Love Compatibility of Taurus: The most compatible signs

Love Compatibility of Taurus: The most compatible signs


Who doesn’t want to date a man or woman born under the Taurus zodiac sign? You are probably confused right now. How can that shy Taurus guy be boyfriend material? That Taurus girl, who stands in a corner at the parties? Make no mistake. No one ruled by Venus can be a disappointing romantic. When you get past the shy, introvert exterior, you will discover one of the most perfect partners. But what’s perfect by your standards, might not be perfect for all. After all, not all of us want the same Prince or Princess, do we? It is important to remember though that everyone is influenced by many stars in their natal chart. Just because you are not compatible with someone according to your Zodiac sign, doesn’t mean it is impossible to get along with them. Love is stronger than all forces in the world, even cosmic ones.

With that thought, let’s find out what Zodiac signs are compatible with Taurus and what Taurus' best love match is!

12. Sagittarius

Earth and fire are not a healthy combination. After all, as the fire spreads, it consumes everything on earth. The worst astrological compatibility with Taurus among all the three fire signs is with Sagittarius. If the Taurus look at the bright side, they will realize that a Sagittarius partner can bring so much fun in their life. But Taurus and Sagittarius are complete opposites on one another. Their ideas of fun are different. Their ideas for life is different. Taurus sees Sagittarius as a careless and lacking focus. Indeed, Sagittarians don't agree with the Taureans idea of the perfect life. The Taurus is everything that the Sagittarius runs away from. Sagittarius hates routine, predictability and risk-free life. Everything essential to the Taurus. At this point, it might be stupid to ask can Taurus marry Sagittarius? But remember true love always finds a way.

11. Aquarius

Are Aquarius and Taurus compatible in love? They can be if they put in the effort to understand one another. But why do Aquarius and Taurus not get along? Taurus natives are big fans of predictability. They like to be in control of their future which is why they love to plan. But the Aquarian’s unpredictable and almost alien personality eludes and frustrates the Taurus. The biggest problem between these two arises because of their stubbornness. Neither do they care for societal restrictions. Aquarians get bored out of their minds around Taureans. To the extent that they can’t even bear to be around them for long. Aquarius and Taurus can be good friends. Because of limited time, they can enjoy each other's presence. But being in a relationship will require some strong natal afflictions in their natal charts.

10. Aries

Aries is a fire sign. They like to move as fast as the fire spreads. Taurus is an earth sign. The movement of the earth is a result of rotation or disasters like earthquakes. It is a mismatch of pace that causes conflicts between Taurus and Aries. While the Aries wants to fly, the Taurus likes to take their time with things. While Aries like to spend money, Taurus believes in saving it. What brings them together, is the fact that each has what the other lacks and needs. An understanding between the two can result in one of the most successful relationships. Which brings us to the question, can Aries and Taurus be soulmates? An Aries and a Taurus, who are willing to put in the effort, can be soulmates.

9. Libra

Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus. This brings out a lot of similarities between them. They have similar interests which give them a lot of common ground. They have an almost romantic outlook on life. Which is something that brings them closer. The biggest pain point between them is Libra's flirtatious nature. Libras usually are very loyal partners. However, every now and then they like to test their attractiveness by flirting around. The Taurus natives cannot tolerate this. Libras prefer a more dynamic and adventurous life. Which the Taurus cannot provide. So, is Taurus and Libra a good match? The mature Libra tends to realize that what Taurus does offer is long-lasting. This itself is enough to keep them together.

8. Gemini

Are Gemini and Taurus a good match? Geminis are known to be the most social of all zodiac signs. They love to party and cannot stay at home for long. Compared to that, Taurus is a homebody. What ensues is a long-drawn battle of temperaments. A battle where both sides find it difficult to communicate. After several failed attempts at getting the Taurus excited about a life of fun and adventure, the Gemini will decide to leave them behind. Being left behind will lead to a bitterness that Taurus will not be able to overcome. Taurus finds comfort in material things while Gemini aspires for the intangible. Without mutual respect, cooperation and compromise, this couple can find it difficult to work things out. But there’s nothing like a determined duo of Taurus and Gemini. They can achieve anything.

7. Leo

Leo is the only fire sign with whom the Taurus is the most compatible in love. They share a love for luxury and fine living. They believe in living a life that everyone aspires for. And Leo is willing to make the sacrifices for that kind of life. The only problem between them is a clash of stubbornness and ego. Leos are the most egoistic zodiac sign. And Taurus, the most stubborn. Once in a blue moon, a difference in opinion can threaten the foundation of this relationship. With such a threat looming in the background, can Taurus and Leo be soulmates? Soulmates might be too strong a word. But they certainly can work on controlling their tempers. And building on their communication skills.

6. Pisces

We are now left with the water and earth signs in the zodiac cycle. These are the signs that Taurus gets along with pretty well. Pisces has the patience and maturity that Taurus looks for in a life partner. They understand the importance of stability and planning for the future. They support the Taurus in all their actions to ensure a better future. The only problem occurs when the emotionally sensitive Pisces collides with the harsh Taurus practicality. For all the strength of Venus, Taurus can be extremely stubborn. When they come to a decision, they leave no room for emotion. The Taurus needs to develop empathy for their Pisces partner if they wish to continue this successful union.

5. Cancer

In their Cancer partner, Taurus finds the romantic fantasy they were looking for. That soft and pure love that the Cancer pours on their Taurus partner is almost divine. They give the Taurus the perfect home they always dreamed of. The only issue is that Cancer is just as, if not more, sensitive as Pisces. A sensitive Cancer can rob the Taurus of all the peace and harmony they were hoping for. Suddenly they get an electric shock that wakes them up in a nightmare. But fear not. The Taurus is not stupid enough to ruin something almost perfect. When it comes to their Cancer partner, Taurus finds a way to compromise.

4. Virgo

If there is any sign in the zodiac which is closest to the Taurus, it is Virgo. They are so alike that they are bound to get along. They have similar values and aspirations in their life. Together they build a perfect life. Almost. The Virgo cannot shy away from criticizing their Taurus partner. While the Taurus appreciates their input most of the time. Sometimes they don’t take it well. Especially when they have concluded something after a lot of deliberation and hard work. Yet, they are still number 4 on most compatible. Why? Because the instances of disagreement are extremely rare.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios live their life with a passion that is sure to attract a Taurus. To the fire signs, Taurus can appear boring. But when they look for is stability in character. The Scorpion passion seeps into all facets of their lives. And the Taurus deeply appreciates this. The mysterious personality of the Scorpio attracts the Taurus even more. They have a strong mutual respect for one another. The only problem is that if they break apart, they never get back together. Both Scorpio and Taurus are stubborn and unforgiving. When neither of them takes the first step, how will they ever achieve anything?

2. Capricorn

Among all the zodiac signs, the Taurus is the most compatible with Capricorn. It is the only zodiac sign that lifts the Taurus up and makes them aspire for even more. Capricorn is ambitious and success-oriented. They help the Taurus see the faults in their existing plans. Improve those plans. And take the Taurus to a plane they never imagined they would see. If the Capricorn is more emotional and romantic than their inherent ability, this is the perfect couple. Sadly, Capricorn is sometimes blinded by their hunger for success. In such a case, the Taurus can feel left behind.

1. Taurus

And finally, it is their zodiac sign itself that the Taurus is most compatible with. They have the same ideologies, interests and plans. They agree on almost everything. But they also have the same faults. Which can be the reason for some disagreements. But here’s the best part. They also understand one another enough to know how to resolve those conflicts. Taureans tend to be the happiest amongst their like.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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