Taurus and Leo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Taurus and Leo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


Taurus and Leo friendship has great potential to grow strong over a period of time. If Leo manages to let go of his ego and provide his warmth to the Taurus and the Taurean learns to pay attention to Leo's whims, they could stand out as the best buddies in a crowd of feeble friendships.

While Taurus is an earth sign and Leo a fire sign, they are both fixed signs which provide ample reasons for them to share a deep bond. So, can Leo and Taurus become best friends? What causes friction between them? What do they like and dislike about each other's behaviors and personalities? How is their friendship quotient?

If you are looking for these answers, here is all that astrology has to say about the friendship between Taurus and Leo!

Are Taurus and Leo good friends?

Taurus and Leo have a strong potential to be the closest to each other. They have very firm values and morals concerning their personal as well as professional lives. This makes them akin to desiring similar objects or people despite subtle differences in their individual characters.

Loyalty and possessiveness are keywords that describe these natives. They have strong ambitions and enjoy the finer things in life. Much like the Taurus native, the men and women born under the Leo Zodiac sign also appreciate beauty, luxury and comfort. They are ready to fight for a cause and flaunt the benefits they reap out of their hard work. There is a beautiful balance they enable in each other’s lives making sure none goes overboard.

Both would put up a strong fight against their enemies in a fierce battleground. In fact, their struggles are fair and just. Seldom would you find them taking dubious steps to break the morale of their adversaries. They are materialistic people. They don’t mind indulging in things that maximize their pleasure. So, when they lose interest they are prone to slack.

Both being fixed signs, their stubbornness makes them haters of change. They are less likely to adapt and blend in unknown or uncharted territories. They are quick to defend and ensure utmost mutual comfort at all circumstances.

What does Taurus like about Leo?

Leos have a big heart. Their generosity is one of a kind, something that helps them win the heart of a Taurus Zodiac sign. Once a Leo man or woman is won over, they protect and take care of their people like their own. They make great friends for life.

Leo adds an element of drama in an otherwise mundane life of the Taurus male or female. They like taking challenges head on. So, the attitude of using optimal potential till the goal is reached makes a Leo friend an asset. Their presence is mighty. It is difficult to ignore a Leo in the room, for their presence attracts people like a moth to a fire. Leos make great leaders because of their ability to inspire and motivate their people. They would take bullets for those they love.

Leo natives also tend to be very creative. There is a touch of uniqueness in their endeavors which makes them stand out in the crowd. A Leo can be a bit idealistic, their ambitions seem larger than life. So, in the company of a Leo who relentlessly pursues success, someone like a Taurus builds a drive to achieve.

What does Leo like about Taurus?

Taurus is devoted and extremely focused about their life interests. They are committed to their goals, the intensity of which is worthy of awe and praise. They give it their all or nothing at all. There is a certainty about their mode of operation which makes them likeable to the Leo native who abhors indecisive characters. Once the Taurus finds a sense of purpose, they are dedicated to die for the cause.

The Leo ruled by the Sun (soul) and Taurus by Venus (love) indicates a natural affinity for each other, just as that of the soul’s desire for love. Taurus natives have the ability to provide stability in the life of a Leo who lusts for fame and material well being. As the Taurus Zodiac sign represents the earth element and the Leo the element of fire, they are quite compatible in that sense and the earth provides a base for the fire to burn bright. A patient Taurus is much better placed to keep a Leo’s need for attention in check.

The practical nature of the Taurus man or woman ensures the ambitious Leo is able to walk the talk, i.e. turn their promises and dreams into concrete reality. A Leo male or female appreciates the sense of commitment and sincerity that Taureans showcase which makes their friendship solid if not eternal.

Taurus and Leo differences

The pride of a Lion is a personality trait the Taurus native dislikes. What irritates a Taurus person is a Leo native’s desperate need to beat their own drums. To the former, a Leo seeks attention like no other. They look for the company of those who could pamper and praise them for every little thing that they do.

Leos cannot appreciate those who fail to express their gratitude or make them feel at the top of the world. This constant longing for admirers can put them in a fierce battle of ego with the Taurus natives. Taurus is quite self-focused, relatively demanding lesser accolades or fame as compared to a Leo or perhaps not at all. Leo's self-esteem is so high that when it forgets the value of humility, he is sure to trigger a Taurus native. Leo men or women could turn vindictive when they fail or their hopes crushed by those they trust.

Taurus men and women are smart but they like to maintain a low key nature. They would gracefully handle a situation as long as they do not feel threatened or their knowledge is challenged. Where the Taurus may lack is their inability to reciprocate equally to the grandiose gestures of the Leo friend. While Taurus will take time to come to a conclusion only after he has weighed the pros and cons; the fiery, quick-tempered Leo may never give someone a second chance once betrayed.

Taurus may seem distant and reserved. That's because they like to test the waters before they dive in. However, Leo is friendlier and loves the company of people as long as they don't threaten his might or prized possessions.

The best way to mitigate conflict is to keep a communication channel open. There is definitely some compromise to be made in this friendship as well just like those between any other zodiac signs. If they leave their differences aside and look at a situation impartially and accept their mistakes, they could build a mighty empire together.


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