How to know when a Taurus man is done with you? 7 Signs!

How to know when a Taurus man is done with you? 7 Signs!


Is your Taurus man suddenly being distant for no reason and ignoring you? Do you feel like he has given up on you? Did you notice a change in his behavior but don’t know what triggered that? How to know when a Taurus man has finally stopped caring about the relationship and has fallen out of love? If you are confused about his cold behavior and want to be sure about his feelings, here are 7 clear (and subtle) signs that will tell you if your Taurus man is done with you!

1. He is intolerant of your words or actions

The bull when enraged can be hard to deal with. He is generally quick tempered but over the years learns how to handle it or rather mask it with ease. When a Taurus male has given up on someone, he will lose his calm and burst out even when he is trying hard to not hurt you. He is a compassionate man, quite understanding of the people he cares about. However, when he has already made up his mind to call it quits, you would find it hard to convince the stubborn Taurus man of your standpoint, for he has spent too long a time to patiently handle the difficult situation. He practically won’t care about what you do. Even when the humblest of requests go unnoticed, you must know that the Taurus man is done with you if you notice that change in his behavior.

2. He has started to dictate his terms

The Taurus man has a typical dominant character. Despite his rooted and humble nature that is kind to everyone close to him, he could actually act quite selfish when his interests are not served. If this Taurus man has decided to leave for good, he wouldn’t budge from doing exactly what he likes without caring a bit about the impact of his actions on you. He will be oblivious to your feelings, barely wishing to confront and be honest about his feelings unless asked for. He doesn’t adhere to a middle ground that will ensure your voice his heard. Unlike older times, he is pretty much stagnant in his beliefs now, and is barely affected even after you have clearly stated that this isn’t working for you.

3. His language is brutal

It is very hard for a Taurus male to tame his language when he is angry. His words are harsh or rude and they will cut through your bones. It is usually safer to stay away from a raging bull till he calms down all by himself and is ready for a dialogue. God save one when he opens his heart out and chooses to tell things as it is. He is a man of blunt conversations rather than beating around the bush. You might find him insensitive with his choice of words for your situation, barely accepting your side of the story. So, if you plan to push him to get a response to his change of behavior, you will open the gates of his fury. Patience is truly the best key here and either let things settle naturally or wait for an opportune moment to talk things out.

4. He remains aloof and distant

The Taurus man is known for his passive aggressiveness when he doesn't want to face things that have annoyed him. He has a cold shoulder approach, not willing to communicate and settle things as soon as possible. If the situation is too difficult for him to face, he will build high walls around himself that will be difficult for you to get through. He holds grudges for too long a time to make anyone give up but if you can choose to avoid any rush, you might have a fair chance with him again. However, (given his high levels of patience in dealing with challenges) one must know that when he gives up, he will have observed and weighed his options before making this drastic move.

5. He refrains from physical intimacy

Great physical bond is the hallmark of an amazing relationship with a Taurus male. If you have wounded your Taurus male, you wouldn’t find him initiating sex. Even when you try hard, he withdraws. The Taurus man is quite sensual and responds to everything that stimulates his sensory organs the best. He lives to work hard and indulge till he derives the fullest pleasure. To a Taurus man, emotional bond deepens with a strong physical bond. When he is in love, the Taurus man has an insatiable sexual appetite. Talk about the best sexual experiences and you might just have a Taurus man on the list. However, when the Taurus man decides to break up with you, he is hesitant to immerse himself in any experience with you on a physical level.

6. He stops expressing his love

The Taurus man is very generous when he is interested in someone. Talk about the best experiences that money can buy, if your Taurus man is capable of affording them he will shower you with the best. He is a materialistic man and his love language has a lot to do with the materialistic pleasures of life. He is also a very intelligent conversationalist. He takes time to understand and weighs all situations in hand before he expresses what he feels. There is no rushing or hastening things when he has to make a decision and this also stands true when he wishes to leave a situation that serves him no more. If your Taurus guy has stopped complimenting or appreciating your and your efforts, he has lost interest in you.

7. He spends less time with you

All of a sudden your Taurus man is occupied. The Taurus man is a perfect homebody. He loves being in his comfort zone, indulging in the best home cooked food offered to him. This is your Netflix and chill guy when he wants to spend time with his love interest. However, if you find your Taurus man constantly making excuses to get off your sight, he is done with the whole drama in your current situation. He looks for ways to stay busy and given the hardworking man that he is, pushing his limits to overachieve comes naturally to him. He is no longer interested in spending long hours doing some fun activities with you.


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