Taurus Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?

Taurus Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?


The earthy Taurus woman is a slow and sensual lover. She may not be expressive vocally but she communicates her affection through deep physical intimacy. So, how to attract a Taurus woman in bed? How to sexually arouse her? What should you know about her sexuality? Which Zodiac signs are sexually compatible with the Taurus woman?

Here are my secret tips to seduce and please a Taurus woman in bed!

Taurus woman sexuality traits

The Taurus female has an insatiable appetite for sex. She needs to feel the power of attraction through all her senses to derive satisfaction in someone’s company. She hates making love in haste as material experiences that will pleasure and comfort the body are her priorities. While she is a hardworking woman who values and seeks to multiply her resources in public life, her bedroom needs are equally important to her.

Wonderfully curvy, fuller lips and busty is exactly what you can expect in the appearance of the woman born under the Taurus Zodiac sign. You’ll win over her if you pay attention to long foreplay, surprise her by stealing some kisses when she least expects it and also by touching the most admirable places of her body. She is stubborn so unless she has expressed her consent, she may not like being pushed.

What does the Taurus woman like in bed?

She wants a gentleman who doesn’t hesitate to explore her sexuality and tell her all about what he wants to do to her. She loves being touched and caressed. She loves to kiss for hours, cuddle and prefers vanilla sex over something hasty, rough and wild. Call her lazy but she would prefer someone who is perhaps more active than her. She is willing to give in to someone who allures her with his power to dominate and lasts for hours.

She wants a man who adores her body, treats her as a goddess and spoils her inside as well as outside the bedroom. She is stubborn and won’t hesitate to express her right over someone when she is won over. She has a good knowledge of food and you might be surprised how she uses aphrodisiacs in the bedroom to add to a memorable bodily experience. When she finds the perfect one, she is a sex bomb. She is energetic and lively with no inhibitions in expressing her desires of fulfilling her fantasies with someone as crazy as her.

Taurus woman in bed with Libra man

These Zodiac signs are able to understand each other’s love language quite effortlessly (being ruled by the planet of pleasure, Venus). The Taurus woman is patient and the charming and witty Libra man expresses his admiration and passion in the most creative ways to take her heart away.

She will win over his trust while he takes care of her need for luxury, sex, loyalty and respect. He will spoil her in bed. He is smitten by her undeniable sex appeal.

The Taurus female can be a bit stubborn in her decisions while the Libra man may suffer from commitment issues. As long as they can find a midpoint to balance their extremities, they’ll be happy with each other.

Taurus woman in bed with Gemini man

While the airy Gemini man thrives in variety, the Taurus woman craves for routine. He loves his freedom and mental stimulation can pull him in different directions that could possibly irk the possessive Taurus woman.

She has a conservative taste in positions and prefers stability over change while the Gemini man might struggle to give in to her demands too quickly unless he is convinced of settling down in a relationship. While she prefers longer hours of sex, he may quickly jump on to something else.

As long as both are intellectually compatible and the Gemini man can focus on her need for comfort, stability and a deep sexual bond, the relationship will survive.

Taurus woman in bed with Sagittarius man

The quest for truth, spirituality and adventure doesn’t let the Sagittarius man be tied to place for long. While the initial days could be filled with excitement and passion, as the attraction stabilizes and the Taurus female desires commitment, the relationship could encounter some issues.

The Taurus woman is sweet, caring and mature and Sagittarius man draws her appreciation for his honesty and optimism. The sexual experience is filled with romance and meets the surface level need for physical as well as emotional satisfaction.

He may find quickies satisfying while she may prefer a full course. To keep up with opposite interests, the relationship demands greater efforts.

Taurus woman in bed with Leo man

This relationship is built in with the promise of an ever-after. The Leo man is untiringly hungry for compliments and attention. A patient Taurus woman is perhaps the best person to handle his tantrums and whims. She comforts him, warms him up and is steadfastly loyal while the Leo man provides her with protection, generosity and support.

His magnetic appeal makes her surrender in the bed. He loves to satisfy his muse as long as she can handle his domination. They love each other’s bodies and souls. While the Leo man loves his grandeur and ego, the Taurus woman is high on self-esteem silently expecting admiration for her efforts.

With a humbler attitude of the Leo man and light-heartedness of the Taurus woman, this is a relationship filled with harmony and passion.

Taurus woman in bed with Capricorn man

These earthy signs represent a couple that share seamless understanding of each other’s needs. They are patient, hardworking, ambitious and value the people in their loves. They will surely find a way to harmonize their goals and keep the family together.

They have traditional preferences and unless truly comfortable in the relationship, they would not commit. Sex life will be extremely fulfilling as both would indulge with all their heart and soul. His performance is impressive as long as she is willing to give in.

They will be mutually devoted and trust each other's sense of responsibility which makes them open to infusing newer ways of lovemaking beyond a conservative approach.

Taurus woman in bed with Scorpio man

One would rarely come across a carnal couple that shares an irresistible connection worth blowing rooftops. The Martian Scorpio and Venusian Taurus can barely keep their hands off each other. He is aggressive, passionate, demanding and a possessive lover.

In a Taurus woman, the Scorpio man finds the right one who blends into his heart and skin. While his intensity may have an unsettling impact on the Taurus woman initially, the attraction will be unbearably consuming.

While they will still have to deal with their dark traits, the perfect yin yang attraction holds them together and their physical bond undoubtedly qualifies as the strength of their relationship.


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