What is Taurus Spirit Animal and its Meaning?

What is Taurus Spirit Animal and its Meaning?


It is tough to figure out the spirit animal of the bull. There's just so much complexity to their character. It is difficult to find a single creature in nature that covers all aspects of their personality. But to really understand the Taurus one needs to understand what they symbolize. What does it mean to be Taurus? What is the Taurean spirit? All of these questions can be answered by exploring not just the Taurus spirit animal, but also the other factors associated with the Zodiac sign that influence it.

To explore this elusive sign a bit more, here is everything you should know about the Taurus spirit animal and its meaning in astrology!

What does a Taurus symbolize?

Taurus is the second zodiac sign in the karmic cycle. While Aries represent infancy, Taurus is the toddler phase. Where the baby has gained more senses of its surroundings. More importantly, it has developed a sense of who they are and what they want.

It doesn't just charge into things without thinking, like the Ram. But when provoked, it might just ramrod through anything that comes in its path. You wouldn't hear this a lot about the Taurus, but their personality is quite self-contradictory.

They usually are extremely patient and calm. But once in a blue moon the Bull loses control of his senses and takes down whatever comes in its way. They are shy and introverts, but their ex-lovers would tell you stories of their romance which would be hard to reconcile with their image.

A reason for these contradictions is all the factors that influence their personalities. The planet that rules them, the element that they belong to and the symbol that represents them. A good way to summarize all these influences on their personality is to look at their spirit animals.

Their spiritual relatives in nature are often many and quite distinct from each other on the surface. But in a way, these distinctions capture the beauty of the Taurus. The people who live a life of quiet contradiction, meet their natural equivalents. And it is these contradictions that connect them on a spiritual level.

What is the Spirit Animal of a Taurus?

The spirit animals of Taurus are a mix of some ferocious creatures that cast a long shadow. In their moments of provocation, these animals have the strongest killer instincts. But their intelligence and enigma have fascinated many across the world.

The first of these spirit animals is the Bear. The hibernation of the bear can very well represent the calm nature of the Taurus. Their ability to keep their reactions in check over uncommonly long periods. More importantly, they represent strength and stability. They don't have the reputation of the big cats, just as the Taurus aren't flashy. But everyone recognizes their power.

Taurus is one of the few zodiac signs whose symbol is also their spirit animal.

The Bull is a close representation of the Taurean spirit. The bull represents physical strength and power which gives them respect on the field. More than that, Bulls resemble Taureans in their rage. The Taureans relate strongly with the obstinacy and stubbornness that is characteristic of their spirit animal. Anyone who has ever tried to convince the Taurus to do something they don't want to knows what I'm talking about.

The Taureans that value wit and intelligence over everything else will relate more to the Beaver. The beavers represent intelligence, talent, patience and persistence. All the qualities that Taurus not only stands for but also appreciate. More importantly, beavers are builders. They build things, they don't waste their time and energy on wasteful activities. Much like the Taurus who build fortunes and a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Taurus are the most resourceful of all zodiac signs. A quality that they share with the beavers.

What Greek god represents Taurus?

Every zodiac sign has a planet which they are ruled by. These planets represent Greek and Roman gods that are associated with these Zodiac signs.

Taurus shares its ruler with the Libra zodiac sign. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the Greek equivalent of the Goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and beauty. It is the influence of her that brings out the romantic side in Taurus. Wait for what???? A Taurus with a romantic side. I must be joking, right? WRONG! If you still think that Taurus cannot have a romantic side you only need to talk to one of their exes. They might have many things to complain about but a lack of romance will never be on their list.

This is one of the biggest contradictions on the Taurus personality. On the surface and in front of much of their friends, Taurus are shy and introverted. But when they fall in love. They fall hard. This brings out the influence of Venus in their lives.

Venus also blesses them with an eye for beauty. Taurus are very particular about presentation. They always dress well; their homes are well-kept and they have great taste in home decoration. Along with this comes a love for comfort and luxury. All things that they ensure because of their ability to build a fortune for themselves.

What does the Taurus symbol represent?

As we have talked about above, the Taurus zodiac sign's symbol is the Bull.

The Bull is a long-standing symbol of tenacity and strength. A tenacity that can often come across as stubbornness. For most of their life, Taurus natives, much like their symbol, the bull, remain calm and composed. A quality that is quite similar to the Bull. But in those rare moments when they lose their calm, the bulldoze everything in their path. The Taurus zodiac sign also earns its difficulty to trust people from the bull.

This description wouldn't be complete without talking about the mythology associated with it. The Taurus constellation represents the form that Zeus took to win the affections of the Phoenician princess, Europa.

Enchanted by her beauty, Zeus appeared as a beautiful white bull that attracted the princess. She rode the bull's back and Zeus swam across the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Crete. Europa bore three of Zeus's sons, one of whom was Minos, the legendary King of Crete. Zeus immortalized his affection for Europa in the form on the Taurus constellation.


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