What Happens When You Hurt a Virgo Man?

What Happens When You Hurt a Virgo Man?


Virgo men are reluctant to get into relationships unless they are convinced of the reliability, stability and loyalty of their partner. When the Virgo man is hurt, his bitterness and irritation show in his body language even though he chooses to conceal his emotions. How do you know if your Virgo man has been hurt? How does a Virgo man withdraw and express his anger? How will he behave when he has lost interest or doesn't want to pursue the relationship?

Here is what you need to know to understand what happens when you hurt a Virgo man and if he is done with you.

How does a Virgo man act when he is hurt?

Expect a blunt show of the Virgo man's dark traits when he is dejected and mistrusting of his partner. When the Virgo male is disappointed with his lover, he will demand for his space and maintain a superficial relationship till he has finally given up. He won't dump his frustration aggressively on you but expect curt statements from his end.

He'll remind you of all that irritates or annoys him about you without gauging the impact it has on you. He would appear detached and rarely participating in a meaningful conversation with you. Judgemental and sarcastic, you'll notice a stronger tendency to criticize you whenever he finds an opportunity to do so. This could be a reflection of his dependence on you and unwillingness to give up on his comfort zone easily.

Do Virgos hold grudges?

Virgo men do hold grudges if their feelings are disrespected. He'll repeatedly think of your misdoings and hence, struggle to let go of the past hurt. His sharp memory is a curse in his love life for any imperfection usually enters his bad books, dilutes his feelings and continues nagging him. He'll harbor hatred till his work takes over his time and he heals eventually. He has a high self-esteem. Ruled by the child-like Mercury, the Virgo man will get over the displeasure with time and move on.

How to apologize to a Virgo man?

It is difficult to win over the Virgo man if he has been taken advantage of in the past. He is a man of actions and unless you can affirm your change of heart with a genuine motive, he won't take your apology seriously. Though he loves challenges, matters of the heart are scary to him. Though he may have taken a chance with you earlier, one the trust is broken, Virgo men will never respect you or allow you a special place in his life again. He is not too comfortable responding to someone with an open heart in the fear that he will be misunderstood or his faith misplaced.

You'll have to give the relationship enough time. He won't melt with quick fixes. It is a matter of immense patience and dedication to be forgiven by the Virgo man who had the best intentions for you and probably wanted to build a stable future with you.

Instead of beating around the bush, it's a good idea to come off clean and accept your wrongdoings. He doesn't expect flowery speeches. So, you'll need to clearly communicate what you expect further down the line and how you could practically contribute to his life by avoiding the crap and lies.

Stop being emotionally manipulative if you expect him to take you seriously. He has difficulty relating to those who fail to rationally understand his expectations and make efforts to build a deep relationship that secures the promise of marriage.

If he has pointed out your weakness earlier, it would be good to work on them before you try and convince him of the changes in your behavior. He'll notice every word and action of yours just like the perfectionist that he is and carefully evaluate if you took his advice seriously. He would want to ensure if you value his opinions at all. He is controlling and therefore, he expects the highest standards in his love life.

Do Virgos move on quickly?

Virgo natives will have a hard time giving up on someone they have truly loved. They could end up being stalkers, seeking answers to a million questions in case you had cut him off without stating a clear reason. He is naturally curious. So, unless he finds convincing answers, he'll be restless. If he has hurt you and wants to reconcile, he'll flood your phone with calls and texts.

Virgos are attracted to women who are true to their words and respond sensitively to his efforts. It will be difficult for him to let go of his partner if he was used to the routine. Though he appears superficial on the emotional level and may struggle communicating his love to his partner, he will fear disrupting his love life and shifting his attention to some place

How do you know when a Virgo man is over you and wants to break up?

The man born under the Virgo Zodiac sign has an analytical bent of mind. He'll dig up skeletons from the closet when he is upset or wants to prove himself right. As an earth sign, he takes his love life and its responsibilities seriously. When he senses insincerity in his relationship, he'll be turned off. He'll try and break down the entire scenario, practically trying to convince himself that it wasn't perhaps his fault that the partnership crumbled.

If a Virgo man is over you, he'll communicate that to you. Playing mind games or keeping things under the rug when they disappoint him isn't his style. He respects traditions and would probably expect a rule-bound behavior that respects duties. He may have difficulty expressing his emotions but when he doesn't feel right about his partner, he wouldn't waste time dragging the relationship pointlessly.

His stubbornness will reflect itself when he derives no contentment or security in the relationship. It's usually his way or the highway when he has meticulously analysed a situation and arrived at the ‘right' conclusion. His schedule could get busier so that he could deliberately avoid your company when he is desirous of a breakup. He'll refuse to hear out your point of view, dump his inconveniences and exasperation over you. He'll avoid you and devote himself to his work in order to stop thinking of you to avoid further complications in his life.


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