How to Make a Taurus Man Jealous?

How to Make a Taurus Man Jealous?


Jealous? That sweet and kind Taurus man? The one who talks so sweetly and never gets angry. Who is always so nice to everyone? There is not one mean bone in his body. How can he be jealous? Well, you haven’t seen the Bull when he gets angry. Because if you had, you wouldn’t have a hard time believing that the Taurus male does get jealous and possessive. He doesn’t like doing it. And you have to be very special to him to elicit that reaction. But yes, it is possible.

So, what are you looking for? Trying to get back your ex after a breakup or make him green with jealousy? Want your Taurus boyfriend to pay you more attention? Here is everything you need to know to make a Taurus man jealous!

Are Taurus Men Jealous and Possessive?

Let’s first answer this very important question that will form the basis of all the entire discussion. To put it simply, yes, Taurus men are jealous and possessive. They don’t go crazy when they do get jealous. Unless there is a strong affliction in their natal charts. But yes, it is possible for them to reveal these negative traits and here are some of the reasons why.

Their mysterious past might hold the key to this behaviour. Taurus men are very secretive and very rarely open up about themselves. If you are one of the few people he trusts, he might have opened up about some things. He was probably betrayed in a past relationship to now act like this. But there are some other personality afflictions that make them act like this.

The Taurus male has a suppressed desire to possess. When he’s in a relationship he tends to feel like he owns the other person. If they do anything that makes him feel like he’s losing control, he might react negatively.

But more important is his strong need for everything to be perfect. The Taurus guy has thought of his relationship as this perfect romantic fantasy. And signs of cheating or disloyalty ruin that perfect picture. When things don’t go according to his plan, he gets jealous.

What Can You Do to Make Your Taurus Man Jealous?

If you have decided that this is what you are going to do, here are some pro-tips on how to make a Taurus man jealous.

  1. Praise other men in his presence. Insecurity often leads to jealousy among the men born under this zodiac sign. So, if you talk about men that are richer or more successful than him, that is sure to do the trick. But keep it casual and light. If you get carries away with this, you might lose the man. Also, if you are not trying to ruin your relationship, then don’t talk about any man who you are in contact with. His friends are off limits too.
  2. Cancel plans you made with him or convey unavailability. What is worse than the woman you love (or once loved) not wanting to spend time with you? If you are always ready to be at his service or follow his lead, he won’t take you seriously. Make him feel like you have more important things to do than be with him. If you have a date planned, cancel it at the last minute. Or when he asks if you would like to go out, refuse the offer.
  3. Don’t flirt but induce other men to initiate. If you go around flirting with men, that will be the end of your relationship. If you are already broken up, go crazy. But either way, if he sees other men flirting with you, that is sure to get his attention. That’s someone else trying to get what is his. His possessive instincts kick in and there’s only one way he knows to tackle this: jealousy.
  4. Pretend not to notice him much. He depends on those around him to give him compliments. Especially the woman he loves or once loved. If all he gets from you is ignorance, that will tick him off. You seem to be losing interest in him. How is that not supposed to make him feel miserable? Just stay strong and don’t give him the affirmation he so desperately craves.
  5. Decrease the amount of attention you give him. He needs your approval for a lot of things about himself. Even if he has broken up with you, he still cares about your opinion. If you seem like you want nothing to do with him that is sure to sting. And leave a lasting bruise.
  6. Pretend like you are Jealous. Ever heard of reverse psychology? Well, this is not that . You have to convey to him that what you are doing is a result of some wrongdoing at his part. Or else he'll think that you are cheating on him. The best way to do that is to give him what he's feeling: jealousy.

How the Taurus man shows jealousy?

So, how do you know if your tricks have worked or not? How can you tell if a Taurus man is jealous? How does he behave in that situation? Look out for these signs.

He will get angry really quickly. You know how hard it is to make a Taurus man angry. But disloyalty is not something that he puts up with. If he feels that you have been cheating on him, he will be in a bad mood all the time.

He asks pointed questions when he’s jealous. He’ll inquire about the people you were hanging out with. Or the relationship statuses of the men around you. The crazier kind will accuse you of having an affair.

He will investigate his suspicions. He doesn’t believe in throwing around baseless allegations. So, he will ask around to see if there is any substance to his beliefs. If you have common friends, they will become the object of his inquiries.

He will become very possessive. And you will see a change in his possessiveness levels. He will put his arm around you when the two of you are with the company. He will ask about your plans and what you did all day. The possessiveness will be next level.

Making a Taurus Man Jealous After Breakup: Will it Make Him Come Back?

Will all this trouble yield any results? If you play it right, yes. But if you overdo it then that might make things worse. Don’t go so far out with this that he would lose interest and do not see the need for you in his life anymore. And along with trying to make him jealous, try other things. Things that make him realise what he’s missing without you in your life.

Talk about how your relationship with him was the best. This will make him feel that there is still hope for the two of you. But don’t make it sound like you are desperate to get back with him.

Greet him warmly. If you don’t let the hurt inside you show, he will see how maturely you are handling this. Which will make him feel worse about leaving you. Where will he find someone so wise?

But don’t assure him that you are not looking for any other relationship. If he gets the feeling that you will always be waiting for him, he will take you for granted. Let him know that you are open to a relationship with the right man. He could be the right man too!


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