What to Do When a Taurus Woman Ignores You?

What to Do When a Taurus Woman Ignores You?


Astrology can provide great insights into each zodiac sign's behavior when they withdraw from a love connection. If your Taurus woman is ignoring you suddenly and being distant, what does it mean and what should you do? What makes her want to breakup? How to get her back if she is hurt or upset?

Here is all you need to know if a Taurus woman suddenly ignores you and gives you the silent treatment!

My Taurus woman is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

You have broken her trust

The Taurus woman wants a man who can build her confidence with patience, values and respects her time and efforts invested in the relationship. She takes time to trust people. With the incredible intensity of passion and loyalty she is willing to risk in a commitment, she expects an equal level of reciprocity. Someone whom she could rely on without the slightest doubt wins her trust quite easily. Nothing annoys her more than those who fail miserably at making a solid decision and rising to the occasion when time demands.

She is not convinced about your authenticity

This is a woman who takes all her relationships seriously. There is no fooling around when she is actively pursuing the man of her dreams. Until one has proven himself, she wouldn’t play a gamble with her heart. She is afraid of having her heart broken. So, building a strong wall around herself is a survival mechanism that serves well from a world of counterfeits. She holds a man of integrity in high regard. An earth sign, she takes life and her work a bit too seriously. There are no shortcuts that she prescribes and a lover who cannot honestly confess his feelings has no place in her heart.

You project an irresponsible behavior

Taurus women are responsible at all times. Someone who fails to keep his promises and is flaky would fall in her bad books. It is truly frustrating for the Taurus woman to deal with those who fail to make their lives meaningful. She is far too careful about who she chooses to involve with for the price of an intimate relationship is well understood by her. If a well meaning man is responsible with her heart, he would be gifted with the woman of his dreams who is filled with romance and an intense zest for life. If not, she would walk away.

You failed to impress or seduce her

The Taurus woman has a rich taste. She has expensive indulgences and doesn’t shy away from seeking pleasure in the finest objects. This Venusian female is an admirer of beauty and unless something pleases her visually, she may not take the trouble to waste her time. While some view her as spoilt, she does have high standards. A man needs to pay attention to his appearance and ensure his manners are in place if he plans to woo this woman.

How to deal with a Taurus woman when she becomes distant?

Practice being patient with her

To be able to be still and observe is a quality that makes earth signs stand out from the rest among the zodiac signs in astrology (the others being Virgo and Capricorn). The Taurus woman is mature and understands the changeable nature of time. She expects a man in life who is equally understanding and grounded for she hates the idea of unpredictability. She wants a guy who can persevere rather than be impulsive in his actions. While this makes her appear guarded, she would rather make informed moves than be reckless with things that matter to her the most.

Be compassionate with her

She is a giver. She loves to pour herself out if she has made up her mind to give away her heart to a man. This “down-to-earth” sign of the zodiac truly understands the importance of service to those who are in need. She works hard to earn her bread and also to be of help to her people. Stability and security mean the most to her. Similarly, she wants her man to project steadiness and be ambitious with his dreams. She needs him to take charge and be there unconditionally. If you have been emotionally unavailable, she may not have been impressed.

My Taurus woman stopped texting me: What should I do?

It could be dissatisfying for the Taurus woman to be around a man who doesn’t communicate his plans to her effectively. If she is constantly guessing what his thoughts could be and worrying about his whereabouts, it takes away her peace for she likes orderliness in her life. The Taurus woman dislikes a man who keeps secrets and deprives her of a transparent relationship built on blind faith. She wants to be aware and stubbornly in control of everything around her. If one is unsuccessful in making her comfortable, it will turn her off soon.

If your Taurus woman has stopped all communication, it is clear that she doesn’t wish to keep you in her life anymore. She is stubborn and it may be wise to leave her alone for sometime and give her the space to think. It is better to avoid irritating the angry Taurus female. She won’t lose her temper easily but when she does, it is zero contact from her end. Let her take some time off and figure out if she wishes to give you a second chance. She is a good natured person so in case she forgives and forgets, you are lucky. Apologize after a few days if you realize your mistake. She will appreciate your openness and humility.

How do you know when a Taurus woman is done with you?

No sexual contact

She is a deeply sensual being. A woman who excels in the art of seduction, she loves being spoilt. The Taurus female is responsive to the loving touches of her partner. While she doesn’t seem fun to most, only those who have won a special place in her private space get a true glimpse of the perfect bull in bed. She is too feminine for someone who is aggressive and inconsiderate about her deepest desires. She has an addiction to physical intimacy. If she stays away and initiates no form of intimacy, she has lost all interest.

She has no interest in your life

The Taurus woman is a courageous character who accepts no defeat. She believes in her capacities and doesn’t settle for that which doesn’t satisfy her. A scared cat who runs away sniffing challenges ahead will surely kill the buzz. She wants a good-natured person who is there for her at her darkest hours. She needs a sensitive soul who takes care of her and deciphers her silence in the most beautiful way. Nothing makes her distant than a carefree guy who doesn't instill in her the comfort of being protected. If she doesn’t actively pursue you and support you any longer, she has given up on this connection.


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