How to React when a Virgo Man Ignores you and is Distant?

How to React when a Virgo Man Ignores you and is Distant?


The good thing about Virgo men is that it isn’t very easy to annoy them. But it also isn’t very difficult. If your Virgo man has started to ignore you because you hurt him, you will know exactly what you have done. They are not very subtle about letting people know that they have hurt theirs feelings. However, if him ignoring you has roots in some deeper issue concerning your love life, then that requires your attention. His distant nature isn’t a coincidence or a phase that will pass. It has some deeper meaning. If you ignore it now, it might hold the potential to ruin your relationship. But fear not, for astrology has some precious advice for you.

Here is all you need to know about how to react when a Virgo man ignores you, goes silent or is suddenly distant?

My Virgo man is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

Before we get any further, we need to understand what it means when he suddenly starts ignoring you. Is it something that you did? Or is it just the work stress? It is important to know all the reasons why he might be ignoring you.

It could be that he feels smothered. Virgos are not very good expectations that have been thrust upon them. They will perform when they have too. But the pressure of expectations can be too much. Which is why they might start avoiding the source of it all, which could be you. Or maybe it's one of the old reasons from the book.

You have hurt him. If it is this then he will make sure to get your attention to the issue. However, if you have been unable to pick up the clues, you might want to reassess the situation.

Or maybe the workload is keeping him away from everything. Virgo men are known to be hard workers. They keep their work above their life. So, it won't be surprising for a Virgo guy to forget everything under the immense workload. Can't blame him for being good at what he does.

He might be focusing on other things in his life. It’s also possible that your Virgo male has realized that he needs to focus on other things in his life too. This happens when you two have been spending too much time together of late. It might also be that he is reconsidering the relationship itself. If this is the case, then you might want to start worrying.

How to deal with a Virgo man when he becomes distant?

What to do when a Virgo man pulls away? There isn't a lot you can do by confronting things head-on. You will need to be very smooth and subtle when dealing with these issues concerning the Virgo man. How to react when Virgo man ignores you? Here are some things you need to keep in mind when dealing with a Virgo man who is acting aloof.

First of all, give him all the time and space he needs to figure things out. You will not get the result you want if you push him. He needs to work on his timeline. At some point, you will have to accept that he will make the decision that is right for him. And it might not be what you want.

If you have hurt his feelings then make sure you apologize. Think hard on what you have done to hurt him. Also, think about how this has affected him. Then tender a heartfelt and well-worded apology. This will go a long way in mending things with him.

It will take him a long time to forgive you though. That’s just how things work with people born under the Virgo zodiac sign. He will analyze all your words and mannerisms in your behavior. Before he makes his final judgement, he will take his time to assess every aspect of everything under the sun.

Ignoring you might also be a tactic. After the chase is over, he will step back to assess you. This is when he will ignore you just to see how you respond in the situation. Under no circumstance should you go into a crazy frenzy? Maintain your calm.

If he has lost interest in the relationship, then there isn’t much you can do. Virgo men can be very high maintenance. And when they find even one thing that doesn't match their ideal of perfection, they back out.

My Virgo man stopped texting me: What should I do?

If he’s ignoring you then you will see the first signs of it on his online communication. He will stop responding or respond very late. And you might be left wondering why the Virgo man ignored your text? Here are some things you can do when the Virgo man is not texting.

If you want to sit back and let it play out, it's on you. A lot of us make the mistake of never addressing the elephant in the room. Maybe it's our ego that stops us from showing that someone's behavior is affecting us. Or we don't want to stir the hornet's nest. Whatever be your reason, you are effectively giving him control of the situation by not doing anything.

The better way to address this is to ask him why he didn’t respond. Or hasn’t been responding lately. You don’t need to get worried after the first text that is left without a response. If he is true to his sign, he will give you the truth.

If he’s being less than forthcoming, then tell him that you are here whenever he’s ready to talk. Let him know that the lines to a compromise are open. This way you can get leverage in the situation too. Being the mature one who is ready to work things out. At the same time, letting him have his time to work things out.

Under no circumstance should you appear too desperate! We have already established that he doesn't perform well under pressure. So, rather than ruining things for yourself, its best to keep your emotions under control.

How do you know when a Virgo man is done with you?

Alas! If your worst fears have come true, then know that it is only because your dream guy is out there waiting for you. If the Virgo man you are with isn’t him, here’s how to know if Virgo man is pushing you away!

Despite your efforts, he will continue to ignore your texts and calls. You might have tried to discuss his behavior with him. But to no avail. He might ever assure you that he will respond more frequently now. Yet, you see no change or effort on his part to make amends.

He is more critical of you than usual. Criticizing their loved ones is the lifeblood of all Virgos. However, if that has come to border on outright dislike and nastiness, then that is another sign that he isn't interested in you.

Has he started to question everything about your relationship? Do you often hear him pointing the differences in personalities between the two of you? Is he focusing more on the negatives than the positives? Those are just signs of him trying to convince you that it's time to end things.

He barely cares about hurting your feelings. A Virgo in love is very mindful of their partner’s feelings. A Virgo falling out of love is equally insensitive to them. If it seems like your Virgo man is done with you, better to end things before he can. You are now free to look for the man you are meant to be with. Congratulations on the new adventure!


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