10 Signs a Virgo Woman Secretly Likes You

10 Signs a Virgo Woman Secretly Likes You


What is a Virgo woman like when she has feelings for you? What traits of her personality are reflected when she expresses her liking towards a man? A dominantly earth sign, this woman is so practical that exhibiting her passion for a man comes too slow more often than not. Though she seems pretty aloof, there are secrets to her expression of interest and behavior in love we are here to decode. Here are the 10 signs that will tell you if a Virgo woman likes you.

1. A Virgo woman who has feelings for you gives you her time

When a Virgo woman gives you her time, you got to be lucky. She is remarkably punctual. A rational and analytical character, she is meticulous about her calendar. She has got multiple things running in her life. Everything in her daily schedule is planned in advance so that there is no fault in the execution of her duties. So, when she decides on going out with you or plans a trip with you, she prioritises you. She makes her feelings evident through honouring the commitment she has made to you.

2. She proves her loyalty to you

A Virgo female does not wear her heart on her sleeves. She is far from making decisions in haste. She will never entertain chaos in her life because of her natural adherence to perfection at all times. Her loyalty is grounded and there is no flaw in her commitment. Casual sex and flings don’t or rather rarely happen to this female because everything that she does is checked and double checked again. So much is the love for order that she puts herself to task if she finds a flaw in her conduct.

3. She tidies your space

Virgo women like organised spaces. They are so methodical and precise that everything that surrounds them needs to be at its exact place. So, when a Virgo woman arranges things at your desk, or puts your stuff in order at your home, she cares about your wellbeing and productivity which to her belief comes through order and planning. To her, the devil lies in the details. A Virgo would prefer a minimalistic approach to life rather than cluttering her surroundings with unnecessary objects of no utility. Expect her to do everything for you with passion or not at all. Such is her obsession for cleanliness that there is no stopping if you don't step in.

4. She is shy around you

She is rarely the flirty kinds. She finds it hard to express her true feelings. Usually someone who is a tad reserved, a Virgo female will prefer hiding her emotions. In the effort to keep herself guarded, she prefers an offbeat life, expectating the man she is interested in to take the lead and provide her the security that she craves for. Her feminine self is on a higher display when you are around and if you notice carefully, her general tone and appearance is more formal or business like otherwise.

5. She gets intimate with you when she likes you more than a friend

Seldom will she express her hidden desires. This is a woman who keeps her fantasies to herself unless she really is comfortable around someone. That doesn't come easy because she is quite picky about the choice of people in her life. As long as you take the lead, she will happily indulge in sexual encounters almost anywhere. When she likes you enough, she will make consistent efforts to give you a good time in bed. Love making too is detailed for her. You will find her researching on the best ways to make love to you because she expects far too much from herself in every walk of life. She is in competition with herself. So, she will ensure she is performing to the best of her ability or even better.

6. She compromises for you

She will walk long distances for you. She will be your strength for the longest time that she in your life. A Virgo woman will rarely display her exhaustion. A giver at all times, she is the person who does everything in the background for you, becomes your true strength. Her devotion is all too evident in everything that she will do for you with such thought and mindfulness. Though she is a perfectionist herself, she will compromise on your unorganised nature if she likes you. So, there is no surprise if you have a rowdy streak in your character and she still falls for you.

7. She gets involved in your life if she is really interested in you

A Virgo woman expects even the most insignificant errands to be executed with finesse. She wants to be of some utility to anyone she engages with. She will do everything to make your life smooth. She will take charge with such sincerity that you might often be left with nothing to do other than just watch her swiftly completing the tasks she sets her mind to. You can rely on her to help you during your toughest times.

8. She exhibits her liking through small gestures

A woman born under this zodiac sign will never put up a huge exhibit of her affection for you. Every little initiative that she takes for you is heartfelt and extremely sincere. You will often find her noticing things about you that most do not. She will remind you the littlest things that you fail to remember. She won't go over the top with intense physical touches. You should be able to assure her that you see her efforts despite her silence. She is socially awkward and will keep things as private as possible. Being in the limelight makes her nervous so when she lights up in your presence and glows more than ever, you make her happy and she likes you too much!

9. She engages in long conversations

Rarely chatty, a Virgo girl may engage in small talks from time to time but never long chatters. Her time is precious and she is aware of how much she can achieve. She finds it difficult to communicate effortlessly like all air signs. Always minding her own business, working hard to get better at what she does; she will always indulge in intelligent conversations with the ones she is interested in. It is difficult to argue with a Virgo female for everything that she utters will be logical and hard to refute. When she involves herself in deeper, more thoughtful conversations with you, it only means she considers you capable of handling her wit and intelligence.

10. A Virgo woman in love will stand by you

When a Virgo woman likes you, she will make it obvious by defending you and being honest with you. She won't give you a chance to pick a flaw in her efforts for you. She has your back at all times because she can never accept a laid back attitude in love. She is too modest to accept the extraordinary amount of work she will put in for the person she cares about. So, her kindness and support will go a long way in winning your heart and keeping you warm and worry free.


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