What Happens When You Hurt a Taurus Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt a Taurus Woman?


If your Taurus woman pulled off a disappearing act and you have no idea why, she may be done with you. Why is your Taurus woman acting cold and distant all of a sudden, and how to know if she has lost interest? What to do when a Taurus woman is upset or mad at you? How to apologize and reconcile with her? What does a Taurus woman do to cut you off?

Here is all you need to know when a Taurus woman is hurt and how to deal with that!

How does a Taurus woman act when she is hurt?

You may discover the animal side of the Taurus woman if she starts hating you. The Taurus females will choose to keep their emotions hidden from the rest of the world. While she may be upset or in pain, she would conceal it with a beautiful smile as if nothing ever happened to crush her heart.

She is quite forgiving, willing to let go just for the sake of the happiness of her partner but she may be suffering silently without making a hue and cry about anything at all.

She hates to confront. Hence, would prefer indulging in the luxuries of life and let time be the healer. If you happen to meet a Taurus woman for the first time, you might find her minding her work rather than messing around. If her trust is tampered with, you may be at the receiving end of her passive aggressiveness.

She wants security in her relationship. So, she would deliberately choose to stay away from picking fights with her partner. She may never admit that something is bothering her. This continuous denial might lead her towards self-destruction if she fails to find avenues to vent out her true feelings.

Do Taurus hold grudges?

It is almost certain that the Taurus woman will hold some grudges against you. She expects the highest levels of sincerity from her partner. This also means that she will demand that you be by her side and assure her that you would never go astray.

She needs constant validation from her man in his attitude and behavior, gestures that make her feel special and words of affirmation that make her feel wanted in the relationship. While she may make certain compromises when things don’t go her way, continue to put efforts in the relationship in order to prove her sacrificial nature, while she could still be hurting inside. This slowly poisons her outlook towards the relationship. Her very sweetness turns sour if she considers the relationship done and dusted.

How do you apologize to a Taurus woman?

As long as the Taurus female is in her comfort zone, she is happy. In the best of moods, she will do everything to make people around her happy. Taurus women are truly loyal when they are in love. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, she is one of those Zodiac signs who fall in love too hard. They want to ensure that their partners are content, ready to face the bullets while their partner leads a life of peace and comfort.

If your Taurus woman is hurt, she could be seething in rage but will control herself from bursting forth. She is extremely patient in her endeavors and in a relationship too, she would wait till the pain crosses a certain threshold. She will exhibit such intensity of passion and dedication towards her partner that accepting any betrayal would take quite some time.

What truly matters when apologizing to the Taurus woman is a sincere apology. A promise that you will not toy with her feelings again. She is quite practical in life so empty promises may never seal the deal with the Taurus female. She rarely loses her cool and it is no shocker that something massive would trigger a harsh response from her end.

Whatever said and done, she is a materialist. Prone to hoard, you must be aware of her love for fine dining. Never forget the value of good food for the Taurus woman and not the least, great sex. Shower her with some flowers, chocolates, take her out for dinner without ignoring her expensive taste. If possible, she will appreciate it if you cook for her and add personal touches to whatever you give her.

Do Taurus move on quickly?

Taurus women display a strong presence of the earth element they are born with. She is quite driven and deterministic when she finds the love of her life. Their stubbornness holds them back from moving swiftly from one decision to the next. They usually take long to give up on something that they cherish in their lives. So, the Taurean woman is more likely to contemplate for long before she moves on.

After all, she gives herself to ensure stability in the relationship. She is working hard to avoid any complacency in being responsible in the relationship. When the bull woman is hurt, she might demand seclusion from an active social life. She isn’t the one who’ll go hunting for someone new within days of the breakup. Rather she will push herself harder to engage in something productive that concerns other areas of her life.

How do you know when a Taurus woman is over you and how does she break up?

The Taurus woman has absolute dislike for someone who pushes her into accepting his way of life. While she is easy-going and calm on the outside, it is foolish to mistake her sweet demeanor as weakness.

She likes to take things slow, at her own pace. That's a key personality trait of the woman born under the Taurus Zodiac sign. So, if she is hurried or finds herself in the midst of a whirlwind in the relationship, she will lose her willingness to continue the same. Once she has decided to divorce someone from her life, it is rare to find a Taurus woman taking a u-turn in her decisions. If she is over you, try all you want but she wouldn’t budge from her stand.

She has quite a simple outlook towards her life. She wants to bask in the sun, play in the open, feel the earth and have sumptuous food. She also likes good sex, for being physical is an expression of love to the Taurus woman. If your Taurus partner denies you sex, avoids being in your company, has been maintaining a distance from you emotionally, it's a sign she is over you. If she suffers any form of indignity or unfaithfulness from your end, consider the relationship a closed chapter for life. She may either choose to remain silent expressing her sheer displeasure or face you head on.


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