too much and you shouldn't be surprised if he buys you something that you have always wished for, just to see you contented.

6. He is not the kinf of man to fool around

The Virgo man doesn't play games. There is no room for a casual behavior when he has found the one. He is perhaps the most sorted guy to ever exist, the conservative and reserved personality who has his eyes for one woman only. He is practical and has no time to waste in the company of those who do not support his highest goals. He chooses you over everyone else because he knows the worth that you bring to the table.

7. He listens to you

There are no impulsive choices that the Virgo man makes. He is all ears to your silliest stories. He is patient and keen on knowing things that are overlooked by most. He wants to listen to all that you have to share (the good and the bad) and know you in and out like no one else does. Speak about details, and he narrate like he had recorded all his observations like a hawk. Try and test his memory about stories that you may have shared with him, you’ll be surprised by how much he knows.

8. He puts forward his best self

This man is conscious about how he is perceived by everyone. He wants to dress perfectly, act and conduct himself in the best possible way. He usually stands out when he walks in a crowd full of people. When he likes a girl, he would take extra care to impress her. He has high expectations of himself and when he cannot meet them, you will find him terribly disappointed. He wants to put all his efforts in making sure your attention remains undivided towards him.

9. He is acting childish

The man born under the Virgo Zodiac sign will usually appear aloof. He is usually shy and will run away from the limelight. When a Virgo man has a crush for a woman, he will act childish. He would randomly call to know how your day was, make silly excuses to have a glimpse of you and showers you with a lot of affection. The Virgo man’s world centers around the woman he loves. His unquestionable loyalty sets him apart from anyone you may have ever met before.

10. A Virgo male in love is possessive and a bit jealous

He holds those he considers important in his life the closest to his heart. The Virgo man won’t give up on you unless you have hurt him with promiscuous traits. He wants you all for himself and he may get jealous towards other men around you. There is no way in which he would be ready to share his woman with others. There is a possessive and controlling tendency in him which needs to be in charge of everything that’s happening between him and his love interest. He wants to have a steady relationship that doesn’t put him through emotional risks.

11. He trusts you with his secrets

The Virgo guy can appear rude to most when he puts on his critical hat, trying to fix everything that he finds a problem with. This man takes companionship seriously. He will rarely trust people unless they have proven their loyalty. With care, he will open up and share his deepest and darkest secrets with the one he likes. He wouldn’t mind being vulnerable when he has lost his heart.

12. He tells you about his future plans

He is a man who is in for the long haul. He is capable of having a perfectly stable monogamous relationship. He idolizes someone whom he plans to marry someday and will readily share with her all that he envisions about to build in the future. Physical but more importantly emotional intimacy is something that he craves for though he shies away from it. So, when your Virgo man breaks down his plans for you and seeks your support, it is the most obvious sign he has already dreamt of a home with you.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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