When a Taurus Man Wants to Marry You!

When a Taurus Man Wants to Marry You!


If he proposed, then Congratulations! Anyone who has ever dated Taurus man knows what a big deal this is. The Taurus man takes a really long time before he starts trusting someone. Falling in love is a whole other matter. The Taurus man never makes any major decisions in haste. What could be more important that deciding to get married? It takes years for the men of this zodiac sign to realise they love their partners. So, what does this mean for you? And if he hasn’t proposed, will he ever? It can be difficult to know where a Taurus man is headed. But knowing the right signs can help you get a sense of where your relationship is headed. Here is everything you need to know when a Taurus man wants to marry you!

Signs that a Taurus Man in Love with You

He would never propose to someone he doesn’t love. Well, that sounds like a pretty obvious thing to point out. But you see, other signs might embark on the journey of the married life for the thrill of it. Some might do so out of necessity. Others will do so because of the fear of missing out. But the Taurus male does it only for love. So, how do you know if he’s in love? He will start acting shy around you. Does he blush when you are around? Or when a friend refers to your relationship? It might feel like he’s trying to avoid you. But really, he’s just a little shy. Try to put him at ease and he’ll be good to go.

He acts in a manner that suggests he’s trying to avoid you. What a Taurus guy does when he's in love is what other zodiac signs do when they are about to break up. It is indeed difficult to tell whether he loves you or hates you. He will deliberately try to ignore you in a conversation. He will make you feel like he doesn't even notice you. But there is a catch to all of this. His eyes will always be looking for you. Even when he’s trying so hard not to give away how he feels, his eyes will betray him. Is he ignoring you but at the same time looking at you when you aren’t paying attention? Do you often catch him staring? But that’s not all. 

His lovemaking will become gentler. He isn't just trying to satisfy his body now. He's connecting to your soul. This requires more passionate lovemaking. A style which isn't rough and fast. But soft and smooth. And he doesn't undervalue the importance of gifts in all of this. The Taurus male is love will buy expensive gifts for his lady love. Are you being treated with jewellery and gadgets and what not? Well, it might be a sign that something big is around the corner.

Taurus Man in Marriage

Now it is important to make any decision with all the information you can get. So, what are you getting into with a marriage proposal by a Taurus man? What is the Taurus male like as a husband? You will be pleased to know that he is husband material. The men born under this zodiac sign are usually the ideal husbands. They are loyal to their wives and wonderful fathers to their children. You will not find a lot of things to complain about in a marriage with him. He is patient, loyal, caring, affectionate, dependable and everything you can ask for. Quite frankly you couldn’t ask for a better husband in all the remaining 11 zodiac signs. He understands his duties to his family and never shies away from performing them.

You can rest assured that you will never have to want for anything. The Taurus male is a very ambitious man and aims for the best. He wants an elegant home, a luxurious car, family vacations abroad and everything that comes in between. And he also has the dedication to put in the hard work to get it. He doesn’t expect his wife to fit into the traditional mould. He would appreciate a wife who earns a living. And would often help you out in the household chores. He will put in his share of work in raising the family too. But not all is happy and sunny for the Taurus husband is a hedonist. He is prone to being selfish, materialistic, stubborn and a lot of other things that can make life difficult. But the right woman will know how to wade through all of that.

How to Get a Taurus Man to Marry You?

If you know he's in love and is ready to take the next step, here’s some advice. Rather than waiting for him to realise that you should get married, induce it. Here are some tricks to help you to get a marriage proposal from the Taurus man. Chuck subtlety for bolder hints. Has he been avoiding the issue whenever you try bringing it up? Then you need to up the persistence. Discuss the future. Talk about your friends who are getting married. Make it known that you wish to go down that path in the near future. Strengthen the idea of marital bliss in marrying you. He has to be sure that marrying you is the right decision. You can help ensure that by taking on the wifely responsibilities in his life. Look after him. Share his burden. Make his life more comfortable. And depend on him more.

Get his friends and family involved too. If you are at a stage in your relationship where you are thinking of getting married you have to be close with his loved ones. Get them on board and take their help in convincing him. Build stronger foundations of honesty and trust. Nothing can move forward with this man until he knows he can depend on you. He has to believe that you will never leave his side. And you have to help him get there. You won’t find much luck in marriage if you don’t start with strong foundations.

When Will a Taurus Man Propose?

And finally, when will he pop the question? You will have to be very patient with him. He will take a long time before proposing. That shouldn’t be a surprise to someone who knows how sure he likes to be. But here are a few indicators that will help you get a hint of what’s to come. He starts discussing finances with you. When a Taurus man is planning for the future, he starts with what’s most important: money. He would like to know how financially secure you are and take your advice on important decisions.

He will visit your loved ones more often. The Taurus man will not propose unless he knows he has your family's blessing. So, he will make a more frequent trip to visit your family. And spend more time around your friends. He’ll try subtle ways to understand where you stand on getting married. He’ll bring up friends who are married. Talk about what you think of it. Be honest in what you tell him because he will believe what you say. If you expect him to understand what you mean, you will have to spell it out. He doesn’t do well with hints.


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