How to know when a Virgo man is done with you? 8 Signs!

How to know when a Virgo man is done with you? 8 Signs!


Passionately humane, the Virgo man is a responsible lover. He sets high standards for himself and also for those around him. It is truly difficult to please him. How does a Virgo man behave when he is angry or upset? What are the dark personality traits of the Virgo male? What are the signs a Virgo man has lost interest and how does he behave when he falls out of love? How to tell that he wants to break up?

If you are weary that your Virgo man may be done with you, here are 8 signs you should look for!

1. Your Virgo man is going cold and distant without a warning

Virgos love to have order in their lives. The earth ruled zodiac sign of astrology loves stability and security in his environment. He is naturally shy. The Virgo man is prone to coldness in behavior when he has had enough to deal with. He is a peaceful person who is focused on himself and works very hard to make his life comfortable. He minds his own business and rarely gets involved in unnecessary drama. If he has been irritated by your behavior, prepare to see him distancing himself from you emotionally. He will appear aloof, detached, ignores you and shows no participation in any conversation that involves you. He seeks excuses to avoid confrontation because that disturbs his sanity.

2. Gets overly critical

He makes use of all the avenues to rationally justify your dishonest behavior. He usually draws conclusions after he has researched well. The Virgo man has a crazy habit of being heavily focused on everything that his life revolves around. While he must have taken a deep interest in your life in the past, presently he condemns your actions. It is an avoidable habit of the man born under the Virgo Zodiac sign to skim out the flaws because he strives for perfection at all times. When a Virgo man has no interest in you whatsoever, he might just avenge the hurt you caused him by looking for mistakes in your work rather than advising solutions. He might also comment sarcastically with the sole intention of ruffling your feathers.

3. Tries to control

The Virgo male loves to stay in control. If put in charge of an endeavor, he will monitor it end to end. When the Virgo man gets obsessive about situations, and his discomfort is evident, he tries to insult in the garb of “constructive criticism”. His micromanaging tendencies have doubled up even though he is aware that it constricts your freedom. He is judging every move of yours and it feels claustrophobic to be around him. If he is in a position of being unable to sever all ties immediately, you might find him depending on devious methods such as these to push you away.

4. Passive aggressive

The classic move of a Virgo man when upset is one which involves him adapting the dreaded silent treatment. He acts far too stubborn and demands that you do exactly that he commands. It is part of his dark side that floats on the surface when he is angered. It is quite possible that he does it sub consciously but he tests your patience with his indirect hostility. He doesn’t attend your texts or calls, all communication may take the form of monosyllables rather than openly discussing any issues he has had with your behavior.

5. Mistrusts you

The Virgo guy usually has a hard time falling in love because of his insane ability to overthink and process the negative side of information. He brands you as “fake”. It clearly doesn’t matter if the relationship is non- existent. The Virgo man fails to accommodate those who desperately seek attention from strangers or blow their own horns. He isn’t convinced of your truth and the bedrock of all your dealings with him rests on his insecurities. He lacks the confidence to believe what you say. He makes you feel guilty or inferior because of your choices. The once blissful relationship has now turned toxic because of his obstinate determination to make you aware of your mistakes.

6. Holds grudges

The Virgo man holds major grudges for a long time. He is done with your inability to commit to your promises. He may be bringing up old issues that you thought were solved in the past. He is a deeply loyal person and can never understand your reasons for playing with his emotions. While you have tried everything to persuade him to forgive you, he doesn’t seem to budge. He regrets having given you chances and isn’t quite able to place his faith in your claim of innocence. Compulsive thoughts of your indecisive tendencies repeatedly have been impressed upon his mind.

7. Snaps at you

It is stupid to think that a Virgo man forgets past misdoings. He keeps track of everything like it happened only yesterday. He is blessed with a good memory. He doesn’t honor your emotions anymore. While he is adept at controlling sudden bursts of anger, somehow he loses it around you. This is no longer limited to private conversations but also public as well. He is never happy when you are around and no matter the efforts that you put in, it is never enough to win over him like the bygone days.

8. Avoids meeting

He cannot be forced to do anything unless he is interested. Physical meeting has become a thing of the past. You are always the one making plans to see him. He has started getting busier to avoid catching up with you. Not the person to lie, you do sense that he is deliberately avoiding you at all costs. If at all you do manage to see him, he acts and behaves distant and uninterested. He appears distressed and makes no eye contact. If you observe further carefully, he is fidgeting with something turning a deaf ear to your concerns. If there is no longer an existing weak link that holds the bond together, he will break up, never to come back again.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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