Virgo Man in Bed: 7 Things to know about his Sexuality!

Virgo Man in Bed: 7 Things to know about his Sexuality!


What turns on a Virgo man in bed? How does a Virgo man express his sexual desires? Are Virgos good in bed? What does a woman need to keep in mind while making love to a Virgo man? If you want to know how to turn him on and make him crazy in bed, here are a few secret tips from astrology or sexology and the things you need to be aware of while being physically intimate with a Virgo male.

Virgo man sexuality traits

A Virgo man is quite shy and inexpressive even when he likes a girl. He doesn’t chase a woman as aggressively like other sun signs that exhibit quite strong sexual traits. He waits patiently for the opportune moment. In fact, more often than not he is composed and patient expecting for things to happen without much action from his end. Time is sacred and so is an organized behavior to a Virgo man, A perfectionist hardcore, he likes to see his mirror image in the woman he wishes to court or mate with. He enjoys the company of those who are decisive and mannered. Hence, he skims people quite easily, separating friends from just acquaintances with ease.

A Virgo man’s sex life is quite likely to be determined by his critical demeanor. It has an impact on his choice of women. It is difficult for most to understand his critical nature which if left unrestrained, could become cynical. To experience sexual bliss, one needs to be careful of not upsetting his patterns and choices. He seems to forever be on a mission to achieve perfection in every walk of his life and also of those he cares about.

Sex with a Virgo man comes at a snail’s pace. It is wrong to assume that he might be all over a female right after the first date. He is quite reserved and a prude in the truest sense of the term. He has inhibitions about how he functions in public so there are possibly no such chances of him grabbing you and displaying his affection out in the open.

His partner’s needs come first. To him, respect is foremost and sex is just another task that needs to engage in. So, unless the woman has clearly signaled that she is into him and has explicitly mentioned her wish to have sex with him, he will honor her needs and expectations.

He will be well prepared before sex. A Virgo man will make sure he is ready, well groomed, smelling good, perfect ambience and everything orderly. He wants everything neat and tidy. An obsessive compulsion to arrange everything around him and look crisp is what he will practice and preach. He loves micro managing and has a detailed approach to everything he lays his hands on, not much surprisingly, sex too.

He doesn’t appreciate being forced to do anything. Being quite methodical in everything that he does, he likes to involve himself sexually in his own sweet time.

He could be indifferent and remain aloof to his partner’s initiative of lovemaking. It should not be a surprise if a Virgo man never engages himself sexually with a woman. If he hasn’t been experimental enough or simply disinterested, it could be a dry spell for his partner for a long time.

What does a Virgo man like in bed?

Dark sexual behavior and vulgarity is the last thing that defines a Virgo man’s approach to sex. He values consent and respects his partner. He would always make sure that nothing ends up being regretful for his partner. He is sensitive to his needs and that of his partner’s too. His inhibitions often hold him back from truly experiencing the highest levels of sexual pleasures unless he ends up with a partner that is patient and takes him through the journey at a pace he can easily keep up with. That is the best way to truly please him and make him happy in bed. And to make the sexual experience reach new levels, above your imagination, once he gets rid of his limitations and inhibitions.

He likes to keep himself informed and prepared before the act. He is so perfect in what he does that he wouldn’t want to embarrass himself with a faulty move that makes him look ignorant. He will put to work everything that he knows about making love to a woman. That's why Virgos are so good in bed. But and there is a but. Some Virgo males may be more about the technicality and preciseness of the sexual act that the pleasure experienced. This could end up frustrating his partner to whom the Virgo man may seem quite robotic, ticking off sex like any other mundane task on his everyday checklist. This is only true for a few Virgos that have this negative trait.

He is quick to follow his partner who may be a bit more aggressive during sex. He is open to learning and won’t hesitate to make you his educator. He needs to be touched and teased more often so that there is a healthy sex life in the relationship.

Now, let's explore the Virgo sexual compatibility with other Zodiac signs:

Virgo man in bed with Cancer woman

The sexual compatibility between a Virgo man and a Cancer woman is very strong. Both will be satisfied with each other’s approach to physical intimacy. They will be very passionate about each other and once committed, will express the highest form of loyalty. A very benevolent relationship overall, there is no power struggle whatsoever and hence, both will live to make every sexual experience pleasurable for their partner.

Virgo man in bed with Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman assumes the lead role in bed when she is with a Virgo man. Both are quite aware of each other’s needs. Their emotional connection and sexual compatibility seem to be very strong, for they exercise maturity and higher levels of understanding towards each other. Virgo takes on a submissive character, not shying away from experimenting and following his Capricorn woman as both are respectful of the boundaries they draw for their own sake. Sex is quite traditional and that is enough to strengthen their love connection.

Virgo man in bed with Scorpio woman

A Scorpio woman has an insatiable sexual appetite. This might be difficult for a Virgo man to keep pace with in terms of the intensity and frequency of the engagement she desires. The wild Scorpio woman wants her partner to take charge, to express and be assertive. This is difficult given the reserved and shy nature of the Virgo man. They would need to tread with patience and care so that they don’t end up hurting each other's emotions through unnecessary judgements and stubbornness.

Virgo man in bed with Taurus woman

A Virgo man is generally regarded stiff when it comes to making a sexual move. He has a hard time expressing his emotions physically. It is a Taurus woman who has the ability to help him let go of his guards and indulge in sexual pleasures. A Taurus woman is quite physical and treats sex like a ritual that is fundamental for the growth of the relationship. The Virgo man will follow suit to make sure his Taurus woman is satisfied. Mutual respect adds to their sense of trust and makes sex a joyful experience.


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