Taurus Woman Sexuality: 10 Traits you should know!

Taurus Woman Sexuality: 10 Traits you should know!


The sex life of a Taurus woman is quite private. She would never be overtly expressive of her sexual needs, her turn ons and turn offs. Ruled by Venus, trust that there is a freak beneath that classy, attractive demeanor that is waiting to be unleashed. So, How is the Taurus woman in bed? How to please and satisfy her sexually? What does she like in bed? What should you know about her sexuality?

Here are the 10 most common sexual traits of the Taurus woman!

1. She loves slow arousal

Trust a Taurus woman to engage in the most sensual and passionate foreplay. To her, haste makes waste. Let her take charge for sometime and you’ll notice how she immerses a mate in her act of seduction. However, there is an element of tradition and sticking to the known rather than a crazy, wild experimentation. They love their comfort. A Taurus woman will love a good massage during foreplay. It shall not be fulfilling for a Taurean woman to rush through the whole act of lovemaking without a satisfying foreplay and not to forget, the afterplay.

2. The sense of touch is important

She believes in the power of touch in her expression of admiration and love. For a great climax, the Taurus female longs to be desired and her body worshiped for the goddess that she is. Touch makes her feel secure and enables her to trust her mate before she surrenders. Gently rubbing her back, holding her waist, nibbling her ears could immediately put her in the mood for sex. Unless her body feels the chemistry and your touch makes her go bananas, sex may never be satisfying for the Taurus woman.

3. Appeal to her senses

She will be demanding and stubborn. She wants a partner who could put the drudgery of his work aside and give her all his attention in the bedroom. She needs a gentle lift to her mood, her partner’s gestures need to delight her senses. They have a sharp sense of taste and smell. She is sensitive to the feel of her partner’s skin. So, using aphrodisiacs will have a hell of an effect on your Taurus woman. Wear an enchanting cologne as a bad smell will turn her off. Make sure your skin is moisturized so that she feels the softness and melts in it.

4. Stamina worth all praise

The Taurus woman is symbolized by the bull. Power packed with a high level of energy, she could go on all night if you are up for it. Sex with this woman is earth shattering if she is in the mood for some unconventional routine. While she loves the tested moves and poses, if you can instill some faith and make her feel secure, lovemaking will be an all-night affair. While she is capable of taking charge, she would be delighted to have someone who could overpower and make her fantasies come true. With a deep sexual need, she might surprise you with her list of kinks.

5. Admire her body

The woman born under the Taurus Zodiac sign has an undeniable sex appeal. She is smart and practical. So, flattering with no real intention to make her feel special and desirable will not go unnoticed. She believes the aura her mate emits, how her body reacts to his presence. Smooth talking and pretense will never win her heart. She wants your eyes on her. Her partner needs to express his love for every inch of her skin. They are very carnal and have deep respect for their bodies. Kinder words of praise and admiration for her beautiful body will have a real psychological impact on the Taurus woman.

6. Aggressively possessive

You would never wish to disappoint your Taurus woman with your eyes hovering elsewhere. She will immediately take note and lose interest. You can feel her possessiveness when she makes love to you. She has a sense of ownership of her mate’s body and no competition is tolerated. However, she may not get into an immediate war to prove her worth or claim her rights. There is no vindictiveness in character as she would maintain her grace even when she is hurt or feels detached by her partner’s actions. Patience, an enviable characteristic of this female, would never go missing.

7. Traditional

She is particular of her sexual security. This woman has fans everywhere but she is selective in her choices. Call her materialistic but unless she feels that a man can be trusted to provide her stability, she may keep him at a distance. She needs the depth of emotions that could translate into mind blowing sex each time. If there is no promise of a long-lasting union, she may never take a chance in an intimate relationship.

8. Does not mind domination

She is willing to take a backseat and sexually satisfy her partner in the bedroom. She wants to make her partner feel like a king. If she can find a soulmate in her partner, she could travel great distances for his comfort and satisfaction. BDSM? May seem scary to her initially, but give it a try, it might just add some spice to her conservative style. She will never have enough of you if your lovemaking skills leave a mark. Once she is wooed by your magnetic appeal, sex will be immensely gratifying.

9. Sexual fulfillment is crucial

The hotness meter blows off the rooftop with this passionate woman. The pleasure of the body needs paramount attention when she is sexually attracted to a man. Her desires are far from spiritual fulfillment or an emotional but purely physical. She will gladly give in to her partner’s whims if sex is earth shattering. That’s how crucial sex is in a Taurus woman’s life. Uninhibited sex will sound exciting only when there is an established sense of respect with her partner. She is upfront and loyal which makes her a serial monogamist. As long as her expectations are met, she will stay true to her commitment.

10. She wants to be spoiled

This earth sign is indulgent. A luxurious taste and refined gestures will leave a great impression if one is chasing a Taurus woman. She loves to shower her person with expensive gifts as much as she would appreciate his sincerity in making her feel special. Even a bunch of flowers, thoughtfully worded letters, and handmade products with earthy elements can be used to demonstrate your affection. Compliment her and never hesitate to proudly claim her if you are courting her already. Display your willingness to put in small efforts like cooking a hearty meal for your foodie Taurean woman. Who knows, you might just end up messing up the kitchen with a heated erotic session!


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