How to Make a Virgo Man Jealous?

How to Make a Virgo Man Jealous?


The reserved, calm and calculating Virgo man doesn’t come across as the jealous type, right? Well, appearances can be deceptive... Imagine an artist who has chiselled a sculpture to perfection. He spent day and night trying to remove all faults from it. Then suddenly, that sculpture comes to life. The first thing this sculpture does is cheat on him with some other artist. How do you think the maker would feel? While the Virgo man hasn’t sculpted his girlfriend, he has spent a lot of time finding the right woman. And by a lot of time, I mean, A LOT OF TIME! And the first signs of disloyalty or imperfection are met with grave disappointment.

How to make the Virgo man jealous? Is he a jealous type? Does he get possessive about his lady love? Can it help attract him or get him back after a breakup? Let’s find out!

Are Virgo men jealous and possessive?

Well, there is no simple answer to this question. Because there are the jealous and not-jealous types among the men born under this zodiac sign. But, to put it simply, it is possible. It doesn’t happen often though. Nor easily. But it is to make the Virgo man jealous.

He lives life by a code and dislikes everyone who doesn’t share it. If his code is to not flirt with anyone when in a relationship, he will expect you to follow it too. He doesn’t like upstaging the host at a party. He wouldn’t appreciate you doing it either. It basically comes down to not doing what he doesn’t approve of.

It’s also because he holds his partner to a high standard. When you do something that doesn’t hold up to those standards, he will be disappointed. And disappointment can sometimes lead to jealousy. It all depends upon the circumstances of course.

Competition makes him jealous and possessive. There’s nothing that triggers Virgo jealous like competition. If he feels other men are trying to challenge his position in your heart he will get pissed. This will make him more protective of you to make sure he doesn’t lose you.

But he has too much self-respect to pull himself so low. Yet, what stops the Virgo male from falling into the trap of jealousy is his self-respect. He would never do anything that will make him look like a sore and jealous man.

What makes the Virgo man jealous?

So, I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of all these tips that I am going to share. Each Virgo man is a unique combination of pride and ego. What he will or will not respond to depends on what he favours more, his pride or his ego? However, here are some tricks which will work, almost always.

  1. Make sure he knows when other men are flirting with you. If you are with the Virgo guy, you are bound to have admirers. Or at least there will be men who he thinks admire you. Try to make sure that you meet them only when he’s around. There is obviously something about their behaviour that makes him tick. And the more it happens in front of him, the possessive he’ll become. One of my friends dated a Virgo male once. There came a time in their relationship when he was barely paying her any attention. That's when her ex, who still wasn't over her, came into the picture. The very presence of the ex in the same room as her made her boyfriend lose his shit. And didn't she start getting the attention of her man!
  2. Always tell him that he’s overthinking things. Now, he will come to you with his concerns. Be sure that you are not the one who initiates the flirting with other men. That will make him mad with you and not them. When he knows you are innocent, he will definitely talk to you about it. Hoping that you would kick that man out because of his concerns. Don’t acknowledge any such attention from the other man’s part even if you know it exists. Your inability to see it will make him more possessive because he would want to open your eyes to it.
  3. Do things you know he doesn’t approve of. If you have dated him for some time now, you know he doesn’t approve of certain things. It might be the people you hang out with. Or the place you choose to hang out. You missing your workout regime. Or being late for work. It could be anything. Try falling back to your old ways if you made some changes. This relapse will make him question the reasons behind it. If he’s already in jealousy mode then this will add fuel to the fire. If he isn’t jealous, he will be concerned and thus, possessive.
  4. Act like the breakup didn’t affect you at all. You know what really gets a Virgo ex? It’s finding out that the breakup had no effect on you. If you guys are already broken up, never let him know that. Make him feel like it doesn’t matter to you at all. This will make him question his own worth and he’ll relapse into jealousy. Jealousy of anyone who can make you feel strongly enough for you to care. He’ll never pay attention to an ex whose heart he has broken.

How the Virgo man shows jealousy?

The Virgo male’s jealousy is very rarely obvious. This is because he is always brutally critical of people anyway. So, it isn’t a surprise if he has started finding more faults. But if you look carefully, you will see the subtle signs.

He will be rude to the men he suspects have a crush on you. The men who have dared to challenge him will be the first to face his wrath. You will see that he isn’t his usual polite self around them. He will be critical and make his displeasure at their presence known.

He will grow awfully silent too. If you don’t pay attention to his concerns, he will go mute. There will be times when you will be the only one talking. The silence will start making you go crazy too.

He will be vocal about his concerns after a few drinks. If drinking makes him lose his mind, he will. He’ll let you know how he feels once he’s under the influence.

He will try to get in touch with you. If you are trying to get him back post- breakup, this might be helpful. He will try to contact you again. If for nothing else, then to at least confirm his suspicions.

Making a Virgo man jealous after breakup: Will it make him come back?

If you are in a relationship, try not to make him jealous. He will figure it out and that will be bad for your relationship. But if you have broken up and want to get your Virgo man back, jealousy will make him at least get back in touch. He would want to know what made you get over him. If he gets the hint of the presence of another man, he will want to know.

When he does get back, act cool. Don’t go talking about your past relationship. Pretend like it didn’t even happen. When he brings it up, talk of it as something that was inevitable.

Let him know that you did have feelings for him. But that breakup made you realise it was only one-sided. Which is why you have made your peace with it. And once you've got him confused, be the woman of his dreams. Let it be known that he has suffered a great loss in losing you. Try all the tactics to attract the Virgo male in your pursuit.


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Maria Alifa


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