Taurus and Scorpio Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Taurus and Scorpio Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


A Bull and a Scorpion. What an unlikely pair, right? But when has that ever-stopped Zodiac signs from being each other's best friends? Taurus and Scorpios are one such pair. These signs lie opposite to one another on the zodiac wheel. Which might lead one to say that opposites attract and so, they most certainly get along. Well, that assumption is correct to a large extent. But even when opposites attract, sometimes they face some resistance. There will always be somethings that they will disagree on and that would most certainly lead to some bitterness. So, what does that mean for Taurus and Scorpios who are friends? Are they able to stand the karmic resistance between their Zodiac signs? Or is this just another acquaintance that never turns into real friendship?

Let's see what astrology can reveal us about the Taurus and Scorpio friendship compatibility, if they are good friends and if they can even become best friends!

Do Taurus and Scorpio get along as friends?

Taurus and Scorpio already have everything they need for a successful friendship.

There is a natural affinity towards one another. Being opposite one another on the zodiac cycle attracts them to each other. There is a curiosity to know the other person better which brings them together.

Their shared outlook keeps them together. There are a lot of things about which the Taurus and Scorpio friends agree on. They value the same characteristics and priorities. A lot of these things separate them from most of their friends. People just don't see the same value in things as they do. So, finding each other makes each of them extremely relaxed. Yet, some things create disharmony among them.

The biggest cause of disharmony is their behavior. While the Taurus prefers to be calm and courteous, the Scorpios are straightforward and can be brash. This becomes a major issue when they disagree on things. Which doesn't happen usually, because...

They think the same way. It might appear different on the surface. Especially because the way they express their thoughts is different. Yet, when the final result reveals itself, they are almost always on the same page.

More importantly, they balance each other's energies. They are yin and yang, masculinity and femininity. Earth and water, both feed each other and enrich one another. While they might not be alike, they are definitely complimentary. And isn't that what we look for in friends? People who make us better human beings.

How do Scorpios see Taurus?

So, why is Scorpio attracted to Taurus? Scorpios are instantly attracted to Taureans. And the reason behind it is actually quite unusual.

Scorpios gravitate towards shy, introverted personalities. These aren't people who gravitate towards the loud ones in a room. They seek out the peaceful ones, the mature ones. The Taurus men and women fulfill these criteria perfectly. And the Scorpio native hopes to pick these qualities up.

Taurus serve as a calming influence in their lives. They help them see beyond the Scorpion anger. Taurus helps their Scorpio friends see things more rationally. Every time the Scorpio male or female loses his or her mind, they reach out to the Taurus to make sense of things.

The Taurus determination to get things done resonates with the Scorpio. They like to be surrounded by people who motivate them to do better. And only people who are driven can influence you that way. This is just another example of how alike these two are.

Surprisingly, Taurus is the only sign in astrology who can dominate the Scorpio. Even more unbelievable is the fact that Scorpios let them. Scorpios don't mind letting the Taurus natives be the leaders in their friendship. And the most consequential reason for that is that:

Scorpios have a deep respect for their Taurus friends. They respect their wisdom and often go to them for advice.

What does Taurus think of Scorpio?

The men and women born under the Taurus Zodiac sign are generally very nice people. They don't get into fights. They don't offend people. Overall, they don't like to create waves.

But here's the catch: They don't like everyone who makes their acquaintance. They are just too nice to show their dislike. But they immediately like Scorpios. Why is that?

Taurus are in awe of the Scorpio honesty. What is on their mind is on their tongue. Many Scorpio lacks the speech filter that is so important in any civilized conversation. People hate this about them. Not the Taurus natives though. They love that they don't need to second guess what the Scorpios mean by their words.

The Scorpio bravery makes Taurus want to strive to be like them. Taurus are brave, but Scorpios are fearless. They don't let society dictate how they live their life. This is inspiring for the shy Taurus who spends too much time worrying about how people might perceive them.

Scorpio natives give Taurus the much-needed muscle. Taurus prefer not to escalate matters. Because of this, many times they get the short end of the stick. This is where they need their Scorpio friends. Scorpios never let others take advantage of their friends. So, where Taurus might back down, a Scorpio man or woman steps in and sets things right for them. I think that to some extent:

Taurus are intimidated by Scorpios too. But then, who wouldn't be, right? The difference between Taurus and the other Zodiac signs is that Taurus respect Scorpio natives and their strong personalities. They wouldn't change their Scorpio friends for the world.

Can Taurus and Scorpio be soulmates?

It would be natural to wonder whether the Scorpio and Taurus compatibility is restricted only to good friends or can it be something more? Are Taurus and Scorpio a good match in love? Being good or best friends and being in a relationship poses a different kind of challenges.

The differences between them can become points of contention that harm their relationship. Taurus might feel that the Scorpio native needs a filter when it comes to saying what's on their mind. Scorpio might feel that Taurus is controlling them too much. The small issues which friends would brush under the rug will surface in a relationship. But this is not to say that things are doomed.

Their romantic relationship will be very intense. People often forget that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love. They know how to make someone feel special. Taurus will show Scorpio a romantic side that they might never see again.

Needless to say, there will a strong sexual attraction between them too. Water signs like Scorpio, usually are highly compatible with Earth signs like Taurus. So, it is safe to say that Taurus and Scorpio are compatible. But to call them soulmates might be a stretch.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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