10 Truths about Virgos!

10 Truths about Virgos!


The logical Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel that stands for humanity, service, perfection and hard work. What are the personality traits of a Virgo man and woman? What are the negative and positive qualities of the Virgo native? What secrets do they hide? What is so special about their energy? What truths about Virgos can astrology reveal us?

Here is a complete guide to understanding the psychology and personality of the Virgo men and women and all their secrets!

1. Virgos are perfectionists

Gifted with a sharp and analytical bent of mind, Virgos have an eye for detail. It annoys them when plans go against their set standards or rules of functioning. They need accuracy and perfection in whatever they engage themselves in. This obsession with details can also make them excessively picky and squeamish. They like to stay in control ensuring that everything meets their high standards of quality. This causes Virgos to go from critical to cynical in no time. This is part of the dark side of Virgo men.

2. Virgos have difficulty expressing emotions

This is not to say that sweet and gentle Virgo natives do not have emotions. They do but having them express it could be a pain. Virgos may go cold easily when they are hurt. They find themselves in a fix while expressing what they feel and end up with a calculated answer which could be disappointing for a passionately expressive lover. Reasons get the best of Virgos and withhold them from connecting with their true feelings.

3. Virgos are organized

Terrific organization skills are what a true Virgo is born with. Mess their rooms or change the order of these belongings and this could tick them off in no time. Everything they own is neatly stacked and put together in labeled boxes or organizers. High methodical and capable of processing huge volumes of information, they like to keep everything they know compartmentalized in their mercurial brain. Yes, that's a Virgo for you, prim and proper.

4. Virgos are givers

The men and women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign have a big heart. They often give away too much and only end up being disappointed when people do not give back equally in return. They are quite generous with those they consider deserving and close to their heart. They love being of service to mankind. They are great caretakers, kind and compassionate no matter how difficult it is to express their feelings. Virgos are action-oriented. They execute their thoughts and feelings in their efforts rather than living in a fantasy bubble.

5. Virgos are health conscious

Virgo natives are health conscious. They try to be in shape and are generally cautious of what they put in their mouth. They are active bodies who may have a structured health plan to follow which they do not compromise on. They are concerned about the hours they sleep, workout, plan their diet and take care of their bodies. This pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and well being is typical of a Virgo man or woman.

6. Virgos are rational

Virgos like to reason out everything that they think or do. Unless they have their facts right, Virgos would express their annoyance and disappointment. They believe in a logical explanation to every thought and action and unless it makes clear sense to them, Virgos would not buy into it. If you thought you could fool a Virgo, wait till you find them making a note of everything that you say carefully just to get back at you at the right time or opportunity. As critical thinkers their ability to grasp facts and figures is relatively better than others which makes them stand out with a sharp intellect in a crowd.

7. Virgos are resourceful

As an earth sign, Virgo is resourceful. Money drives them. It is one of the most resourceful signs, quick to figure out solutions to the most complex issue at hand. They are blessed with a great analytical mind that can easily break the most challenging hurdles into simplest ones. As clever and a quick-witted sign, Virgo males and females are quite fussy about the issues they deal with on a day-to-day basis. This requires them to find creative ideas to mitigate problems and make peace.

8. Virgos can read people quick

Virgos are such amazing mind readers. They can easily dive into someone's pattern of thinking just by asking the right set of questions and figuring out their mental makeup. Virgos may not be as chatty as a Gemini but they speak to learn and derive conclusions. Their mercurial brain is always looking for the why's and how's and this causes them to overwork their minds and get to the root of how a person thinks and behaves. So, decoding someone's body language is an art a Virgo is naturally gifted with.

9. Virgos are sensitive

Virgos are very sensitive. They might get easily nervous and personally affected when they deal with a sudden change. While they could seem uptight, they are quite sensitive and prone to hurt. This sensitivity to their surroundings can make them extremely empathetic and loyal. Virgos may bottle up their emotions for too long only to end up hurting forth like a volcano. Often their silence is misunderstood as their weakness. They'll just scribble mental notes about how you treat them and expose their real feelings much later when you have no option to rewind or rectify.

10. Virgos are dependable

Virgos are great friends and lovers. One can have blind faith in a Virgo and know that their secret is safe with them. They do not like playing mind games or exploiting emotions to get their job done. So, at your darkest when you truly want someone to confide in, Virgos will be your best choice. They value honesty and loyalty he most in their relationship and don't mind going the old fashioned route to show their live for the ones they adore and cherish.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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