10 Bad, Negative Personality Traits of Taurus (Man & Woman)

10 Bad, Negative Personality Traits of Taurus (Man & Woman)


The bull is a force to reckon with. Taurus men and women are gentle and patient until provoked or taken advantage of. Like the other zodiac signs of astrology, Taurus natives too have their share of bad qualities. So, what are the bad characteristics and weaknesses of Taurus? What do Taurus struggle with? Why are Taurus so difficult and how do they act when hurt in love?

If you are looking for these answers, here is a list of 10 bad, negative personality traits of the Taurus Zodiac sign that you should know:

1. Taurus is stubborn

A Taurus man or woman is extremely rigid. This earthy demeanor finds its greatest manifestation in their stubbornness. It is difficult to convince them of an opposite viewpoint if they have made up their minds. They could outrightly reject your opinion in order to prove themselves right. While this strong will is an asset, it becomes his or her weakness when the actions are hurtful or disrespecting of others. Such mentality could reflect their selfishness and project an irritable behavior when confronted or expected to accept their mistakes.

2. Taurus is controlling

Extremely possessive and jealous, Taurus men and women are competitive. They love challenges and winning over their contenders. Their territoriality is fierce and if crossed, they'll crush the trespassers.Taurus will drain your energy and sap off all interest to communicate because of their frustrating need to prove their superiority. They want to be in a stable relationship. So, when faced with insecurities, Taurus would demand your conformity and expect repeated explanations for your actions. This could mean a partner in a relationship with a Taurus will have to succumb to unnecessary pressures.

3. Taurus is indulgent

Taurus can be spendthrifts. If on a self-indulgent streak, they'll drain money extravagantly, sometimes to the point of accumulating debts. A wasteful tendency reflects his or her self-absorbed dark trait. They'll show off their material possessions and hoard on objects they don't even need. It's a feel-good factor for Taurus men and women when they can afford whatever they desire. They could go overboard with this quality when the moral lines are overstepped and they amass wealth through unscrupulous means.

4. Taurus can procrastinate

Taurus can be very lazy after they have retired from a hectic schedule. They can be unavailable once they wind up and relax in their comfort zones. They could get a little too comfortable with delaying certain tasks as the cost of causing discomfort or irritation to swift workers around them. This laid back attitude may backfire in relationships when they fail to stand up for their partner in times of need. They'll make excuses and avoid dealing with something that needs their immediate attention. So, it is always at their pace or not at all.

5. Taurus has a bad-temper

Otherwise, sweet and kind, Taurus natives will be found seething in rage when they fail to be in control of their lives or disrespected. Anger management is something they could consider taking seriously if they wish to maintain peace in the lives of others as well as their own. As an aggressive bull, they could tear down their opponent and lash out when their patience is tested. This could be due to long-term unaddressed issues with confidence which shows up when the least expected.

6. Taurus is insensitive

Taureans may end up being selfish with their own priorities. As a pleasure seeker, they would never put themselves in a situation where their comfort is compromised. An insensitive Taurus man or woman could blurt out their inconsiderate remarks and be indifferent to someone's pain. Such thick-skinned behavior might cause them to lose out on good company and give in to narcissistic tendencies. They'll struggle to be around highly delicate individuals who need care and emotional availability.

7. Taurus is argumentative

One of the toxic traits of the Taurus male and female is a deep-seated superiority complex owing to the Venusian influence. They'll get defensive about all that they do and make sure there is no challenge to their way of thinking. This could derail any effort on the part of their partners to open themselves up and speak their hearts out. Any disrespectful verbal comebacks may backfire and cause build up of resentment which makes their relationships unhealthy.

8. Taurus is unforgiving

Taurus will hold on to grudges for a very long time refusing to stoop down or budge from their decisions. If they have made up their minds to ignore or give up on someone, it is hard to find a way back into their lives. It is difficult to cope with such a partner who lacks compassion and expects their lover to take responsibility for all the wrongs whether guilty or not. With a high sense of morale and values, it is tough for the Taurus individual to overlook little mistakes and repose their trust in someone again.

9. Taurus is inflexible

It could be impossible to accept change for the Taurus native. Expecting them to blend everywhere is futile as they are frustratingly rigid. They'll struggle to accept the unconventional and untested ideas and ways of life. They are slow and any new change could only be implemented in their lives when they have been convinced in their own sweet time. They like routine and orderliness. So, impulsiveness and quick decision-making could be the hardest thing to do for the Taurus native. This inability to adapt could make them boring and lead to a feeling of being alienated in a crowd.

10. Taurus is proud

Taurus males and females rely on and trust their capabilities. They are confident and extremely strong. All charged up, they could often disappoint others with their sense of pride and boastful and their blunt refusal to ask for help. They would wish to work independently and often brag about their accomplishments. This could be perceived as a reflection of their arrogance and inherent insecurities. They could often fail to sympathize with the plight of the less privileged, turning a blind eye to how hopelessly annoying it could be.


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