10 Things a Taurus Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

10 Things a Taurus Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man


Honest and trustworthy, the Taurus woman is a fixed sign who values practicality and could be quite demanding in their relationships. What does a Taurus woman look for in a man? What are the qualities she appreciates? What makes her fall in love with someone and what turns her off? What personality traits does a Taurus female want in a man and attract her?

Let me reveal you what astrology can tell us about the personality of this Zodiac sign. Here are 10 characteristics and personality traits a Taurus woman likes and dislikes in a man!

1. Dependability

The bull woman tends to be a woman of her words. She is stubborn and unshakeable like her element, the earth. You can depend on her if she has committed to you. Owing to the stability that she is born with, the Taurean woman is one of the most reliable of all signs of the zodiac. She is a responsible woman who loves a planned way of conducting herself. Similarly, she expects a man to be her mirror reflection with regards to his sense of responsibility. It is a deal breaker for a Taurus woman he fails to be grounded and rooted in character.

2. Trustworthiness

All words and no action will never impress a Taurus woman. She is firm in her decisions and nothing annoys her as much as a man who fails to show any form of resoluteness in his purpose. A hot and cold behaviour that is devoid of a sense of direction can trigger all the wrong buttons in the bull. Don’t be surprised if she seethes in anger unless she can no longer contain it. If you are the kind of man who keeps things hanging or have failed her in some way, she will lose her faith in you. This is a major red flag for a tendency to inflict pain or to take her for granted will be severely disliked.

3. Affectionate

She is a loving personality. Very warm and generous, the woman born under the Taurus Zodiac sign takes care of her people. A homebody who seeks comforts in her sanctuary, this is a person that is deeply sensitive though she prefers to wear aloofness as her armour. A tough character as perceived by the whole wide world, she needs a gentle lover who can make her feel loved thoroughly. Her independence is awe-worthy and despite that she longs for someone who protects her and gives her a sense of security in a relationship.

4. Surprise her

The Taurus woman has a rich taste. She derives happiness in the finest indulgences. Though her home is her comfort zone, she also loves to explore or spend a comfortable getaway in the lap of nature. An earthy, rustic feel to places makes her immensely happy. She needs a man who is open to learning about her and tries participating in activities that she is passionate about. She values a man who is genuine in expressing all that he does for her, someone with a heart of gold and a mind infused with openness.

5. Ambitious

The Taurus woman is good with her assets. She is determined to achieve all that she aspires and once a goal is set she would pursue it fiercely. It helps her stay on her toes and not fear failures. Her money is hard earned which she likes to spend lavishly. A man who has his finances in place and is an achiever in life will easily impress her. However, her profound groundedness makes her detest people who are boastful and flashy. She needs a kind-hearted and humble man who works hard to win his bread and is capable of taking charge of the needs of his family. Someone who also values her ideals and pushes her to dream big is a true match for the Taurus woman.

6. Flakiness

The Taurus woman wants to have things in order. She likes to maintain harmony in her life and those around her. A deep-seated comfort and security in their lives is derived from material pursuits. She is quite picky in her friendships and more so in her relationships. Call her selfish but she likes a man who stands strong and clearly articulates his desires. She wishes to simplify all that exists and a partner who brings chaos in her space is least welcome. Being able to decide firmly what it is that one needs in the effort to make her life is an absolute necessity for the Taurus female.

7. Impracticality

The Taurus woman believes in dreams that are grounded in reality. She accepts no false claims and day- dreaming isn’t her cup of tea for she is actively venturing out to make ends meet. A man devoid of logic is an instant turn-off. Lofty ideals that are never converted to actions fail to appeal to the Taurus woman who is determined to have things her way or the highway. It may be an amazing change to have someone who shows her the other side of what exists beyond rationality but balance is what makes her content.

8. Inconsistency

The Taurus woman is a true fighter and a leader. She will struggle till she has things unfolding according to her fancies. She has faith in her ability to accomplish what she desires without accepting defeat even in the face of obstacles. Unpredictability and indecisiveness scares her. She wants a true mate who would stick by and refuse to give up even when times are hard. If a man is unable to decide on a concrete plan for them, has plans to drift around without ever settling down, it goes against her innate need for stability.

9. Self-absorption

Someone who is too full of himself will only bring out the worst in the relationship with the Taurus woman. She will be in awe of a partner and not a master she needs to bow down to. A Taurus woman has a soft core. She is looking for a compassionate man who understands her and offers her the comfort of his presence. The man of her dreams helps her build a sturdy foundation and has a headstrong approach to how he wishes their life to be in the future. He is in it with her and is a natural giver who doesn’t alienate her from his decisions.

10. Sexual aggressiveness in bed

An intensely sexual person who fails to nurture the emotions of the Taurus woman can be at loggerheads at all times. While the Taurus woman is a pleasure seeker and loves a passionate encounter, she could be turned off by the control exercised by a man in the bedroom. While its hard to define what “too much of sex” is, she does expect a balance in her sex life. Ruled by Venus, the Taurus female admires beauty and is a tireless lover but her wild, almost animal, approach to lovemaking may be far from what she expects in an ideal relationship.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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